Gaiscioch Community Notes Issue 3, 2018

Cead Mile Failte!

Gaiscioch Community Notes - March 2018

Welcome to another edition of our monthly newsletter. We are on the brink of springtime here in the USA even though the weather doesn't appear to think so. We've got cherry blossoms dusted with snow in my area which are actually quite beautiful.

This past month has been eventful to say the least. We've seen some significant growth out of Warhammer which has also lead to a handful of those new members joining us in our other games as well. But that news was sadly dwarfed by the loss of Findan which echoed through the community.

In Loving Memory of Findan (1976-2018)

Like a frigid wind the news of Findan’s passing hit us hard and many of us are still coming to terms with his loss. Shocked, saddened yet inspired. Findan led his life out of love. It was the one thing he searched for with undying devotion right to the end. His compassion was felt by us all and his dedication to helping the community lead him to become one of the first to earn the Laoch title.

One thing we can say is Findan did not run from this fight. He held on for 2 and a half years fighting for his life and even still made time to look out for others during that time. He was relentless and one of the most persevering people I ever met. While he may be gone from this plane of existence his voice still resonates through us all.

You can view our tribute and memorial recap video at:


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Gaiscioch Family News

Parsers Parsers and More Parsers!

Recently I brushed up on my LUA skills and found a few mods that answered questions I had on how to make a guild parser mod work. I finally had my "Ah ha!" moment and off to the races I went. I've been able to build parsers for both ESO and WAR that allow me to /dumpguild (like we could in RIFT) and export the guild roster. I then built a module for the website that can read this file and import/sync the data to our website. This allows me to build a third piece of the puzzle which is a macro export that my keyboard can run that will sync everyone's ranks with their role on the site. So at this point RIFT, ESO, and WAR all mirror to in game.

What this means for you guys is that your characters will now over time sync themselves with the site so you no longer have to update your RIFT, ESO, or WAR characters. You will however need to claim your characters in WAR and RIFT to tie them to your account. ESO allows us to pull the @ESOID allowing us to assign the character to your account. Lastly I've removed the "Checkin" button from ESO, RIFT, and WAR on your command center as now the parser will automatically sync your last login as your last action for that game. It will still update the last action timestamp every time you lead an event, participate in an event, request a marketplace item or fill a work order.

New Post-Login Pages Coming Together.

Last month I tackled the pre-login pages for each chapter. This month I've been playing with the post-login pages trying to make them faster and more appealing. The way I'm setting up the new post-login homepage will base itself entirely off the games you play. News, Marketplace, Discussions, and events will all shape around your joined chapters and social adventures. Alternately you will be able to flip to any chapter page to see just that chapter’s information. Lastly I'm working on getting lazy loading on our site to load sections and graphics as you scroll the page.

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Check-in Button

Over the past few weeks I've managed to get parsers running for ESO, RIFT, and WAR that allow me to sync your last login time of your characters with the gamelastlogin time in our website. This makes the "Check-in" button obsolete and allows us to pull more accurate timestamps of who's playing what. The catch however is, non-ESO players need to claim their characters so that the parser knows who each last login timestamp belongs to. You can do this by clicking the "Claim Your Character" button on your command center after login. Then just click the game you play and add/claim your character. This process however doesn't work for Guild Wars 2 as the guild API only exports the joined date, rank, and It doesn't have character or last login data.

Gaiscioch Family Promotions:

I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to a few members this month for accepting their next credo and stepping into a new role in our family.

Legends of the Family (Laoch)

Among the most devoted in the community are the Legends. They have devoted more than two years of their lives to playing along side the family and have shown their devotion and commitment to our families beliefs and best practices. They encourage the new, teach the learning and support the community. These are the most trusted advisors to the elder council and occasionally they will request feedback, ideas and perspectives to help guide the future of the community. Above all else, Legends are shining examples of what all Gaiscioch members should strive to be. This role can be obtained by both leaders and followers and is the pinnacle of ones Gaiscioch career.

