Gaiscioch Community Notes Issue 3, 2019


Cead Mile Failte!

Springtime is almost here and we look forward to putting this past month behind us. For those of you that may have been a bit disconnected this month, it's been quite a hard one. The real life battles of our members have been facing weigh heavily on our hearts. Everything from insane weather, to health, to workplace woes and another family member laid to rest overshadow our February.


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Gaiscioch Family News

Well Wishes for Nona and Rhynor

Nona, the eldest active member of our community who began playing alongside me in 2002 with her Minotaur transforming hero in Dark Age of Camelot was diagnosed with cancer. The good news is it didn't spread to her brain and they are able to treat it to slow its growth. Nona has been a staple of this community for almost 2 decades and makes it a point to come out to all of our Seattle meetups. Now cancer didn't know what it was getting itself into as Nona is one of the strongest most stubborn women I have ever known in my life. She is made of something else and is nothing but moxy and resilience. Nona has put up a post on the forum to keep us all updated on her status. Feel free to head over and give her some well wishes.

The updates continue to flow in from Australia as Rhynor continues her treatment to fight stage 4 cancer. She's still got her lovable upbeat attitude and has turned her experience into a fun hospital room view photo blog. She continues to be a staple in our community keeping us updated and helping members. If you have a moment be sure to send her some well wishes. I'm sure she would love some company.

Nothing but #Love4ArenaNet

Following on the heels of Activision and Trion a few months back, ArenaNet was hit with massive layoffs this week. Several of our own Gaiscioch members were let go from the company after NCSoft’s massive reorganization ripped through their ranks. More than 100 ArenaNet Devs have been laid off. Our heart breaks for all of those displaced devs, but we know that the industry as a whole will benefit from their knowledge and skill. These are some of the best developers on the market and will continue to make great games in the future. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Spread the love on Twitter with #Love4ArenaNet

In Loving Memory of Jennifer "SonjaDarshan" Peacock (1975-2019)

It is with a heavy heart that I report I have received word that Jennifer "SonjaDarshan" Peacock, long time member and mother of two has passed away. She joined us back in 2012 and has played alongside many of you in Guild Wars 2. She was huge help to Nona in her last months and really provided her with some inspiration. She was a loving person who gave it all to the people she loved, sometimes more than they deserved. She always saw the best in all of us.

At this time all we know is that it was due to a pre existing heart condition. I have added Jennifer to our Hall of Ascended Gaiscioch and you are welcome to leave your thoughts here.

Thank You February Patreons!

As always, I cannot express my gratitude enough to all of those that have supported the community through Patreon, Twitch and YouTube. Your contributions have gone a long way into allowing us to grow and provide us with tools to streamline our operation.

  • A. Smith
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  • Jason
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  • J. Buczek
  • K. Frankovitch
  • K. Burns
  • K. Riseling
  • L. Knudsen
  • M. Bukraba
  • P. McCabe
  • Rhynor
  • R. Livernois
  • R. Reynolds
  • R. Gale
  • R. Mayer
  • S. L Starkey
  • S. DeRouen
  • T-Elf
  • Todd Reed
  • V. Maung
  • Void
  • Whoflung
  • Zoewii

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Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2

Allied with Fort Aspenwood

The new pairing has brought us back to Fort Aspenwood. This time the landscape seems much different from the last and there seems to be a bit of a toxicity problem now plaguing the once friendly server. Our first Siege War was plagued with trolling, the lack of support, and overall douchebaggery. I'm really hoping its a fluke and it's not like this all the time. We did have a fun ClubGaiscioch night, but again we couldn't rely on anyone but the SOR folk to join in the fight. Several times we called for help and every time it fell on deaf ears. This 8 weeks is likely to be trying but we'll get through it just like we always have. Sometimes being a Merc can be fun, other times it can be a pain. Let's do our best to keep our open and friendly tone and who knows we might even bring a couple of gems with us when we get re-paired. Keep being awesome people, the few remaining good souls on FA need us.

