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First Time My Network Really Let Me Play Hard

By: Briseadh

So I still don't have fiber in the house, but the fiber to the box down the road allowed me to go in only with minor lag jitters in the bigger fights.

First I was a bit lost and had to retreat to be able to find a transit to get to the right place. Once there it wasn't hard following along even on a slow pack horse. Died a few times, more to archers and siege than enemy players.

Best encounter was the DC trying to sneak around behind our siege at a keep that were up on a bluff and not many of us up there defending. I chased him down and even if I probably did not exact the killing blow, the silly man jumped off the bluff and was hurt enough it broke his neck. Anyway, he was not causing issues for us anymore.

I actually with the help of another was able to not die to another DC out in the field between objectives, think it was when we were trying to keep the enemy off the scroll. I did not get hit by a single AD, but I saw the crew that wanted that scroll not far behind me.

So I'll be getting in AvA more now that my computer and network definitely don't hang up much. Next Thursday I'll have fiber in my house and this should be a non-issue. I will actually have my own fiber not shared by anyone directly back to my ISP for my telephone, cable and internet. Then I can only blame myself and maybe this older computer for issues. =)

Another great thing I noticed is a lot of people commenting how glad they were that we were out there. About how cool and awesome and who knows what other great words they used for what we accomplished. I'm definitely glad that ESO put the tabards in the game so at least even if they don't get the name right at first they will know the crew in green with the white tree telling people to type GSCH in zone for an invite is us. =) I really think our name will get stuck in people's heads soon enough.