  » Dee   » Namrie

Guardians (Seaimpín)

The Gaiscioch Family Guardians are an advanced part of the Veteran Members group and serve as the front line of our family. They help newer members learn about the family, our website, and our belief system. They occasionally will need to help get conversations back on track, or report misdoing's to the family elders. They act as advisors, guidance providers, and overall protectors of the family name. By this time a member should be involved in the family for more than 6 months and has been an active attendee in family events. For those who prefer fellowship over leadership this is the last stop on the family tree. Members must prove their leadership ability to progress to the Leadership ranks through the accumulation of both Valor Points (Earned through leading events.) as well as earning Tokens of Valor from lower ranked members of the family.

  » Iosaf   » SummerRaine

Veteran Members (Curadh)

Veteran Members have proven their devotion to the family by participating in events and contributing to the family's success. They have been active more than 90 days and have continued to be contributing members to the family.

  » Karizmah   » Mystriss Freya

Official Members (Lorgaire)

Official Members have earned the rank of Lorgaire and have accepted the Mark of the Kindred credo. They have officially decided to become members of the family and start their journey to ascend the roles of the Gaiscioch Family.

  » Bryen   » Fill   » Krimmy   » Meagh   » NeuPanda   » Padishah

Gaiscioch By The Numbers

Group Active
Guild Wars 2 333
Elder Scrolls Online 245
RIFT 116
Warhammer Online 78
Social Adventures 150
Total 639
Group Total
Subscribers 5,242
Readers 33,566
Views 778,709
Media Total
Twitch 774
YouTube 508
Twitter 881

Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2

Findan's Jumping Puzzle

Inside our guild hall you will find a gazing eye overlooking Findan's memorial. This eye marks the start of a massive jumping puzzle I’m working on to remember him. Along the way I will be placing tribute stones that will feature memorable quotes from people who have posted to his profile about him. They will all need to be short as they limit the character count to 150. My goal is to create a puzzle players can jump their way through and read about who Findan was. If you'd like to be featured on it write something on Findan's profile or if you already have and want to say something different shoot me an email. I'm going to start placing stones soon and will need to collect about 25 quotes to pave the way.

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our Guild Wars 2 family.

  » Agonni [NoirAgonni.2031]   » Atticus [kemrys.1436]   » Bryen [Emrys.8130]   » Flexx []   » Havaldan [xjoh.1396]   » Janesh []   » Optmusprime [Optmusprime.1234]   » Ross [DrPhil.3624]   » Ruro [Lupogg.6718]   » Spircons [Spircons.2463]   » Spirl [spiralgame.9316]   » Surufka [Joshua Surufka.9617]   » TankerVin [Vinninitus.6593]   » Tukan [Vandal.8065]   » Zav3n [Zaven.8251]

Guild Wars 2 Events at a Glance

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Legacy Chapter 5:
Elder Scrolls Online

Chronicles of Tamriel

Our newest public community adventure is a month away and we are still a bit behind on acquiring prizes for the event. We are also fairly behind in registrations. By the end of the month I'm hoping we can clear 75 registered of which 50 might show up. If you haven't yet, head over to and register using your Gaiscioch Passport (external) login or create a Gaiscioch Passport account.

If you would like to contribute we are actively looking for high value, much sought after items. The biggest help right now is Gold (1000g increments) and upgrade materials. For a full list see: and send all donations to @Foley

Watch the Trailer

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our Elder Scrolls Online family.

  » Cal [@Up1nF1am3s]   » Isa [@Wyrmlin]   » TheConrad [@The_Conrad]

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Legacy Chapter 3:

Rift Events & Foghladha's Siesta

For the month of March I will be concentrating my Saturday efforts to ESO to prepare for the PCE launch. I will reassess my event lineup in April and see what we can bring to Rift that would be fun and entertaining. In the meantime, there are many fun activities happening each week including:

Varder's Classic Dungeons

On Wednesdays at 5PM PT, Varder will be heading up / Tanking a group to go back and do all the dungeons in RIFT. We will start with the very first dungeon "Iron Tomb" and work our way through the list. He's hoping to complete the basic achievement for each Dungeon. If there are more than 5 guild members interested in running a weekly event it will be based initially on the sign-up list and subsequently on a first-come basis. If there is a good turnout I will run a group through2 dungeons then reset the group to include the other people interested and rerun those two dungeons.

Louhi's Fun Run

Join Louhi at Saturday Mornings FUN RUN at 9AM PT for the Single Rift Zone Adventures as we explore all of the zone and various types of social activities. Open to ALL guild members. We'll be earning achievements and having a great time and fun in a single Telara zone. There will be one or two new zones every Saturday morning. We shall try to hunt down puzzles, rifts, footholds, various boss kills (if they dare to visit us) and some other stupid things as jumping from cliffs/bridges, climbing to the highest top, swimming down to the deepest point in water, etc. Maybe you will find some new shiny things on the way. Don´t forget your Omen/Quantum sight or Opie. (NO DUNGEONS!). Discord is more than helpful, but not required. We will start invites 15 minutes prior to start. Welcome to the (Green coloured costume) FUN RUN events. (At the first event, we begin with a jump from a bridge).

Crafting Rift Event

On Sundays at 7AM PT Louhi will be hosting Crifting events for all to enjoy. Be sure to bring a lure and be ready to listen to instructions. These are great events for building up crafting supplies while gaining a few planar attunement levels.

Gaiscioch Is Not Supporting RIFT Prime

In an effort to avoid splitting our remaining few people on two sides of a wall, Gaiscioch will not be officially joining the RIFT Prime server. We want to continue to be accessible to all and don't want to put a pay wall between us and our audience. We will not be supporting RIFT Prime via our website and anything that is done there will be unofficial and off the books.

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our RIFT family.

  » Guinness

RIFT Events at a Glance

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    RIFT Forums

Historical Chapter 2:
Warhammer Online

Gaiscioch is doing that thing again!

Remember those days when Gaiscioch would step on a battlefield and change the tide of battle? Well it's happening again and destro is quickly learning to run when they see our name.

Our crew set out to build a moveable tank wall unit with many of us playing tanks or healers to allow us to bring the tank door to any fight. The public groups typically provide us with our dps. If we can control the flow of battle we can become an unstoppable force against any odds.

In addition players are once again flocking to our community on the battlefield. Often times we've had to spawn second warbands. We are looking for additional veteran Warhammer Online players who are comfortable leading public groups to assist in our event nights. It won't be long before the trinity rides again. Don't think I can ever top Prissy and Oldroar riding into battle at my side but this game definitely brings back those old happy memories we shared.

Warhammer Online Becoming a Legacy Chapter

This past 30 days has been quite remarkable in terms of growth. Our name appearing in Warhammer's tier 1 caused a huge surge of former Badlands and Phoenix Throne players flocking back to the family. We've gone from a handful of current Gaiscioch to 106 registered Gaiscioch with more than 150 in the guild roster.  

The trick now is to get all 106 currently registered players to claim their characters. The homepage number currently runs off the last played time from claimed characters so currently only 69 of the 106 players have claimed their characters. This will continue to climb as people get registered and claim their characters.

How to Claim Your Characters

After you login to click "Claim your Characters" on the top green bar on your command center. Then click the game you wish to claim your characters for. Next you click "Claim" next to your characters. This will link your characters to your account and allow us to sync your rank between the site and in game.

What this means?

A historical chapter is a small chapter from 1 - 100 people in size. Legacy chapters are medium chapters ranging from 100 - 300 people. By becoming a legacy chapter we can now claim objective based conquests and time based campaign events for valor and fellowship points.

To claim an event you must have 4 or more Gaiscioch players with you at your event. I have adjusted the original Warhammer Online objectives to reflect the changes in Return of Reckoning. Zone locks are separated into Green Zone Locks which are Tier 1, and Red Zone Locks which are Tier 4. Keeps are separated by how many doors they have. Former Tier 2 objectives have 1 door and should be claimed as a Keep.Tier 3 and 4 objectives have an inner and an outer door, these should be claimed as a Castle.

