Gaiscioch Community Notes Issue 12, 2019


Cead Mile Failte!

Happy Holidays everyone! This time of year I like to give thanks to all the people who have helped this community become what it is today. Through the years the same faces keep popping up offering words of encouragement, support, and some memorable moments. If you're reading this, chances are you’re one of "those" people. You take the time to be a part of the community. Whether you're unable to play the games we play, or just keeping up on the news. I thank you all for being part of this community that keeps me going.


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Gaiscioch Family News

2019 Gaiscioch Holiday Party Portland, Oregon - December 14th at 4 PM Pacific

For those of you in the Pacific Northwest, I've tried to throw a holiday get together every year around this time of year. This year we've got quite a crowd gathering and we should have a grand ol' time. This year I'm changing the venue from our little hole in the wall pizza joint to a larger pizza joint that has a full play area for kids. We'll be meeting up at Papa's Pizza in Beaverton Oregon at 4 PM. They have a wide range of food from chicken wings to pizza and salads. 


Gaiscioch Football Wins 9th League Championship

In what was probably the greatest finish to a game to date, it was 4th down with 15 yards to go and less than 20 seconds left on the clock. We were down by 3 and found ourselves in a game-deciding moment. As the QB clock ticked down to its final second I threw a no-look pass to the back right corner of the endzone. Wide receiver Spencer Jacoby jumped into the air and snagged the pass with one hand and managed to keep his toes in bounds. The catch would seal the victory for the Gaiscioch and would lock in their 9th championship in the Flag-Football league. Congratulations to the team for pulling off another championship victory!

Inside the Family

Gaiscioch Family Patreons:

Want to give a special shout-out to those members who are helping enable our community to do great things. Their financial support has allowed us to expand the tools at our disposal and maintain the community without burning a hole in my personal savings. While a still do pay a bit out of pocket their contributions have prevented me from having to work side gigs to keep us afloat and for that, I am eternally grateful. It's at a manageable level I am comfortable with. Without these Patreons, you'd be seeing a lot less of me. Thank you for keeping me in-game and focused on growing our community.

S. DeRouen

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Gaiscioch Family Promotions:

I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to a few members this month for accepting their next credo and stepping into a new role in our family.

Guardians (Seaimpín)

The Gaiscioch Family Guardians are an advanced part of the Veteran Members group and serve as the front line of our family. They help newer members learn about the family, our website, and our belief system. They occasionally will need to help get conversations back on track, or report misdoing's to the family elders. They act as advisors, guidance providers, and overall protectors of the family name. By this time a member should be involved in the family for more than 6 months and has been an active attendee in family events. For those who prefer fellowship over leadership this is the last stop on the family tree. Members must prove their leadership ability to progress to the Leadership ranks through the accumulation of both Valor Points (Earned through leading events.) as well as earning Tokens of Valor from lower ranked members of the family.

  » Cathbadb   » CJ   » Oreofox

Veteran Members (Curadh)

Veteran Members have proven their devotion to the family by participating in events and contributing to the family's success. They have been active more than 90 days and have continued to be contributing members to the family.

  » Carande   » fmbray   » Nuldii   » Piper

Official Members (Lorgaire)

Official Members have earned the rank of Lorgaire and have accepted the Mark of the Kindred credo. They have officially decided to become members of the family and start their journey to ascend the roles of the Gaiscioch Family.

  » Dorda   » Illadro   » Oplopanax   » Penny   » PJ   » Pliney   » Rarin   » Roisindubh

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The Hunt For
Chapter 7

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Chapter Evaluation Goal: 40% Total Active Gaiscioch Population (218) or 200 Votes Pre-Launch.

Potential Chapter News

  1. Mounts and More Detailed in Ashes of Creation Live Stream
  2. Ashes of Creation shows off work on castle sieges, building destruction, and mounts in a livestream
    Massively Overpowered
  3. Pearl Abyss announces three new MMOs: Crimson Desert, Plan 8, and DokeV
    Massively Overpowered
  4. Ashes of Creation Shares Video Behind Creation of Cursed Charger
  5. Crimson Oasis: Speculation on Crimson Desert, Pearl Abyss’ new MMORPG
    Massively Overpowered
  6. Ashes of Creation highlights work on castle sieges in its latest devstream
    Massively Overpowered
  7. Ashes of Creation Details Upcoming Update, Castle Seiges Outlined Further
  8. Pearl Abyss fully reveals Crimson Desert, Plan 8, Shadow Arena, and DokeV ahead of G-Star
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Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2

Season 5 Episode 1
Whisper in the Dark is Live!

