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Legendary Armor

Caomhnoir de na Aracos
Caomhnoir de na Aracos
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Posted On: 11/30/2015 at 11:17 AM
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Yesterday, one of the members asked how Legendary armor can be obtained.  Here is the article describing where the components for such armor will be found:

E lawe i ka manawa e hanu i na pua loke. Take the time to smell the roses.
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Seaimpin de na Capall Donn
Seaimpin de na Capall Donn
  • GW2: Yulan.4069
Replied On: 11/30/2015 at 12:47 PM PST

Sadly this article barely gives information at all, which of course is intended. I've got a Legendary Insight from a raid so far but its description is as vague as the article... I have no idea how much is already obtainable right now.

Thanks for the link, though :)

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Seaimpin de na Capall Donn
Seaimpin de na Capall Donn
Replied On: 11/30/2015 at 02:01 PM PST

Crystal Reid has a message for would-be raiding champions: “We started a bucket collection for your tears.”

Kind of figured this would be it. Seems the more and more I play gw2 the more I allow them to collect those tears lol.

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