Gaiscioch Community Notes Issue 11, 2018


Cead Mile Failte!

Looking back at the past 17 years I can't help but be humbled and excited about the future. We've done a lot in this time. We've participated in charity events, bombarded development studios with cookies, lead massive community events, launched a gaming magazine, livestreamed over 1,000 hours, and we're just getting started.

While this month marks the start of your 17th year together we will be kicking it off in true Gaiscioch fashion with an annual livestream conference which we formerly named our "State of the Family". For those that didn't know this began as an annual newsletter, then turned into an annual podcast, and about 4 years ago became an annual livestream event. We encourage all members, media professionals, and curious bystanders to attend. You can read more about the event below.

This next year is going to be a massive one, with a dash of chaos. We've never seen this volume of western focused MMORPG's launch in a single year as we will in 2019. I will be going over many of these at the Gaiscioch Conference. While only one is currently being look at as a chapter there are more than a dozen others that we'll be taking on as social adventures.

Overall the biggest change moving forward is that we'll be aiming lower for chapters as no game on the horizon, allows large communities to exist within their game. Guild size restrictions are shrinking to the levels where even 300 people is rough to manage. We look to grow our community closer and really make use of our rotating roster technique we have perfected in Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, and Warhammer Online. It's going to becoming increasingly more difficult to manage large numbers so we are focusing on managing the numbers we have and not worry so much about growth. 

Be sure to join us for the Gaiscioch Conference to learn more about our plans and whats on the horizon. Until then thank you all for being a part of this community and I look forward to sharing many additional adventures with you!


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Gaiscioch Family News

The Gaiscioch Conference - November 10th at 2PM PT

In a last minute decision I've decided to break away from the "State of the Family" name and brand our annual press / member conference the "Gaiscioch Conference" or "Gaiscioch Con" for short. I feel it's a bit less political sounding. Everyone is encouraged to attend the Gaiscioch Conference live on Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer for a look into the community and what we have in store for year 17.

This year's livestream will feature a look into the games that will highlight year 17 with one that potentially could be our next major chapter. Be sure to join the livestream on Twitch and in Discord as we will be conducting polls, raffling off prizes, and covering all the important information about what's next.

Extra Life Charity Livestream Event

The ball is about to drop on Gaiscioch’s largest charity event to date! This time, we'll be streaming 3 full days across 15 games that we feel highlight the very best of 2018. You can join us in game or by watching live on Twitch / Mixer / YouTube for your chance to win Raffle Prizes including Games and special grand prizes donated by the developers.

Let’s not forget, this event is all about raising money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. We need donations so please hit up those social media channels and point people at Our goal this year is $5,000 and each time we cross a $250 mark, we add another prize into the pile.

Festivities kick off Friday at 10AM PT and continue through Sunday's Raffle at 8PM PT. You do not need to be present to win. Be sure to use your raffle tickets to enter one of the grand prize drawings.

Register and Learn More at:

Trion Sold, Rift Chapter Returns to Hibernation Mode

It's unfortunate that the turn of events that transpired, led to our chapter in Rift drying up again. This past week, Trion was sold to Gamigo and their staff minus 25 people was promptly laid off. Our hearts go out to all of the Trion folk and we wish them the best on their next chapter. This does however mark the end of our time in Rift officially.

I want to thank Berga, Elaenna, Varder, and Tip for their extended service while we tried to figure out what to do with our Rift chapter. All four of them will continue acting as elders moving forward. At this point, there are less than 30 people who have logged in in the past 30 days and there is no activities logged in several months. It seems that RIFT Prime was the shot that killed the community’s foothold there. Splitting our already small and hurting community between a paywall.

But I want to take a moment to remember the awesome times we had in RIFT. From the Coffee Crifting runs with Jexia to the massive siege battles of the Telara Saga, we had some great times. We cleared almost every raid set to Bentmer’s mixtape, raided Meridian and slayed all of the Defiant leaders, and brought together the largest chapter in Gaiscioch history. It was laced with a lot of fun times.

Our guild will remain in RIFT on Faeblight for those who want to keep playing to use as they see fit. But we will no longer be devoting resources to it and will be removing the marketplace functionality as work orders aren't getting placed and there isn’t many who can fill them anymore.

If Gamigo, the new owner of RIFT, turns that ship around we may make a return if there is interest. But for now that ship has sailed and it’s more work than it's worth to try to resurrect it, in a game that doesn't support our communities way of playing anymore.

Thank You October 2018 Patreons!

As always I can not express my gratitude enough to all of those that have supported the community through Patreon, Twitch and YouTube. Your contributions have gone a long way into allowing us to grow and provide us with tools to streamline our operation.

