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Ban Finsceal de na Iolair

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  • Battle Recap:
    Poohka: The Grinning General
    Today was Defense, defense, defense... then supply camps.... then more defense but it is following Poohka that makes it all worth while. I really can't see his face but I imagine that he is grinning with every breath he takes and every command he gives...
  • Battle Recap:
    Pooka's Lowland Assault
    Pooka spurred us on in SOR this evening and made taking Lowlands his primary, single minded, obsessive objection. As is witnessed by our long list of achievements for the evening we defended, we captured, we generally disrupted the enemy at all possible turns over the entire breadth and length of the SOR map and we blindly followed Pooka into Lowlands over 1/2 a dozen times...
  • Legend:
    White Does Not Mean Surrender
    There was a rumor that Boudika was raised by lions, but Boudika herself will be the first to tell you that isn't the truth. The truth is much simpler. She loves lions more than most love their children. From the time she was a mere cub herself she has loved them...
  • Legend:
    Sweet 16 and Molten Cake - Oh Happy Day.
    Morigana came from a long line of Bright Wizards and from the time she was just a toddler had witnessed the magnificent power that they held. Her great gandfather, her grandfather, her father and 3 uncles were all held in high regard by the council and several of her male cousins were serving in the war flinging fireballs and raining fire upon the enemy...
  • Battle Recap:
    The Battle of Dok Karaz - Birth of a Warrior
    It was a battle like none other that I remember, and at my young age, one that will live on with me in memory for many years. Maybe until death takes my soul and my lion weeps over my corpse knowing full well our souls are linked and he must join me on my spirit walk...