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Olive's Archon Guide

By: Tayto


51 Archon. Anything below this is unacceptable.

5 Pyro (5 in Ignition) The faster you keep those buffs up, the better. These 5 points are absolutely mandatory as a lot of your spells work as a fire type.

10 In Elementalist. (5 in biting cold, 5 in Elemental Link) This is more for the Damage Reduction. An archon is the squishiest character in any raid, and taking away 300 damage from a 3000k hit might be the difference between life, and everyone losing the auras. That and you'll get stone armor which stacks with Ashen Defense. A good counter to your squish. Do NOT deviate from these 10 points unless you are absolutely sure in your own ability to survive through raid mechanics. (Only exception is on Estrode in Hammerknell. In that case you run 51 Archon, 4 Pyro and 11 Dominator)

The only difference between an archon, and a good archon, is that a good archon can stay alive throughout the entire fight. (Unless someone else really screws up)


#show Surging Flare
cast surging flare
cast earthen barrage
cast volcanic bomb
cast pillaging stone
cast searing vitality

Pillaging stone is simply your "spam" attack, and searing vitality will only activate when you're moving. That way you can do SOMETHING when you have to move. With this macro, you'll be mashing the 1 button for about 90% of the fight.

Here are some other easy Macro's that you can use as well.

#show Mental Flare
cast @mouseoverui Mental Flare

A mouseoverui is very good for spells like this, where you need only mouse over your target's raid frame and press the assigned hotkey. This way you don't need to target off whatever you're attacking.

Same with this next macro

#show consuming flames
cast @mouseoverui consuming flames

You'll be using this spell often, mostly on yourself during AoE damage times. It's not like you don't have any faith in healers, but better safe than lowering raid DPS. That and your soul-specific essence and synergy crystal focuses on that spell.


Your opening rotation on the very start of a boss battle will be Ashen Defense, Crumbling Resistance, Searing Vitality, and Lingering Dust, Then spam your 1 Macro until you have your charge at least 3/4 full, that's when you pop Rock Slide, after Rock Slide, get your charge up to 100% and use Drain Power every time you get back up to 100% charge. Also remember to keep Illuminate up. You can cast Illuminate instead of casting Pillaging stone to keep the debuff up.


- It does not matter how much DPS an archon does. They do decent DPS and it's more important that you keep the buffs up. Ignore anyone saying that [blank] is a DPS boost. The only "DPS" boost you should worry about is Flaring Power. Only worry about keeping the buffs up and staying alive.

- If you aren't sure of when to pop flaring power, ask! The raid leader will be sure to tell you when the best time is to pop your Rift version of Bloodlust/Heroism!

- Save your Waning Power for times when you know a certain raid mechanic is about to deal a lot of damage. String Waning power together with Drain Power and you can completely negate a mechanic altogether!

- A good spec against Estrode is 51 Archon. 4 in Pyromancer (Ignition). and 11 in Dominator (Quick Thinking, Clinging Form, Acumen, Arresting Presence.) Arresting Presence is very very useful during the Estrode encounter.

- Archon is not for PvP except maybe Port Scion.

- Archon is not for 5 player dungeons. It's only as effective on how many players you are grouped with.

- Archons are in high demand for 20 player raids!

- Coordinate with the other players in your group. On bosses, only YOU should be casting spells that increase Phys Damage against foes by 5% (Ashen Defense) and Magic Damage by 7% (Crumbling Resistance) Your versions of the debuffs last longer.