  • A. Smith
  • B. Chouinard
  • C. Bradley
  • D. Hampton
  • D. W Rush
  • E. Matthews
  • G. Godwin
  • H. Hanlin
  • H. Townsend
  • J. Boucher-Zamzo
  • J. Buczek
  • K. Shukuun
  • K. Frankovitch
  • K. Burns
  • K. Riseling
  • L. Knudsen
  • Singing Smitty
  • M. Bukraba
  • P. McCabe
  • Rhynor
  • R. Livernois
  • R. Reynolds
  • R. Gale
  • R. Mayer
  • S. L Starkey
  • S. DeRouen
  • T-Elf
  • Todd Reed
  • Void
  • Whoflung
  • Zoewii

If you would like to get involved, please visit:

Additionally you can provide one time donations at

Gaiscioch Family Promotions:

I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to a few members this month for accepting their next credo and stepping into a new role in our family.

Guardians (Seaimpín)

The Gaiscioch Family Guardians are an advanced part of the Veteran Members group and serve as the front line of our family. They help newer members learn about the family, our website, and our belief system. They occasionally will need to help get conversations back on track, or report misdoing's to the family elders. They act as advisors, guidance providers, and overall protectors of the family name. By this time a member should be involved in the family for more than 6 months and has been an active attendee in family events. For those who prefer fellowship over leadership this is the last stop on the family tree. Members must prove their leadership ability to progress to the Leadership ranks through the accumulation of both Valor Points (Earned through leading events.) as well as earning Tokens of Valor from lower ranked members of the family.

  » CerrisCharredOak   » Tricks

Veteran Members (Curadh)

Veteran Members have proven their devotion to the family by participating in events and contributing to the family's success. They have been active more than 90 days and have continued to be contributing members to the family.

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Official Members (Lorgaire)

Official Members have earned the rank of Lorgaire and have accepted the Mark of the Kindred credo. They have officially decided to become members of the family and start their journey to ascend the roles of the Gaiscioch Family.

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Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2

Great Tyrian Adventure Progress Report

We're making some headway on our quest to complete the last 2 legendaries. GmaFog has volunteered to assemble them and we're in the final stretch. I've placed the event on the calendar for January and that is my tentative hope that we can pull that deadline off. Here's our updated list of materials that we need.

Prize Progress:

  • Kudzu - 85% Complete
  • The Juggernaut - 58% Complete
  • The Bifrost - Completed

Donation wise our list is getting smaller as we narrow in on the competition. Here's what we still need. If you can provide any of the below, please send them to Foghladha.2506 for donation credit.

  • 250x Armored Scales
  • 250x Vicious Fangs
  • 250x Ancient Bones
  • 250x Vials of Powerful Blood
  • 250x Piles of Crystalline Dust
  • 120x Molten Lodestones
  • 250x Silver Doubloons
  • 500x Ancient Wood Planks
  • 500x Pile of Luminous Dust
  • 500x Hard Wood Planks

Guild Wars 2 Events at a Glance

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Top Guild Wars 2 News For October, 2018

  1. Reaper's Rumble Returning to Guild Wars 2 'Mad King' Halloween Event
  2. Guild Wars 2 details this year’s Halloween festivities in Red Bull interview
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  3. Returning to Guild Wars 2 ? Returning Player Priorities
  4. Guild Wars 2 tweaks class balance, adds buyable stools and resource contracts
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  5. Guild Wars 2 Players Invited to Charity WvW Raid on October 20th
  6. Torchlight Frontiers gets inspired by Guild Wars 2 for horizontal progression
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  7. Guild Wars 2 Heralds the Mad King’s Return
  8. The Guild Wars 2 Collective Charity Zine 'Journeys' to Benefit Save the Children
  9. Who Wants to Play WvW in Guild Wars 2?
  10. Global Chat: Does Guild Wars 2’s newest episode reach for the stars?
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Legacy Chapter 5:
Elder Scrolls Online

Cyrodill Crumbles With Update 20’s Base-game Patch

Cyrodiil has always been the center of bloody conflict during the time of the Second Era, but with Update 20, the Three Banners War takes on a new shape. Previously, you could use siege engines to destroy keep walls (and some other key locations), but now, you can use your catapults, ballistae, and trebuchets to bring down Cyrodiil’s numerous bridges and Milegates, too!

Check out the full notes at:

Murkmire DLC Game Pack & Update 20 Now Live On PC/Mac

Venture into the deep swamp and experience Argonian culture like never before in Murkmire, The Elder Scrolls Online’s newest DLC game pack. Discover this new adventure and zone in addition to the free Update 20 base-game patch!

