Gaiscioch Community Notes Issue 4, 2019


Cead Mile Failte!

Welcome to April! I am pleased to announce that this month was relatively calm. There was a bit of heartbreak surrounding the ArenaNet layoffs that hit our community hard. Several of our Gaiscioch members didn't make the cut are now pursuing new jobs at other development studios. The outcry of support from the community and the development world was vast. We wish them the best of luck on their new adventures and hope to cross paths with them again. It's also been a big month for good news surrounding our acceptance into the Flipboard Partner program.


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Gaiscioch Family News

Gaiscioch Joins LookingForClan

Some friends we've worked with in the past put together a little website to help people find clans. To help them kick things off we've created a clan page there where people can learn about us and join our ranks. Be sure to take a moment to support our friends by registering and account and tossing a quick vote our way while your there. Every vote helps us climb that leaderboard. Also feel free to share a memory or though in the comments below our post.

If we can get 60 votes we can appear on the first page of the guild finder. So help us out and toss a vote!

Head over to LookingForClan and show your support:

Thank You Patreons!

As always, I cannot express my gratitude enough to all of those that have supported the community through Patreon, Twitch and YouTube. Your contributions have gone a long way into allowing us to grow and provide us with tools to streamline our operation.

  • A. Smith
  • A. Wilcox
  • B. Chouinard
  • C. Bradley
  • D. Hampton
  • D. W Rush
  • E. Matthews
  • H. Hanlin
  • Jason
  • J. Boucher-Zamzo
  • J. Buczek
  • K. Frankovitch
  • K. Burns
  • L. Knudsen
  • M. Bukraba
  • P. McCabe
  • Rhynor
  • R. Livernois
  • R. Reynolds
  • R. Gale

  • R. Mayer
  • S. L Starkey
  • S. DeRouen
  • T-Elf
  • Todd Reed
  • V. Maung
  • Void
  • Whoflung
  • Zoewii

If you would like to get involved, please visit:

Additionally you can provide one time donations at

Inside the Family

Gaiscioch Family Promotions:

I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to a few members this month for accepting their next credo and stepping into a new role in our family.

Guardians (Seaimpín)

The Gaiscioch Family Guardians are an advanced part of the Veteran Members group and serve as the front line of our family. They help newer members learn about the family, our website, and our belief system. They occasionally will need to help get conversations back on track, or report misdoing's to the family elders. They act as advisors, guidance providers, and overall protectors of the family name. By this time a member should be involved in the family for more than 6 months and has been an active attendee in family events. For those who prefer fellowship over leadership this is the last stop on the family tree. Members must prove their leadership ability to progress to the Leadership ranks through the accumulation of both Valor Points (Earned through leading events.) as well as earning Tokens of Valor from lower ranked members of the family.

  » Akiran

Veteran Members (Curadh)

Veteran Members have proven their devotion to the family by participating in events and contributing to the family's success. They have been active more than 90 days and have continued to be contributing members to the family.

  » Garyc

Official Members (Lorgaire)

Official Members have earned the rank of Lorgaire and have accepted the Mark of the Kindred credo. They have officially decided to become members of the family and start their journey to ascend the roles of the Gaiscioch Family.

  » DreadRoberts   » Lynnanine   » Pygmy   » Tiecyrian

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Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2

Warclaw Pounces onto the Battlefield

This past month ArenaNet launched their first WvW mount called the Warclaw. It is a catlike mount that has the ability to pull down doors using supply and detect hostile invaders. Bri has written a wonderful guide on how to unlock the Warclaw. All you need is the Path of Fire expansion to get started. Join Foghladha on the battlefield Monday Nights or Saturday Late Night for our mixed troops WvW sessions where we organize into foot soldiers and cavalry for optimal movement on the battlefield.

Our Heart Breaks for ArenaNet

Last month also was a terrible month for ArenaNet as they suffered a massive layoff. While their active Guild Wars 2 team was minimally affected, their R&D teams were scrapped and the projects they were developing were sidelined. To show our support and love for the ArenaNet team, we rallied for a nice send off which Briseadh managed to write a nice tribute article about. While things like this usually put a bad taste in people’s mouths about a game, we are hopeful that it will continue to move forward and grow.

Guild Wars 2 Events at a Glance

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Top Guild Wars 2 News For March, 2019

  1. Guild Wars 2 drops WvW warclaw mount, Lounge, and class balance tweaks in today’s patch
    Massively Overpowered
  2. Guild Wars 2 begins return-to-Tyria initiative with free episode and big Path of Fire sale
    Massively Overpowered
  3. Guild Wars 2 details next week’s adjustments to unidentified gear loot drops
    Massively Overpowered
  4. Players Can Unlock a Free Guild Wars 2 Episode This Week
  5. Super Adventure Box is now live in Guild Wars 2 with new racing adventures
    Massively Overpowered
  6. Guild Wars 2 WvW Mount, the Warclaw, Scratches Its Way into the Game
  7. Guild Wars 2 wants to bring former players back to Tyria with new initiative
    Massively Overpowered
  8. Super Adventure Box is live this week in Guild Wars 2 with new racing adventures
    Massively Overpowered
  9. Guild Wars 2 - It's Not Over
  10. Guild Wars 2 players hold gatherings in gratitude to laid-off ArenaNet staff
    Rock Paper Shotgun

Legacy Chapter 5:
Elder Scrolls Online

Chronicles of Tamriel Season 2

Due to summer schedules getting thrown in a blender I am now looking at Thursdays or Fridays in August for the kickoff of season 2. Between now and then I hope to build up some pretty nice prizes and prepare the site for a second run. I am trying to figure out how best to split this season into 2 chapters so none of the conferences this fall interfere with it. If we can pull it off I would like to run longer than 5 weeks.

