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Sieging with Foghladha [Lv890+] of Gaiscioch
Conqueror's Blade     12
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Draoi de na Ulchabhan Liath


Draoi de na Ulchabhan Liath

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Mika's Blog

December 01st, 2020

Shadowfen Rumble in the Jungle featuring Denny

I have been participating twice now on Denny's event Shadowfen Rumble in the Jungle and I must say that those two have been really fun events. I just love roaming the map with group and more the merrier as it can be heard in Raidcall. Everyone is having fun at each other expense of course ;). Even when people are getting DCed, they are laughing about it and not getting frustrated and that can happen a lot sometimes. And oh btw if you thought you knew what DCed means, you thought wrong. Because of these events DCed has gotten new meaning, Denny Cursed.

Why is that you may ask. Well for some reason Denny seems to get disconnect a lot, although second event was lot smoother and fewer issues so perhaps in time DCed will go back plain old disconnected. Who knows.

All in all if you are able to join Denny's event, you should accompany with the group. After all latest event happened saturday evening and here where I live (Finland in case you were wondering) I got up 3 am for this event and joined with the fun even though event was postponed for an hour...

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  • Battle Recap:
    First time commanding
    6th of June, 2017 changes were good for WvW. Now there are more players running even though many of the players are just hunting pips for reward tracks so they can earn WvW Claim Tickets and some day buy necessary pieces for WvW Legendary Backpiece. Anyway after update I have been playing WvW and I'm quite happy that now you don't steamrolled constantly as opposing servers have to spread their forces more evenly on all borderlands...
  • Battle Recap:
    Practice, practice and more practice
    Raids in Guild Wars 2 are The End Content and I saw that Gaiscioch had group running raids, but as being european player usual event times aren't always working for me as most of the time events are on US primetime. So on January I started asking if there would be enough people for raids for EU primetime...
  • Battle Recap:
    Non-Veteran Fun Time
    This was first non-veteran event on new campaign, Blackwater Blade. Solid group of 8 people started heading towards dolmen near south Morrowind gate. I had one thought in my mind "Did Zenimax scale mobs for non-veteran players". Well we got answer very quickly when dolmen went up...
Sieging with Foghladha [Lv890+] of Gaiscioch
Conqueror's Blade     12
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