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2nd BBQ Was One Epic Fight

By: Soren

@ for 1 started out like it normally does but with a bit more tension in the air then normal. First run was a fail with the zerg not coming together and people not moving in to melee as needed. That said it wasn't a bad run. The final 2 burns were just to slow.

So Kenage and I decided to take a different approach to the matter for round 2: we went back to basics. Like old skool, when Teq was firs revamped basics. Stack on the foot, get all of south hammering away with skills 3 and 4, north on skill 2. The most noticeable change that we did in the second run aside from basics was the addition of an ERT: Finger Killing Edition. This helped to keep more of the zerg alive. By stacking at the foot we gave back some familiarity to the fight and right from the start you could see the zerg was much less tense and more focused in what they were doing.

Batteries progressed as normal and during the burn phase we moved to a different spot that let use hit the crit box and 2-3 other targets. While we didn't push him to phase, it didn't take us long to get our dragon where we wanted him. Once he moved out of burn phase we restacked and refocused the zerg on the right foot and in no time he was flying off.

In the end we had something like 4 minutes left on the clock going into the final burn where our epic master BBQers showed all of Tyria how Dragon BBQs are supposed to end: with dragon on a stick! Great job guys!