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Thanks To Everyone That Made The RIBA And META Happen TWICE!

By: Briseadh

All I can say is Silverwastes is a crazy place to lead and I understand the RIBA just find, but the META at the end boss and the paths still foils me on what to do at each. I had a great crew that knew what to do and helped those who did not just find a place to keep beating on things so we could keep all four forts going (where most of all the claimed items came from). We also had three or four legendaries pop so I at least got a hit on one I did not have, but then missed another though I killed the one I always seem to get. ;)

And this silly leader totally forgot to hand out food and banner though I had them on me! DOH! Anyway, this event was for a fun brawl through as much as we could end of the year smash and after doing it once we figured we might as well try it again. Both times we got it done within an hour easily. I might lead another one for fun now and then once I can be more serious as a tag when it comes to the meta part. But until then it may be runs in there for achievos of badges and map clear as part of the event.