If you’re interested in helping our please come see me or attend our Chronicles of Tamriel rally on April 13th at 3pm PT.

Elder Scrolls Online Events at a Glance

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Top Elder Scrolls Online News For March, 2019

  1. Elder Scrolls Online promotes a new loremaster and plans a pet rock for the cash shop
    Massively Overpowered
  2. The Elder Scrolls Online celebrates criminal dealings for the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood starting March 7
    Massively Overpowered
  3. Crime Pays During the Elder Scrolls Online Brotherhood Celebration
  4. Elder Scrolls Online Introduces the World to Its New Loremaster
  5. Elder Scrolls Online launches Wrathstone DLC on console, rejects Oceania megaserver
    Massively Overpowered
  6. PAX East 2019: Final Fantasy XIV and The Elder Scrolls Online show off for the convention
    Massively Overpowered
  7. The Silly Season Returns to Elder Scrolls Online During Jester's Festival
  8. Elder Scrolls Online at GDC ? Necromancer and Dragons
  9. Tamriel Infinium: Stuff it, naysayers, this is the perfect time for dragons in Elder Scrolls Online
    Massively Overpowered
  10. Tamriel Infinium: A conversation with The Elder Scrolls Online’s Abnur Tharn
    Massively Overpowered

Historical Chapter 2:
Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online Events at a Glance

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Gaiscioch Adventures

Gaisicoch Joins the Ashes of Creation Dungeon Community

One of our friends whose very excited about Ashes of Creation launched a Dungeon running community site which has a wonderful Guild Finder application. To help him get it off the ground we've created a snazzy Gaiscioch page where people can learn about us. Please feel free to head over there and say hi on our discussion thread. Feel free to share a story or two. As we near the launch of the Siege Beta we'll be scheduling some weekly activities to get things rolling.

Conqueror's Blade Nears CBT3 and Open Beta

There's been a bit of news out of the Conqueror's Blade camp lately. First, several of our favorite community managers from Warface have migrated over to the Conqueror's Blade team bringing even more contacts to the county team over at

CBT3 is expected to kick off sometime in the next few weeks with Open Beta close on its heels. In the CBT2 test this past month house Tuatha held its own against several houses and negotiated a safe place to provide for the first 2 sieges before finally being overwhelmed by foreign Invaders the third siege session. We had a nice taste of what it's like to siege and be sieged and have a better understanding of how to assault and defend various objectives.

We are actively looking for more players to join our ranks in the next CBT to try to take a larger objective so we can experience some of the finer points of terrain management. Head over to to learn more about Conqueror's Blade.

Gaiscioch [GSG] Launches on Division 2 PS4

I am pleased to announce that we have launched a official Gaiscioch Adventure in the Division 2 on PlayStation 4. For those of you that would like to join up and prepare for the upcoming raids, be sure to request to join using the in game clan finder. We are listed as Gaiscioch for easy access and the clan is open to the public. For those who are on PC, Yobam has started up a Harbingers of Light [HOL] guild that is open to all of us. Come save DC with us!

Take a peak at our Adventure lineup.

Path of Exile PS4 Adventure

Just a few days ago Path of Exile finally made its way to PlayStation 4. We are actively measuring the desire of the community to play and will be evaluating if we will have a regular adventure there or just some livestreaming adventures. There is no guild system in the game yet so we'll be running off friends lists.

If you'd be interested in joining us head over to the Adventure section and join the PlayStation Adventure.

Gaiscioch Adventure Events at a Glance

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Gaiscioch Magazine News

Gaiscioch Magazine Becomes Publishing Partner of Flipboard

In probably our biggest news of the month, our publication has been accepted into the partner publishing program of Flipboard. This is a very prestigious honor and puts our content at the forefront of the gaming news on Flipboard.

For those of you wondering what Flipboard is, it's a trendy news browsing application with over 150 million active monthly users which currently places it at the 4th most used news aggregator on the planet. It has both desktop and mobile apps to go along side the website and is one of the most well known news browsers available. We are now but one of a few gaming publications now streaming our content directly to Flipboard.

Head over to our page and check it out! Be sure to follow us!

Gaiscioch Magazine Targeting News360 for Next Partnership

With our successful inclusion into Flipboard we've set our sights on the next highest news syndication service called News360. News360 is currently ranked #3 among the news aggregators. I managed to get my primary company added to News360 a few days after our inclusion into Flipboard so it shouldn't take long before we're feeding content into this platform as well. All of this means big things for our magazine as it expands our reach even further into the news space.

Latest Features:

Be sure to check out our latest stories and gaming news at:

Gaiscioch Livestream News

Livestream Lineup

The Siege War
Weekend Warriors
Playstation Adventures
Gaiscioch Presents
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Chronicles of Tamriel
Streams of Epic Adventure


The Siege War

Mon., Apr. 1st 6:00PM PDT

Weekend Warriors

Sat., Apr. 6th 11:00AM PDT
Sat., Apr. 13th 11:00AM PDT
Sat., Apr. 20th 11:00AM PDT
Sat., Apr. 27th 11:00AM PDT

Playstation Adventures

Mon., Apr. 1st 3:00PM PDT
Tue., Apr. 2nd 3:00PM PDT
Wed., Apr. 3rd 3:00PM PDT
Thu., Apr. 4th 3:00PM PDT
Fri., Apr. 5th 3:00PM PDT

Streams of Epic Adventure

Sun., Apr. 7th 11:00AM PDT
Sun., Apr. 14th 1:03AM PDT
Sun., Apr. 21st 11:00AM PDT
Sun., Apr. 28th 11:00AM PDT

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