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The Quest For The Ever Bigger Better Bestest Gear

By: Briseadh

I find the need for new and better gear to be both intriguing and discouraging at the same time. Some of the content one must run through calls for a great deal of tactics and sometimes many tries to figure it out.

The discouraging part comes with the need to group or not bother. I'm not one for lame excuses given five minutes before departure for a dungeon. It's worse if I actually got on at a time I did not plan on just to be sure I did not mess up a group and then someone drops out with no real good reason. Worse, it's a lie. Now if there is RL behind it, great! I rather see people more concerned about reality than this game. However, don't lie to me and then be in the game doing something else. My attitude and patience can't handle it. I'll be honest. =)

So after that negative blather I would like to say that when I do get groups with the Tuatha family, it is always enjoyable. I really don't care how far we get as long as everyone learns something and enjoys themselves. I have never had any of that negative, weasle your way out of something with them either. It makes me wish everyone knew what "Blades out, not in" really means. Without having to push too hard it seems to usually work out that bashing rarely goes above disagreements that can be well contained. No one is trying to one up another - though we might joke about it. We are allowed time to whine, but not forever. ::laughing::

Overall, the Tuatha is one of the biggest reasons I've even stuck with this game. This family has even showed me the number that truly care that I stick around. Best example was when I killed my guild off. Just axed the entire thing. As soon as I said I was doing it I had six offers of someshere to go. Now that was downright scary though very encouraging at the same time.

Things keep changing, but one thing I know is that I'll be in the Tuatha family one way or another for some time to come. I promise not to log on when I'm having a really bad attitude day. LOL! That's when I'll go play a destro on Gorfang and get it out of my system! You all don't need me on a bad day and I've tried it once. NEVER AGAIN!

So all of you remember this is family where we may not all agree, but we all have one goal here: