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Gaiscioch Family News

Calling all Discord Nitro Subscribers!

Discord recently created a new system called the Discord Boost system. Each Nitro subscriber gets 2 boosts every month that they can put toward channels of their choice. Getting boosts unlocks more features for the channel. Here's a look at some of the features:


Level 1 Perks
2 Boosts - Completed

  • +50 server emoji slots (for a total of 100)
  • 128 Kbps audio quality
  • Animated server icon
  • Custom server invite background

Level 2 Perks
10 Boosts

  • +50 server emoji slots (for a total of 150)
  • 256 Kbps audio quality
  • Server Banner
  • 50 MB upload limit for all members

Level 3 Perks
50 Boosts

  • +100 server emoji slots (for a total of 250)
  • 384 Kbps audio quality
  • Vanity URL for the server
  • 100 MB upload limit for all members

We are currently sitting at Level 1. Getting to level 2 will be very nice, getting to level 3 would be amazing. We've got lots of cool potentials if we can get there. If you're a Nitro Subscriber and have a boost available feel free to toss it our way! We'd be overjoyed for the support. Oh BTW, if you're a Nitro Subscriber you gain access to a lot of free games and perks. Give it a look.

PAX WEST is a Go!

For those of you heading to Seattle for PAX West 2019 we will be rallying Saturday Night at Fado's Irish Pub from 6 - 8PM PT. Feel free to stop in for a pint and to say hi. This year at PAX West we might even sit on a Panel! I have been working with Garrett Fuller of MMORPG and GameSpace to put together a panel for this year's PAX. If all goes well, I might learn the ropes from the master and be able to pitch a panel next year. Maybe even get a regular "Gaiscioch Magazine" hosted dev discussion :D. This year I wanted to see how it's done, learn the ins and outs and then prepare for the next one. I will be sure to keep you up to date if our panel is accepted.

Gaiscioch 18th Year Celebration

Fado Irish Pub

801 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Sat. Aug. 31st, 2019 @ 6-8PM PDT

Gaiscioch Secures it's old name on!

After more than 7 years, the name Gaiscioch was finally released from our old account and we were able to adopt in on our account. So now our name is easier than ever to find. Be sure to update your bookmarks and follow our channel at

Inside the Family

Gaiscioch Family Promotions:

I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to a few members this month for accepting their next credo and stepping into a new role in our family.

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Veteran Members have proven their devotion to the family by participating in events and contributing to the family's success. They have been active more than 90 days and have continued to be contributing members to the family.

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Please Welcome Our Newest Members

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Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2

New Matchup Brings Same Alliance

Looks like we managed to keep Yak's Bend as an Ally for another 8 weeks. Least we know what to expect. Hopefully, by PAX West we might hear of something new coming to WvW in the lines of the proposed alliance system of 2018. In the meantime we continue to inch toward those legendary armor sets.

Guild Wars 2 Events at a Glance

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Top Guild Wars 2 News For June, 2019

  1. Ready Up For Guild Wars 2’s The Key of Ahdashim 11 June
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  2. Guild Wars 2 reverses decision on raid craft mats, kicks off new mystery event
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  3. Guild Wars 2 resurrects Dragon Bash events from June 25 to July 16
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  4. Guild Wars 2 Is Slow?. Is It Time for a New PC?
  5. Guild Wars 2 is launching the Key of Ahdashim raid on June 11 – here’s the trailer
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  6. Guild Wars 2 is removing language restrictions on linking worlds with the upcoming WvW restructure
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  7. Guild Wars 2 Raid The Key of Ahdashim Coming June 11
  8. The Key of Ahdashim Raid to Launch into Guild Wars 2 on June 11th
  9. Guild Wars 2’s Key of Ahdashim raid is now live in the game’s latest update
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  10. Flameseeker Chronicles: Speculation on Guild Wars 2’s gods and dragons
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Legacy Chapter 5:
Elder Scrolls Online

Spawning up some Saturday Morning Adventures in ESO

Who's up for some boss hunting in ESO Saturday Mornings? Grab a cup of coffee and let's socialize as we face off against world bosses across Tamriel. I will be running some events Saturdays at 11AM PT as a trial run to see if there's interest. Come hang out with the captain of fall damage, he who is always lost and you too might have the incredible opportunity to learn what the terminal velocity of a Khajiit is. Put your wacky hat on, it's gonna be a facerolling good time.