The WvW Mount

It has been delayed a week due to the layoffs but it is still planned to make an appearance on March 5th. This mount will allow you to use supply to tug on a door making everyone have their own personal siege weapon. This will mean that door protection will actually be useful again as Catapults will likely decline in usage. This new cat mount will be available to all Path of Fire owners. Learn more about this mount on the official site.

Guild Wars 2 Events at a Glance

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  10. Guild Wars 2 WvW Mount The Warclaw Announced

Legacy Chapter 5:
Elder Scrolls Online

Wrathstone DLC and Update 21 are now live!

The first part of the Seasons of the Dragon is now live in Elder Scrolls Online. Here's a quick look at some of the new content:

  • Wrathstone DLC Game Pack
    • Two New Dungeons
    • New Item Sets
    • New Collectibles
    • New Furnishings
  • Base Game
    • Zone Guide
    • New Battleground - Eld Angvar
    • New PvP Collectible & Outfit Styles
    • Cyrodiil Set Updates
    • Guild Trader UI Improvements
    • Writ Reward Improvements
    • New Achievements
    • Champion Point Update

See the full update at:

Elder Scrolls Online Events at a Glance

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Top Elder Scrolls Online News For February, 2019

  1. Elder Scrolls Online Blog Introduces the Community to the Zone Guide
  2. Elder Scrolls Online Loremaster Lawrence Schick Leaving Zenimax for 'His Next Great Adventure'
  3. Grab 500 Free Crowns If You've Logged Elder Scrolls Online in the Last 2 Years
  4. Try Out ESO Plus for Free From February 7-12 in the Latest Elder Scrolls Online Offer
  5. Elder Scrolls Online is handing out 500 cash-shop currency to current players
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  6. Elder Scrolls Online class reps discuss upcoming racial changes, itemization, and more
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  7. Wrathstone DLC to Launch in Elder Scrolls Online for PC on February 25th
  8. Dying to Know About Upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Racial Changes? Devs Weigh In
  9. Elder Scrolls Online to Kick Off the Morrowind Celebration Event on February 7th
  10. Elder Scrolls Online loses its beloved loremaster, plans new free trial event
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Historical Chapter 2:
Warhammer Online

New Alliance & New Siege Night

This past month we joined a new alliance as the High Ground suddenly blew into a million pieces. We still aren't even sure what happened, we just logged in for our usual event and found only 4 of us left in the alliance and nobody from Salt Factory talking to us. So we went alliance shopping and found a new home with the Grand Alliance of Order. This is the Roleplay Alliance and it's filled with themed guilds. But don't worry they love to RvR as much as we do and since we began on Phoenix Throne, a roleplay server, this is a bit of a homecoming for us.

We are also rotating between Tier 1 and Tier 4 on Friday nights for another month. I have noticed a bit of a decline in participation which has me a bit worried as to the health of our chapter here. I will continue this month to see if things improve, but the past few events I haven't even had enough to claim at the start of the events. If you would rather we play on a different day please let me know and I'll see what we can do to align our schedules. I really enjoy spending some time with you guys in WAR and I'd hate to have to pull my events there. But as with all things my events go where people show up.

New Gear and Fortresses Make Their Way Into WAR

This past month was a big one for Return of Reckoning as they turned on their re-tooled Fortress sieges. They have been experimenting with some new concepts that are vastly different from the live mechanic. You must be level 40 and realm rank 40 to participate in the new fortress sieges and they will likely go through several revisions before settling on a final version. If you'd like to learn more about them head over to the RoR website.