Lastly you should only claim objectives that you were responsible for leading people to a successful victory. If you are running a small band of Gaiscioch in RvR and you ride the coattail of another leader you should not claim their victory as your own. You need to be the primary leader of the force that is victorious to claim it. If you are running a small group or premade use time based campaigns instead.

Last note is we will not be adding a marketplace unless Warhammer Online goes full chapter status again. It's a lot of work and I don't want to invest that amount of time in a private server title that has no income and relies entirely on a couple people's personal income to keep it online. I'd rather just enjoy the time we have and relive some of those epic battles.

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our Warhammer Online family.

  » Akalukz   » Flexx   » Flym   » Geemungary   » Geisthund   » Janesh   » Rakiki   » Salgooden   » Thorgallis

Warhammer Online Events at a Glance

All Times Pacific

Social Adventures News

Camelot Unchained Beta Inc!

Great news for us Camelot Unchained fans. Beta 1 has been scheduled for July 2018 and we will be forming up on the Tuatha side. For those of you playing other factions I bid you the best of luck and my Leprechaun will try not to kill you too much. For Camelot Unchained I will be focusing primarily on resurrecting the legend of Renny Conchobhair with vlogs, kill logs, and a bit of storytelling. I do plan to throw an event on the calendar or at least a rotating event for the community to join in the fun.

While Camelot Unchained doesn't qualify as a chapter we still have about a hundred players looking to forge their legends within and I'll do what I can to support them. The Social Adventure system is ever evolving and I'm certain I can add some more generic tools that can help all social adventures moving forward.

Join the Adventure at:

Ironsight Enters Open Beta

Well, I tried to create a GSCH in Ironsight but apparently GSCH means something in Korea that is considered derogatory. It's a prohibited word in Ironsight. So we are known as Laoch in Ironsight. I currently have it set to open join. They are starting to unveil their PVE modes to go with their PVP modes. This game seriously plays like Ghost in the Shell did and is quite a bit of fun. If you’re into FPS, I wouldn't mind having a wing person to stream it with. Here's a highlight video of the way I like to play.

Join the Adventure at: 

Tera PS4 Open Beta March 9th

On Friday March 9th Tera kicks off Open Beta on the PS4 and Radiologikal and Foghladha will be streaming as part of our Playstation Adventures livestream. If you enjoyed Tera on PC and want to check it out on Playstation 4, connect with Foghladha and we'll get you a guild invite as soon as guilds are available.

Join the Adventure at: 




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Gaiscioch Magazine News

Issue 15 Set To Launch March 30th

Real life push back can be blamed for the late release of this issue. Over the past 3 months I've been submerged in a huge project. Now that my head is above water again I’m moving full steam to get issue 15 out the door. This one will feature several interviews so be sure to check it out!

Be sure to check out our latest stories and gaming news at:

Gaiscioch Livestream News

PlayStation Adventures Announces March 2018 Lineup

The PlayStation Adventures Livestream is changing up the way we do Fridays. We're proud to introduce "Freestyle Fridays" a new rotating game stream where you can help choose the next adventure! Watch the stream and if you want more head on over to to vote for your favorites. We'll choose from those games to pick our next title to stream.

The Siege War Erupts 3 Times A Week!

Join Gaiscioch as we wage war each week in Guild Wars 2, Warhammer Online, and Elder Scrolls Online. You can join us in game or tune in to the weekly livestream. Head over to to learn more.

March Episode Linup:

Closing Notes

Looking forward to March

This month has been a difficult one, but has come with it's exciting share of moments. As we move closer to the launch of our next major public community event we should see a surge of new members. Be sure to take time to welcome them and help them learn the ropes. We're seeing an influx of users in Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online and most noticeably Warhammer Online which is performing a lot better than we expected.

Slan Go Foill!
(Goodbye For Now)

Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley
Taoiseach de na Griobhta Glas