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Poohka: The Grinning General

By: Morigana

Today was Defense, defense, defense... then supply camps.... then more defense but it is following Poohka that makes it all worth while. I really can't see his face but I imagine that he is grinning with every breath he takes and every command he gives. There is no one I would rather follow into battle and this is not to slight our other commanders as I would follow lots of them into battle with just as much confidence - but he has a way to make me smile even when I die. He reminds me so much of what so many Vikings have said as they charge into battle (at least in the movies they do)... " It's a good day to die!"

It is all too true that you win some and you lose some - it is always the case... but with Poohka, losing just doesn't sting as bad. His ability to rally the troops and have us charge into the middle of bigger numbers shouting clear concise orders - and laughing as he does - and win the open field fight which is truly amazing. I really believe it is due to his winning disposition and I am sure that the enemy fears this Grinning General just as much as I respect him.

It is far too seldom we throw accolades out to our commanders - and Poohka really deserves it. /salute