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How Many Skill Points Do I Get?


GW2: RedOak.1043 ESO: @Oaklore

Posted On: 03/09/2014 at 07:08 AM

Having never played ESO, I have some basic questions about the number of skill points gets for the various skill lines (class, weapons, etc)? For example, each class has three skill trees, but how many points do I get total? Can I max out each tree? Or do I have to pick and choose? The same question goes for leveling weapons, and other skills that require points.


Member Response:


ESO: @joojoobees

Replied On: 03/09/2014 at 10:02 AM

My opinion: It is not a good idea to think about it from the perspective of "How many points total?" Instead of looking at it from the perspective of the last skill point you will ever use (which hopefully won't happen, because they will continue to expand the game), you should look at it as a process of building the character.


  • Let's say there are 300 possible skill points one could earn with the game as it ships. By the time you actually do everything to have earned all 300 of those points, the developers might very well have added MORE skill points.
  • Rather than build an idealized character who has completed all veteran dungeons and become the Emperor, defeated Molog Bal, etc. Your more immediate need would be to think about where to invest the first x skill points, where x is 3, 10, 25, etc.
  • Hitting the "level cap" is by no means the end of earning skill points. If we assume there are 300 skill points in the game at launch, you probably will only have earned somewhere around 100 - 125 by the time you hit level 50.

One further clarification: You get skill points and invest them where you choose. They are not given to you broken out by class line or anything. If you get a skill point, you can choose which skill in which tree you want to invest in -- crafting, class, weapon, Vampiric, whatever.

Hope this helps.


Lorgair na Sailetheach
ESO: @morbidcherub

Replied On: 03/09/2014 at 11:12 AM

Well, you begin the game at level one, and they do give you the first skill point shortly after playing in the tutorial.   So after that you get one skill point for every level, which is 50, plus there are ten extra levels after hitting 50, but that will only be and extra nine skill points.  So that brings you to 59.  There are a few quests that give you a skill point as a reward, I can at least think of two by lvl 6  so that brings us up to 61. There are also sky shards scattered in very zone, just looking at the amount of sky shards in say just one factions zones at launch, that is 29 extra skill points per factions zones, and since after hitting 50 you can go though the other factions quest chains, that means you can get the extra sky shards as well, but not sure if you will get access to the two smaller zones that leads you t the first big faction city.  

So let's say all in all for those sky shards you get an extra 29+27+27 which gives you a total so far of 144 skill points right there plus cyrodiil as at least another 5+ skill points depending on if there are just 15 sky shards or 45 if it's fifteen per faction there.   Still even at just an extra five, the brings us up to 149 skill points not including any extra you get from quests.  This also doesn't include any extras they put in after launch.  

That being said, it would probably be best to plan the skills you want to get for your character first, then once you have those, then you can spread out.  If you are shooting for a build for lvl 50, focus on using maybe 100 skill points which should be easy to acquire by lvl 50 if you have finished your main factions story line, and gathered all the skyshrards in your factions quest zones plus the pvp area cyrodil.    After your main build the. Perhaps start branching out and trying other skills or builds or getting the rst of the skills you are looking at wanting.   Now bare in mind, my idea of planning for 100 skill points also included almost maxing out two crafting professions as well as the skills needed for a build.    

If you so decide to say pick up every skill as you level to try them you won't be seriously crippled at end game. Why having wasted skill points? It just may require you to invest into an expensive skill respec, or it will just take you longer to acquire a build you may want at end game levels to be more affective or to perform a specific role.   As with any game that you need to spend points into what you want for skills or improvements, pre planning out your build will allow you to become more effective and not wasting your skill points.


Edited because of crazy word changes of the Ipad I was typing from. 

» Edited on: 2014-03-09 18:41:56


ESO: @Ulrichvonbek

Replied On: 03/09/2014 at 12:48 PM

Syphon said everything I was going to say. Well put.


GW2: RedOak.1043 ESO: @Oaklore

Replied On: 03/11/2014 at 02:07 PM

Many thanks for the detailed replies.


Seaimpin na Fhiaigh
ESO: @Rudyard

Replied On: 03/11/2014 at 02:31 PM

I read several places last night that there were 300 max skill points in the current set-up. 

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