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Curadh de na Fhiaigh


Curadh de na Fhiaigh

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  • Battle Recap:
    Mayhem in Shor
    We had fun storming the castle...
  • Battle Recap:
    First run through Craglorn Catacombs
    The reports of an "undead 'infestation'" in Craglorn Catacombs have been greatly exaggerated. Nothing to see here, move along.
  • Battle Recap:
    A dishonourable failure....
    Mounted a suicide charge. Failed to die properly -- even took the keep!
  • Battle Recap:
    Auridon Map Clear
    Bosses and Dolmen in Auridon: great scenery, much hacky stabby. (And some spells too.)
  • Battle Recap:
    First Run Success
    First time -- ever -- through Hel Ra and Lorkhaj's Maw. Excellent leadership. great heals and we all had a blast.
  • Battle Recap:
    JABR's Cyrodiil Dungeon Run
    Raided deep into Dominion home territory. Picked up Skyshards, zerged an Anchor, and hit dungeons.