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Gaiscioch Family Warlord Ranks

The day you become an official member of the family by obtaining the rank of Lorgaire, you're able to start building your warlord rank. Within our family there are 10 warlord ranks. Each is obtainable through leading events for the family. By the time you are able to start leading you have proven you know how to claim participation for events and should have a clear understanding about the relationship between leader and follower. It is through this relationship that you will begin to lead, and grow your retinue. Please note, that your warlord rank is simply cosmetic and the only ability you gain is the ability to take on more complex objectives. It does not relate at all to your place in the Family Tree. You can be selected as an elder of the family without ever leading more than a single group.

Warlord ranks display on your family title as a suffix to your Devotion Rank. These ranks are cosmetic signifiers to denote your accomplishments

Icon Rank Victory Points Gaelic Name English Name
0 0 None  
1 10 Donn Brown
2 50 Oráiste Orange
3 100 Buí Yellow
4 250 Gorm Blue
5 500 Corcra Purple
6 1,000 Dearg Red
7 2,500 Bán White
8 5,000 Dubh Black
9 10,000 Liath Silver
10 20,000 Glas Green