Elder Scrolls Online Events at a Glance

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Top Elder Scrolls Online News For June, 2019

  1. Google reveals Stadia pricing, release window, and games – including Elder Scrolls Online and Baldur’s Gate 3
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  2. The Elder Scrolls Online has reached 13.5m players
  3. E3 2019: Elder Scrolls Online reveals Dragonhold and Scalebreaker, Fallout 76 confirms Wastelanders and Nuclear Winter
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  4. Elder Scrolls Online soars to 13.5M lifetime players
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  5. The Elder Scrolls Online offers a cross-promotional bonus for Elder Scrolls Legends in Elsweyr
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  6. Tamriel Infinium: MassivelyOP’s guide to the best Elder Scrolls Online podcasts
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  7. Travel Elsweyr in the Latest Elder Scrolls Online Chapter
  8. Elder Scrolls Online deep-dives the guild accessibility tools added in update 22
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  9. OPINION: I’m Loving Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr
  10. The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr - Official E3 Cinematic Trailer

Gaiscioch Adventures

Astellia Online Launches into CBT

CBT1 Officially kicked off last week and ran through this weekend. For those of us who were able to play we got our first look at this interesting eastern mmorpg. After the flop that was Bless, the tragedy that was Riders of Icarus, the heartbreak that was ArcheAge, the full-time job that was Black Desert, the let down that was Aion, we all have one giant burning question.

What makes Astellia Online unique from the slew of other eastern mmos that have had a hard time sticking in the west? 

It's too soon to tell if it will sink or swim but, Astellia Online has one major thing going for it which was constantly overlooked by other eastern games. Consensual PvP. Yes, you heard it, folks. The east has finally learned that the west doesn't like getting griefed while their trying to quest. PvP is restricted to zones that are labeled for PvP and are in no way required. Similar to how Warhammer Online and Dark Age of Camelot were setup, there is a region specifically for PvP play whereas there is an entire world to explore that is only PvE. Is this enough to make the game great? Who knows. But it's a step in the right direction.

Give Astellia Online a Look at: and join the Adventure at:

Conqueror's Blade Prepares For War!

This past month Conqueror's Blade launched into its Open Beta phase putting behind its character wipes and loss of progress. It is a Free-2-Play game that puts the EPIC in siege warfare. At this point, all progress stays moving forward. Our first goal was to create an alliance so that we can house up to 200 players. This past week we formed our alliance dubbed "ArachDubh" or "Black Dragons" with the union of House Tuatha and Gaiscioch. In addition, we are able to allow free agents to join the alliance and try out our lifestyle.

With our House Founders Pack purchase, House Tuatha has gained a premium listing in the in-game guild finder and all members show up with a purple name tag. This attracts a lot of players and makes us easy to find in the guild finder. House Tuatha will hold a strict activity policy that requires all members to earn at least 5 Prestige every two weeks (Completing the 3 daily quests aka fight 5 battles once in 14 days will complete this requirement). Anyone scoring less than 5 for a 2 week period will be rotated out to make room for active recruits. This is simply because we need the most active people in House Tuatha. For us to compete in the Territory Wars we need at least 20 players on the battlefield. We only have room for 100 at the max level. Currently, we only have 74 character slots. In addition, we will be going up against full 15 man squads where they all rank above 100 so we need our most active, highest level characters to be our front line. For those looking to take things slower, I recommend joining House Gaiscioch.

House Gaiscioch, however, is much harder to find. It has a regular nameplate and shows deep within the guild finder. Until the guild finder system is improved it is unlikely that Gaiscioch will be discovered and joined. It is because of this that I ask for volunteers to help grow this side of the house. If anyone is playing on a casual level or simply wants to help out we could really use some players on the Gaiscioch side of the fence. My goal is to use both houses to take territory and secure land for our alliance. 

Both Houses will work together and are considered one house. The plan is to work on leveling up over the next 2 months. Build a stockpile of prestige, weapons, and troops and prepare for the milegates to come down. Once we aren't bound to our starter region my goal is to push west (when the zone unlocks) and secure some beachfront property in the northwest. For now, we need to work on getting at least 15 of us over level 100.

If you'd like to Try Conqueror's Blade out visit:

Join the Adventure at:

Watch the Livestreams on Wednesday Nights!

Lord of the Rings Online

From a handful of players to an army we have grown. Every Friday we amass for another fun-filled adventure across middle earth and the population seems to remain constant. We typically have 20-22 players each week as we've made our way across Middle-earth. We've had a great reception with the community and players have flocked to our shores. Our roster has crossed the 100 mark and is now on a consistent growth pattern. It is the leading activity generator ranking #2 overall in Gaiscioch with 29 events logged in June. It shows no sign of slowdown and is consistently growing each week.