This new DLC game pack and update brings the following additions to ESO:

  • A new zone to explore: Murkmire
  • A new main story quest line
  • A new 4-player arena: Blackrose Prison
  • Destructible bridges and Milegates in Cyrodiil
  • Quality-of-life improvements to the Housing Editor
  • …and many more changes!

Read the full notes at:

Elder Scrolls Online Events at a Glance

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Top Elder Scrolls Online News For October, 2018

  1. #OurElderScrolls Event Kicks Off in Elder Scrolls Online - You Could Win a Trip to E3 2019
  2. Elder Scrolls Online is giving away a free mount – if you can hang with its upcoming holiday events
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  3. The Witches Festival in Elder Scrolls Online Invites You to a Monstrous Good Time
  4. Elder Scrolls Online is sending you to Blackrose Prison in the upcoming Murkmire DLC
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  5. Elder Scrolls Online Previews the Blackrose Prison 4-Player Arena
  6. Tamriel for Tatas: Elder Scrolls Online players host two-day charity stream to fight breast cancer
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  7. Elder Scrolls Online Levels Up with the Murkmire DLC on PC Starting Today
  8. The New Destructible World of Cyrodiil Shines in Latest Elder Scrolls Online Post
  9. End-of-Year Elder Scrolls Online Events Will Net You the Indrik Mount
  10. Elder Scrolls Online Community to Sponsor 'Tamriel for Ta Tas' Charity Livestream

Historical Chapter 2:
Warhammer Online

Tier One RvR Put on Hold for A Month

This month with Extra Life, Thanksgiving and the Gaiscioch Conference I've decided to put Warhammer Tier 1 on hold. We will however, continue our Tier 4 RvR on Thursday nights. We will examine our schedule come December and see if the event fits in our plans.

Warhammer Online Events at a Glance

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Social Adventures News

Join House Tuatha in Conqueror's Blade

We've got good news, and even BETTER news! First, we've purchased a house pack that allows our community to get a 15% discount on all founders packs if they join the house before purchasing. The second major news out of Conqueror's Blade is that Houses grow in size after every level. Several of the Houses in beta had over 130 slots unlocked which means we won't have to struggle too much for space. Once the game goes live we will be creating a Tuatha Alliance as well, that will include Relic, WILD, and HOL if they choose to break off from the main house to create their own. Together we will have quite a formidable warforce for both PvE and PvP battles. Learn more and join the Tuatha at:

Social Adventure Events at a Glance

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Gaiscioch Magazine News

New Magazine Site Released

After months of work, I finally finished it. The new magazine site is built for Mobile first, lazy loaded to speed up browsing and presents large colorful pages. It's our natural transition from a print style magazine to a digital platform. We now have a full Games list that can be browsed and sorted by types of games. I want to encourage everyone to head over to the new site and let us know what you think. The Livestreams section is epic. Have a look!

Latest Features:

Be sure to check out our latest stories and gaming news at:

Gaiscioch Livestream News

Livestream Lineup

The Siege War
Weekend Warriors
Playstation Adventures
Extra Life Charity Livestream


The Siege War

Thu., Nov. 1st
6:00PM PDT
Mon., Nov. 5th
6:00PM PST

Weekend Warriors

Sat., Nov. 10th
11:00AM PST
Sat., Nov. 17th
11:00AM PST

Playstation Adventures

Thu., Nov. 1st
3:00PM PDT
Fri., Nov. 2nd
3:00PM PDT
Mon., Nov. 5th
3:00PM PST
Tue., Nov. 6th
3:00PM PST
Wed., Nov. 7th
3:00PM PST

Extra Life Charity Livestream

Fri., Nov. 2nd
10:00AM PDT
Fri., Nov. 2nd
1:00PM PDT
Fri., Nov. 2nd
3:00PM PDT
Fri., Nov. 2nd
6:00PM PDT
Fri., Nov. 2nd
8:00PM PDT
Fri., Nov. 2nd
10:00PM PDT
Sat., Nov. 3rd
10:00AM PDT
Sat., Nov. 3rd
1:00PM PDT
Sat., Nov. 3rd
3:00PM PDT
Sat., Nov. 3rd
6:00PM PDT
Sat., Nov. 3rd
8:00PM PDT
Sun., Nov. 4th
10:00AM PST
Sun., Nov. 4th
1:00PM PST
Sun., Nov. 4th
3:00PM PST
Sun., Nov. 4th
6:00PM PST

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