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Why you should declare war if declared upon.

Saighdiuir de na Capall
Saighdiuir de na Capall
  • GW2: koshdino.8365
Posted On: 04/26/2016 at 09:43 AM
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  • Extra-Life

Hello all,


There is way too much misinformation out there so let me try to clarify some things.

If we are ever in a situation where some one declares war on us (Until we actually are at war with 5 or 6 different guilds)

Always, declare war back. You need to do this so people can defend themselves. You can only fight back against red (-negative karma players) or people that attack you)

So say its 1 v 7. You can only attack the 2 negative karma players while others sit out until they are needed. So you are fighting 2 and then 3 and the 2 die and 3 more jump it (That you were not able to attack previously)

Its actually a major deal for these big pk guilds to declare war. They can only do it on 6 guilds at a time. They need to be able to declare war on larger guilds that have declared on them. If they have lets say 8 guilds that have declared war on them. Well they can only attack 6 of them with out PKing them. (this means they could have 200 people that they have to flag up and PK to stop them moving behind them etc ). Pretty much any of these guilds declaring war on the small fry are going to retract them almost immediately. 

If you are under 35 there is zero threat to you. Most the time things are happening in other channels that Calph 2 (They would have to take some effort to find you)

You only lose 1 percent xp if killed. the penalty is nothing. If you are leveling and get killed absolutely go some place else. Change channel. You do not have to PVP ever if you do not want to. Just die an move on someplace else. 

Last night the alliance decided to declare war on Laughing Coffin that was great. (This was an alliance request) which left us with 5 more guilds we could declare war on.

While PainTrain declared on us and we did not declare back,

Now let me explain the PainTrain episode. 

I am farming a spot. 2 of them come up and Pk me. I can kill the mobs faster than they can. There having a hard time killing me. I am not fighting back.

I let them each kill me 6 times that's 720,00 negative karma. They both turn red. (It means they can be killed by anyone at any time with no karma loss) They can go from +15 on an item to +14 on death. 

So now I get to fight back. Now they can not kill me at all. I am killing the mobs before they can. Getting a Mark of Shadow drop. Killed one of them. 

So now they declare war. and bring 5 other friends. It takes forever for them to kill me. I am still killing half the mobs in the area and getting loot before they can.

But since we did not declare war. I can only attack the Red (Negative Karma players) Until the new 5 decide they want to attack me. I can not initiate an attack on them. (Makes it real interesting let me tell you :) 

There is no way I am leaving. I just dinged 53 and have zero xp to lose. I'm getting loot. I am being harassed and I am embarrassing them.

I am writing all this so that you have some food for thought as you all move out into the higher level areas.

I am going to move on and find a group that has an active endgame. I do not want to cause you guys too much disturbance. This is going to be happening more and more the motto is play how you want to and have fun. Its become impossible to do this with out upsetting people. (People are unduly upset by all the misinformation that has been spread). 

So moving forward, remember a PK death or a death via pvp has 1 percent xp loss and that's it. Unless you are 54 to 55 its less than 5 mins of killing to get back. That's it there is nothing else to worry about. If you do not want to PVP just walk away. But you can see in the situation above there are times you should never walk away. There is zero need to let people Bully you around. Its why the PK guilds hate hate the Karma Policy. So unless you are at 5 or 6 war declarations. Always declare war back it really puts them on the spot.

Its been fun playing with you all. If you ever need anything please feel free to ask :) 

Gl to you all :) 



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Curadh de na Aracos
Curadh de na Aracos
  • ESO: @BlueKale
Replied On: 04/26/2016 at 02:29 PM PDT

Thanks, Kosh, and thanks for the leveling tips in-game yesterday.  They really accelerated my progress.  Good luck in your new group.


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Ban Seaimpin de na Iolair
Ban Seaimpin de na Iolair
  • GW2: nitro.3715
Replied On: 04/28/2016 at 07:20 AM PDT
  • Twitch
  • Twitch
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Sorry to hear you're leaving but hope you find a group that's more suited to your play style.   Thank you for all the info you've shared since the game started.  Good Luck!

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