Warhammer Online Events at a Glance

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Gaiscioch Adventures

Conqueror's Blade House Test Results

Last week we participated in the grand battle for territories in the CB House Test. This gave us our first test of what live will be like in defending and assaulting territories. Straight out of the gate we managed to secure one of the best farms on the map with two purple nodes. This attracted the attention of two very large guilds. Either one of them could have crushed us, but fast acting diplomacy and alliance weaving led to us becoming allies with both and we kept our village for the first 2 battles (Tue and Thurs). Unfortunately by our third battle our alliance had attracted too much attention and as houses scrambled to secure territory from the ever expanding Uncrowned alliance ours became a hotbed for assault. We fought off two different houses from our village before they finally attacked us together. We simply couldn't last against the heat of both houses at the same time and our village ultimately fell. Overall it was a great taste of what we have to look forward to and just goes to show you how forming alliances can make or break you. We look forward to the next test and hope to get more of you involved. We still have plenty of CBT keys available that will get you in the door during the next beta. Be sure to snag one at

Farewell Orcs Must Die Unchained

This is your last month to enjoy Hateweavers pride and joy Orcs Must Die Unchained. Robot entertainment will be pulling the plug on my birthday, April 8th. If your trying to unlock all the achievements, now is your time as everything is free and you can play any class you like. After April 8th it will be impossible to get those achievements. This game was tremendously awesome and I will deeply miss it. Hateweaver has moved on from Robot Entertainment and alas so has our favorite little game.

The Division 2 Guilds

There was some great news this month that the Division 2 would have full fledge guilds at launch. We will be able to form up a guild on Day 1 and get people involved. I am hoping that I can find someone on PC to help manage things while I manage the forces on PS4. Our new adventure system allows us to create multiple battlegroups in games so if anyone is interested head over to:

We will be livestreaming this all April long and look forward to grouping up with you guys from time to time.

The Anthem Adventure

For those of you playing Anthem be sure to join the Anthem Adventure. We currently have a warparty setup for PS4 and we'd like to see someone open one for PC. The day one patch improved many of the games shortcomings from the beta weekend and they are committed to a long term 9 month roadmap.

Gaiscioch Adventure Events at a Glance

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Gaiscioch Magazine News

Looking for Writers!

We are very hard pressed for writers these days and could really use some reinforcements. This is a great chance to get your work out there and be a part of a team. We would like to find someone who can take press releases and rewrite them for use on our site.

We are also in need of a few people who love hunting new and interesting games to help us keep our games directory growing and updated. We are working towards building gamehubs for all the major upcoming games as well as a few rare gems we find rising in the Indie games world.

If you would like to help out please join us on Saturday March 2nd at 2PM PT for this month on the Magazine meeting or contact Foghladha for details.

Latest Features:

Be sure to check out our latest stories and gaming news at:

Gaiscioch Livestream News

So Close it Hurts!

We are but 8 followers away from 1,000 on Twitch which we will likely have by early next month. This has been a fun quest to get to 1,000 and I look forward to our future as we push for 2,000. Let's hope it doesn't take as long as the first thousand or I may be retired by then :D. Regardless it's been a fun journey and I’ve been blessed with sharing it with so many costars and viewers. The next few months will likely be action packed and fun for all. We will be making use of Twitch’s new clipping tool, which allows us to mash up videos for highlight reels. Feel free to help me out by making some clips of your own from your favorite moments.

Livestream Lineup

The Siege War
Weekend Warriors
Playstation Adventures
Gaiscioch Presents
Great Tyrian Adventure
Gaiscioch #ExtraLife
Chronicles of Tamriel
Streams of Epic Adventure


The Siege War

Mon., Mar. 4th 6:00PM PST

Weekend Warriors

Sat., Mar. 2nd 11:00AM PST
Sat., Mar. 9th 11:00AM PST
Sat., Mar. 16th 11:00AM PDT
Sat., Mar. 30th 11:00AM PDT

Playstation Adventures

Fri., Mar. 1st 3:00PM PST
Mon., Mar. 4th 3:00PM PST
Tue., Mar. 5th 3:00PM PST
Wed., Mar. 6th 3:00PM PST
Fri., Mar. 22nd 3:00PM PDT

Streams of Epic Adventure

Sun., Mar. 3rd 11:00AM PST
Sun., Mar. 10th 11:00AM PDT
Sun., Mar. 31st 11:00AM PDT

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