An urgent message from Almorra Soulkeeper summons you deeper into the Far Shiverpeaks, where you and your allies must stand together against the storm. But the howling wind can make any light flicker, and the cold eats at every heart. In this desolation, the voice that rings truest is the one inside you.


  • New Map: Bjora Marches
  • New Masteries: Raven Attunement
  • New Masteries: Essence Manipulation
  • Weekly Rotating Strike Missions
  • Upgradeable Ancient Boreal Weapons

Learn more at

Guild Hall Moved to Gilded Hollow

After a lot of thinking, I finally made the call to move our Guild Hall to the Gilded Hollow. While the last one we used was spacious and beautiful in its own way, it was a bit of a ride to get to anything useful so our members spent a lot of time traveling around the map to get to the core functions.

In addition, our Ascended Gaiscioch Hall has grown from the original 5 members who circled the crystal to 13 members. To make the Ascended Hall work I needed more space and the Gilded Hollow has the perfect spot to organize the community tribute to these awesome people who have moved on to the next place.

I am still working on getting all our features back up and looking glorious like they once did. It will take a few weeks but I'll get them up before ya know it. In the meantime enjoy the close quarters of all our useful amenities.

Guild Wars 2 Events at a Glance

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Top Guild Wars 2 News For November, 2019

  1. Guild Wars 2 The Icebrood Saga Episode 1 Whisper in the Dark Receives New Trailer and Details
  2. Guild Wars 2 Next Episode Coming November 19th
  3. Guild Wars 2 talks about Strike Mission bosses in Whisper in the Dark and confirms more Mastery Points
    Massively Overpowered
  4. Guild Wars 2 kicks off new Icebrood Saga promotion with… Quiznos?
    Massively Overpowered
  5. The Stream Team: Mad kings and bunny bounces in Guild Wars 2
    Massively Overpowered
  6. Guild Wars 2 - Guild Wars Should Go Mobile
  7. Guild Wars 2 has lost yet another developer, this time to Bungie
    Massively Overpowered
  8. Whisper in the Dark, Guild Wars 2 Update is now live
  9. Guild Wars 2 Launches Whisper in the Dark Next Week
  10. Guild Wars 2 details Whisper in the Dark’s Essence Manipulation mastery track mechanics
    Massively Overpowered

Legacy Chapter 5:
Elder Scrolls Online

What's Next?

With Update 24 finally making its way to consoles, a new plan should be announced soon regarding the future of Elder Scrolls Online. I'm not certain if it will be revealed before the holidays but it will likely be announced in the next couple of months. I am still holding out hope that they will find a way to bring ESO to crossplay. This would be a huge boon to the community and bring a lot of new players to our community. But there is no word on that just yet. 

Top Elder Scrolls Online News For November, 2019

  1. Zenimax Issues Update on Elder Scrolls Online Undaunted Event
  2. Elder Scrolls Online posts an update regarding fixes to the Activity Finder
    Massively Overpowered
  3. Elder Scrolls Online Shares Update on Ongoing Performance Optimization
  4. The Elder Scrolls Online base game will be free-to-play for a week starting November 6
    Massively Overpowered
  5. Explore The Elder Scrolls Online for free 'til next Wednesday
    Rock Paper Shotgun
  6. The Elder Scrolls Online introduces new cash shop pet that increases your inventory and raises some eyebrows
    Massively Overpowered
  7. The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off the Undaunted event for dungeon delvers today
    Massively Overpowered
  8. The Elder Scrolls Online disables a purchased costume due to an invisibility exploit
    Massively Overpowered
  9. Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event Starts Soon
  10. Tamriel Infinium: Our biggest Elder Scrolls Online pet peeves
    Massively Overpowered

Honorary Chapter 6:
World of Warcraft: Classic

WOW Classic Chapter Continues to Grow

Things are going well for our WOW Classic Chapter. This month we'll see the launch of the new and improved marketplace for World of Warcraft Classic. You'll be able to order crafting materials and crafted goods from our marketplace using Vault Credits that you earn by attending events, crafting items, and donating goods to the community. There will be a few items available for donation out of the gate to help keep our new player kits moving. 

