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Gaiscioch Family Badges & Awards

The Gaiscioch Family is based on a simple principle. Those who are willing to take initiative to advance, and participate with the family gain rewards for their endeavors. Through your life as a Gaiscioch, you will begin obtaining ranks, badges, titles, rewards, and achievements.

As a member of the Gaiscioch Family you will accumulate Family Honor Points from attending or hosting family events, crafting items, logging discoveries, or writing stories and guides. As a member matures within the family, they will earn new ranks and unlock new abilities.


There are 6 Badges you will earn with the family. Each badge has 20 ranks and measures one's progress within various branches of the family. The first badge is the Badge of Devotion which is given for the length of time you have been a family member. The next is 5 badges are awarded for your specialization rank in the 5 branches of the Gaiscioch Tree: Valor for Leadership, Kinship for participation, Explorer for exploration, Scholar for written text, and Artisan for crafting items for the family.


Throughout your career with the family you will earn achievements & titles which will be displayed on your player profile. These typically are given for obtaining a certain number of objectives conquered, or for participation in family events.