If you've been looking to try it out I highly recommend giving it a try. We've got a vibrant community over there and a very lovely server environment. We have several scheduled events every week and plenty more that spawn up daily. 

Join the Community at:

Farewell Bless Online, Breach & Kings and Heroes

Three of our adventures received news that the game would be heading into the halls of forgotten games as the developers announced they were pulling the plug. It's regrettable, however, I don't believe anyone was taken by surprise on this. All 3 games had their bright spots, but all three struggled to keep their player base. Let us remember the fun times we had in these games and be sure to check out our active adventures to see what else you can play with us.

See the adventure list at:

Gaiscioch Adventure Events at a Glance

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Gaiscioch Magazine News

Latest Features:

Dragon Bash is Back in Guild Wars 2
By: Edward "Screenager" Orr

Be sure to check out our latest stories and gaming news at:

Gaiscioch Livestream News

Some Adjustments to Stream Calendar

June was a crazy month with my daughter being in town. We put the Weekend Warriors and Streams of Epic Adventure on hold for June. Now that July is here we plan to bring back the Streams of Epic Adventure. Weekend Warriors, however, has dwindled in popularity and will be replaced by Gaiscioch Adventures which can be used for a wide variety of games moving forward. I will be converting my weekend warriors slot to an ESO adventure slot which will venture through various content in ESO. If it is received well, we will continue it moving forward but for now, July will be a trial run.

Livestream Lineup

The Siege War
PlayStation Adventures
Gaiscioch Adventures
Gaiscioch Presents
Great Tyrian Adventure
Gaiscioch #ExtraLife
Chronicles of Tamriel
Streams of Epic Adventure


The Siege War

Mon., Jul. 1st 6:00PM PDT
Wed., Jul. 3rd 6:00PM PDT

PlayStation Adventures

Mon., Jul. 1st 3:00PM PDT
Tue., Jul. 2nd 3:00PM PDT
Wed., Jul. 3rd 3:00PM PDT
Thu., Jul. 4th 3:00PM PDT
Fri., Jul. 5th 3:00PM PDT

Gaiscioch Adventures

Fri., Jul. 5th 6:00PM PDT
Sat., Jul. 6th 11:00AM PDT

Streams of Epic Adventure

Sun., Jul. 7th 11:00AM PDT
Sun., Jul. 14th 11:00AM PDT
Sun., Jul. 21st 11:00AM PDT

Closing Notes

It's Been A While
Heart to Heart Time

I am going to be completely transparent and honest in this section as I feel it is only fair and necessary to explain the current events within Gaiscioch. I've seen a lot of bitter comments flowing in our Discord about how we jump into a game and then everyone leaves and we move on to the next one. I've seen comments about how I personally play a game for a little bit and then jump to a new one. There are a few things I want to get out in the open.

  1. I play games to entertain. This is my endgame. I don't find joy in playing games by myself. I don't want to use the little time I have to lead events people don't show up for. I will use my time every time to fill it with an event people want to attend. My goal is to have 10+ people at every event I run. I have stayed true to this goal since the beginning of Gaiscioch nearly 18 years ago.

  2. I can't predict what will sink or swim. As much as I would like to say hey guys come play this you'll love it, it will be epic, it's going to be our next chapter, I simply can't predict what will happen when a game launches. I can see the warning signs that have caused hardship in the past, but in the end the developers of a game can change things at the last minute and shift the focus of the game. I have algorithms and spreadsheets that help me track the features you guys enjoy and make use of regularly and I map these based on the events and activities that are popular among our players. But even the most logical predictions still can't survive the test of whether players actually enjoy playing or if they will even give it a shot in the first place.

Now with those two things said I want to answer some questions that regularly pop up.

  • Why do we spread ourselves so thin?
    The bottom line is that we've been searching for chapter 6 for 4 years now. Typically when the population drops below 300 we start looking for that next home. Now the MMO market, as you may know, is not what it used to be. We have roughly 10-20 new MMOs coming out every year. Sifting through these MMOs is a bit of a task.

    I've been able to eliminate several of them just based on playstyles of our members. For example, Darkfall released 2 different versions of the original. Seeing as less than 20% of our population currently partakes in PvP in the games we play this would be a bad choice for us. We have roughly 500 active members currently and only about 100 of them play consensual PvP. Even less play non-consensual PvP. This allows me to weed out games that don't meet at least our basic requirements.

