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Gaiscioch Family Contribution Points

Gaiscioch Family Contribution Points are largely earned by filling work orders on the marketplace for items and supplies. Contributions points directly effect how many Family Vault Credits you have. Each Contribution Point earned awards the user 1 Family Vault Credit.

Occasionally we will have special events and donation drives where certain items can be donated for contribution rewards. These are usually done for our public community event prizes or for items that we are building a reserve to help fill work orders with a high demand.

Methods of Earning Contribution Points

  • Complete Work Orders On The Marketplace - These can be completed through crafting items, material collection, or purchasing products.
  • Participation in Charity Events - We hold multiple charity events throughout the year including the Extra Life Event in the Fall and the Double-Up Charity Event in the Summer.
  • Enter in Promotional Gaiscioch Family Contests - We occasionally will hold contests to generate some art, music, or literature and highlight our members talents.
  • Donating Items - Occasionally we will hold donation drives to build a surplus of high demand items to fill marketplace orders. We also gather items for prizes in our Public Community Events. Keep watch on the marketplace for these limited time donations.
  • Supporting the Community - Players who support the community via Patreon will receive 100 contribution for every Dollar they donate to the community. This fund allows our community to remain online and continue growing.