This past month we did fix a few areas of the site that didn't recognize that WOW Classic has become a chapter. You can now edit your characters to include crafting professions and new registrations can once again select WOW Classic as the chapter their joining. Over the next month, I'll be tackling some more of the outstanding issues. For more on this take a look over my forum post.

World of Warcraft: Classic Events at a Glance

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Top World of Warcraft: Classic News For November, 2019

  1. World of Warcraft: Classic has all servers down to one layer now
    Massively Overpowered

Gaiscioch Adventures

Conqueror's Blade Rages On

Our community is doing rather well in Conqueror's Blade. We still own Westweg a fief in the North West of Osteria. We have fortified our reputation of being a community who is built around helping new players learn the game and training them to be successful on the battlefield. This past month we were featured by as the House of the Week. Our unique concept has made us strong and we have grown to fill nearly 2 full houses with a 3rd currently being set up in the background for when we need it. 

People often wonder what our long term goal is. We've had a lot of players come through our ranks and move on to other houses for the Territory War. People wonder what our end game is going to be like. For those of you taking the time to read this, I'll share a little insight.

What we are doing is a multifaceted approach.

  1. Establishing communication and a relationship between us and every major power in the game.
  2. We are keeping the players that are more focused on community and less about ego. Swelling our ranks with people loyal to the vision.
  3. We are seeding our membership into every house in the game giving ourselves a massive network of little birds that can let us know of impending trouble.
  4. We are building a singular alliance of our members. Most alliances break apart because there is a conflict of leadership. We are gathering a 300 person alliance lead by a singular leader. All houses function as one.
  5. We are upgrading our one fief to be the highest-ranked fief on the map. 

By the time we need to go on the offensive, we will be larger than any force on the map and will lead as a benevolent source of assistance. My long term hope is to own a second fief we can use for new houses to practice on. In addition, if and when the promised land is opened to our west, we will be ready to take on the world and cut a major chunk of land to turn into a beacon of assistance and learning. A place where new players can learn to play and enjoy this game in all its glory. I appreciate all of you who continue to show up and have stuck out the long road with me. We've seen empires rise and fall and we have continuously grown. The future is looking really bright for us but right now we must practice patience and wait for the right moment. 

Get Involved

Conqueror's Blade is a Free-2-Play Siege Simulator that features both PvE and PvP settings. You can play this game entirely without ever facing off with another player. The PvE side of the game includes AI Battles, Expeditions 1-3, Special Rotating Events, Wandering Rebels, Rebel Camps 1-3 and Crafting. The PvP Side of the game has Siege Battles, Field Battles and a rotating schedule of Territory Wars, Deathmatch, and Free Battles in a limited time slot. I know a lot of you have convinced yourself that this game is a PvP game and I am here to tell you that there is more PvE content in Conqueror's Blade than there is PvP content. Give it a try, you might decide you like it. Download it today at

All Gaiscioch Members please request to Join House Gaiscioch by pressing N, Join a House, then search for Gaiscioch. Our long-time members all are in the House Gaiscioch while our trainees are in Tuatha. House Tuatha is rotated regularly to remove anyone who has been AFK more than 14 days. Gaiscioch has not begun rotating people at all. You're welcome to play as you like.

Gaiscioch Launches Rune 2 Server

If you're checking out Rune 2 be sure to look up our Gaiscioch server. We gather Saturday Mornings at 11 AM PT. During our weekly Livestream adventure, we will capture relics and face off with Loki himself.

If you're on the fence about buying Rune 2, I will be honest, the original development team is gone. Human Head Games shut its doors the day after the game went live surrendering the rights to the publisher, Ragnarok Games. Ragnarok Games are scrambling to hire developers to continue the development of Rune 2 and it's post-game life. This came as a surprise to both fans and their publisher yet the publisher seems to be committed to keeping this game on task.

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