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Pooka's Lowland Assault

By: Morigana

Pooka spurred us on in SOR this evening and made taking Lowlands his primary, single minded, obsessive objection. As is witnessed by our long list of achievements for the evening we defended, we captured, we generally disrupted the enemy at all possible turns over the entire breadth and length of the SOR map and we blindly followed Pooka into Lowlands over 1/2 a dozen times. It should also be noticed in the chronicles of our achievements that not on one single occasion did we actually take Lowlands. This, however, was not the true test of the mettle of Gaiscioch or their undaunted leader since no matter how brave we were our true achievement was that we had a blast - true fun all around - each and every time we charged in ... and ran out. (Although from my personal diary I take that on many occasions I missed the order to retreat and my familiarity with the Garrison waypoint is now duly noted.)

It was one of the more memorable evenings in WvWvW that I have had. The mischievous, upbeat tone of Pooka's voice while giving commands and the lively banter between him and Foxy made the evening go by so fast and smooth - even when laying on the ground bleeding out from a thousand and one stab wounds from the horde of enemies we faced. We were always outnumbered, but never outmanned and I have never been happier.