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Rawhide Guards


6 Rawhide
0 Clothing Skill Required

Discovered By:


Item Information

Rawhide Guards
Medium Armor Guards
Armor: 23
Required Level: 1

Top 5 Rawhide Guards Crafters:

# Handle Items Produced
1 Aimii 15
2 verve 14
3 Tutsol 11
4 Belena 9
5 GreatTeso 7

Recent Quests:

Listed Item Quest Giver Completed By Progress
Mar. 18th 1 x Rawhide Guards Crickgy Akiran Completed
Jan. 14th 1 x Nirnhoned Rawhide Guards Phyrehart Akiran Completed
Nov. 26th 1 x Nirnhoned Rawhide Guards Sekkerhund Akiran Completed
Oct. 07th 1 x Impentrable Rawhide Guards EvolutionArtist Akiran Completed
Dec. 30th 1 x Divines Rawhide Guards Phyrehart CharlesD Completed
Jul. 10th 1 x Nirnhoned Rawhide Guards kiltedpiper Cait Completed
May. 27th 1 x Nirnhoned Rawhide Guards Raillery verve Completed
Apr. 01st 1 x Nirnhoned Rawhide Guards Rogasmo Geran Completed
Dec. 31st 1 x Nirnhoned Rawhide Guards Rizara Geran Completed
Dec. 02nd 1 x Infused Rawhide Guards Kaerall Tutsol Completed