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Devotion Ranks in the Gaiscioch Family

As members mature in the Gaiscioch Family the ascend the devotion ranks. Devotion ranks are based on the length of time a member has been active within the community. If a member stops being an active participant in the community their clock stops until they return and become active again. As members are never removed from community unless they expressly request it or violate our code of conduct members are free to explore other guilds and games at any time and return to us without losing rank or progress. The Devotion Rank allows members to continue to grow even past the rank of Laoch.

Rank Months Icon Gaelic Name English Name
0 0 None  
1 3 Sailetheach Stag
2 6 Faolchu Wolf
3 12 Capall Horse
4 24 Iompróidh Bear
5 36 Fhiaigh Raven
6 48 Aracos Hawk
7 60 Ulchabhán Owl
8 90 Iolair Eagle
9 120 Griobhta Griffin
10 180 Arach Dragon