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May 18th Patch Notes

Curadh de na Faolchu
Curadh de na Faolchu
  • GW2: Foxfyer.3297
Posted On: 05/18/2016 at 07:17 AM

  • Event: Road to Valencia

    • All monsters will have a chance to drop Black Stones

    • Begin: May 18th 

    • End: June 1st. (ends with the maintenance begin)

  • Event: Road to Valencia II

    • EXP +30% (only applies to Combat, Gathering, Processing, Cooking, Fishing, Trading, Training, Alchemy)

    • Begin: May 18th 

    • End: June 1st. (ends with the maintenance begin)

  • BTW Pirate Event goes until the 25th

Some class changes


  • The following items can be used while riding a mount.

    • Cheap Feed

    • Good Feed

    • Organic Feed

    • Nutritious Feed

  • Both Sharp and Hard Black Crystal Shards have been added to the game.

    • These items can be gained via gathering and farming in order to prepare for the No Enchantment Loss when you fail from +16.

      • +16 enchanting system added with the Valencia update.

      • Force Enchantment possible up to +18.

  • EXP and junk items drop rate for all monsters has been increased and their HP has been decreased.

  • New group reward which gives Seals of the Hunter for clearing Field Bosses and World Raid Bosses has been added.


There are more changes but I was most excited about these. More Exp buff WOOO!

Here is the link to the full notes.

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