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Caomhnoir de na Fhiaigh Corcra

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Maxina's Blog

August 03rd, 2021

Tragic / Funny / Sad

I started playing on-line games with a small silly game called Rubies of Eventide. I was so excited, not just about the game and how it works, but the tech. Texting and playing with people from all over, at my desk, on my computer. It was crazy. There was a group of five of us that played together and we formed a guild. I played that game for probably two years, not once knowing how to play correctly. I killed things to level, that's all I knew.

We all went to WOW. This was just insane for me, flying mounts,seamless areas, the tech to me was like magic. Again I played for a few years with the same five people and again; I never learned how to play the game. Kill to level is all I knew. Level gear, raid? What? I knew nothing.

My friends all dropped off and the game lost interest for me, and I did nothing for awhile. Then I found Rift. Pay to play was I thought, for me. I read the forums for hours, still I didn't understand the basic parts of the game. Kill to level, the same that I always did was back in play...

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  • Battle Recap:
    MoonHunter Keep!!1
    What a hoot! My first time in there. My char was only level 47 and good old GSCH got us all through. I suggest that you sign up for the next series of pledges. They are a heck of a lot of fun.
  • Battle Recap:
    First Ever Trials Run
    I have been waiting, and working for months to get most of my characters ready to do Trials. What fun we all had in Sunspire! And after downing all the dragons, I received a huge trophy to hang on my house wall. I am ready for many more, hoping to even further my skills as a player, and my gear...
  • Battle Recap:
    Excellent Leadership
    Kimbria was great to learn from. She is funny, knowledgeable and makes sure everyone participates in not only the goals, but in also having fun. I hope to be able to join many more of her events. Max
  • Battle Recap:
    My First Raid!
    I have to say how exciting it was. Mika tried very hard to let me know what to do; did a great job.
  • Battle Recap:
    Kittys' Fractals
    I had no intention of doing fractals yet. As I had boosted my character to level 80, I was very short on skills to play her at her best. I was doing my normal PVE stuff, Kitty asked if I wanted to join the Fractal Teaching Group. I said no, and why; but I was put at ease by Kitty and decided that if she would put up with a new player, I should take advantage of her patience and give it a try...
  • Battle Recap:
    Fun Guild Night / Sign Up And Show Up / Please
    Varder did a great job leading us around to get some of our weapons quests done. I can't thank the guild members enough, the ones who take the time to put together events; and the members who sign up to go on them. It is always the same group, which in some ways makes me sad...
  • Battle Recap:
    Another First For Me
    I have two levels 70's and a 63. Last night we went into places that I had never seen before. And with my favorite group of people. What I kept thinking was, look at this great loot! Imagine if I was a level 50 and getting drops like these. My game experience would have been much different had I joined Gaiscioch much sooner...
  • Battle Recap:
    Change In Plans
    This is not a troll, or the ranting of one of those always complaining angry persons. Just how I feel. It started out a little shaky. It was looking like we did not have enough guild members show up at the start time, to do a TD run as planned. Will waiting, I was getting, not angry or anything as energy robbing as that; but concerned...
  • Battle Recap:
    Leadership Makes the Difference
    This was the my first full TD run with my Primalist, Adieangirl. She did well putting up more DPS than I would have thought possible, not having any higher level gear. The run was great fun and a total success, I believe because of Eluveittie. He explains the how and most importantly the why of what to do...
  • Battle Recap:
    Missed The Teleport
    I am not sure what happened, but I didn't get the last teleport. The game kicked me out of the party; so I missed the end. I could hear them on Discord, but they could not hear me. Prior to that point we had a great we had a great time. It seemed like everyone has been there many times, at least for me that is true...
  • Battle Recap:
    Learning Experiance
    We had a nice short meeting about how to set up events on the website. I think I want to start thinking about I can do, perhaps something with new and lower level characters.
  • Battle Recap:
    First For Me
    Another first for me, thanks to a guild member who had signed up for the event, and dropped out so I could join. It was intense for me, but thanks to Fog and the rest of the group giving advice and suggestions it was more than fun. I hate trying to stay in the white circles, :) I keep paying so much attention to trying to stay in them, I don't do my job...
  • Battle Recap:
    First For Me
    I had just logged on and was invited to the party! I did not know what was going on, but for a few hours we ran around and closed everything we could find. I didn't know it was an "event" I just knew that I had joined the greatest guild and was having a great time.
  • Battle Recap:
    First For Me