    Another big factor is Guild Size. With the modern trend of solo gaming in MMOs it has pushed social systems to the back burner. Guilds have shrunk dramatically because they want to make content fair for all players. This has made my job very difficult. For example, Conqueror's Blade once had a guild limit of 500, then 250, then at Open Beta launch it was 30 on day one and increased to 70 for level 1 guilds after a certain guild exploited the system. It's awful hard to support 300+ players in a game that only allows a max of 70 characters in a guild.

    So for the past 4 years, we've continued to search high and low for whatever might be able to interest 300+ people and also support a community with 300+ people. Sure Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online can, however, we haven't been able to keep 300+ people interested in playing for quite some time. Our community really shines when we have a large crew supporting it.

  • Why do we need a chapter to include 300+ people?
    I get this a LOT. The first thing to understand is that our average age in our community is 43 years of age. The average 40+ year old in the United States spends between 6 and 10 hours of gaming every week. This is directly from public industry statistics. On top of that our community welcomes and encourages casual gamers. So let me break down the math for you guys.

    300 x 10 = 3,000 Game Hours
    168 Total Hours in a Week
    3,000/168 = 17.8 Players Per Hour Average (Best Case)

    Now if we take the current standard of games guild size:

    100 x 10 = 1,000 Game Hours
    1,000/168 = 5.9 Player Per Hour Average

    By having the small guild sizes it forces us to kick casual gamers out and only allow the Hard Core gamer in. To maximize our population and ensure people can find and fill groups. This isn't the way Gaiscioch works! This is, in fact, the REASON Gaiscioch was founded in the first place. We are the home for those that would be cast out by hardcore guilds for not playing enough. We are the home for those who have full-time jobs and families. I refuse to turn us into just another guild that kicks out people for not playing enough. It's bad enough with the 500 person limits that we have to rotate rosters.

    For us to remain welcoming to Casual Gamers we MUST focus on games that allow a minimum of 300 players.

  • If you only play games to entertain why do you spend so much time livestreaming to a handful of people?
    This is an excellent question. I have battled with this one ever since I started on this quest. I can tell you that the ONE reason I continue to livestream games daily even if it's just for myself is that it keeps us in the "Media" column. We gain valuable opportunities for our community by livestreaming. When you register for several of the gaming media and events sites they require us to sync our YouTube and Twitch accounts with them. They total up the total amount of stream time and offer you opportunities based upon those numbers. If I was to stop streaming regularly we would lose access to interviews, behind the scenes NDA projects, and more importantly mass beta code giveaways for games we're looking at playing. The livestreams are simply our way of keeping our foot in the door to gain access to games that might not be announced publicly yet. We also launched the magazine to help with this endeavor however it doesn't have anywhere near the numbers we've built up from 8 years of livestreaming. 

  • What's next for Gaiscioch?
    I would love to tell you chapter 6 is going to be Ashes of Creation and we're going to amass a crazy big army and make the world the coolest place ever. However, as seen with games like Bless, pretty visuals, nice looking game systems on paper, a good story, don't always make it to the live game the way we thought they would. It's way too soon to tell and as of right now. We're still in the hunt for chapter 6. Right now we will continue focusing efforts on our two main chapters and try to keep as many free floaters on the boat as we can through adventures. Adventures have proved a very good way to keep our members around and active in the community. It is my hope that 2020 or 2021 will be the years we find that next home and can pull the family together once again. 

    In all honesty, I'm tired of hopping from game to game hoping for a sign of greatness. I'm ready to find a place to grow roots again. I just want to find a place where we all can be happy and unified and call a place home. One that has both PvE and PvP and doesn't force people to do either. One that doesn't force us to sacrifice our way of life to successfully exist. I hope it's right around the corner.

I thank you all for reading my wall of text and hope that it illuminates what's going on and why we do the things we do. The bottom line is the industry has changed, the demographic has changed, the player base expectations have changed, and the playstyle focus has changed. A lot of cards are playing against our way of life and I am searching for a lifeline. Something to keep us alive and well for the next 10 years. Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online are two great games to ride out as long as we can. Hell, who knows, maybe they will improve on things and bring players back into the fold. In all honesty, sometimes I feel the best new MMO is the ones we've had all along. I begin to wonder if maybe I should look back rather than forward. It's all a matter of where I can find the best platform to sustain our community long term. 

Thank you for listening. Feel free to post your comments and feedback on our forums at:

Slan Go Foill!
(Goodbye for Now)

Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley
Founder & Activities Director
Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community

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