Mí na Samhna 2016

Cead Mile Failte!

Welcome and Happy Birthday to Gaiscioch! 15 Years ago on November 11th 2001 we opened the doors of Gaiscioch na Anu, our DAOC chapter. 15 Years later we have grown to a size I could have never dreamed of with friendships and memories being made daily.

I am so gifted to be able to share this journey with all of you and I look forward to sharing another 15 years with you. We are committed to keeping Gaiscioch alive and well and with your support and assistance this is a very achievable goal.

Over the past 15 years we have seen so many magical moments in Gaiscioch from the Telara Saga, Battle for Badlands, and Great Tyrian Adventure, to raising more than $31,000 for the Children's Miracle Network.  We have seen the birth of dozens of children, the unions of many of couples, and even laid to rest several of our most loved members. There have been laughs and tears over the years but the one thing that I cherish the most is the friendships we have forged.

We've been a big community, a small community and everything in between. We've bonded through siege warfare, raiding, and even coined a term called crifting in RIFT. We've participated in alphas, betas, and focus groups as our super secret knitting club and have even published our own magazine. We've taken to the air to broadcast entertaining livestreams and have formed small guilds in dozens of games to enjoy other unofficial adventures with friends.

The truth we have found is that anything is possible. Anything we set our mind to is viable with the support of the community. Our magazine alone speaks of that truth as it has recently been recognized as a member of the gaming press.

I welcome you to join me on November 12th at 5PM PT for the Gaiscioch State of the Family livestream and town hall meeting. You can tune in on Twitch or YouTube and ask questions that may arise. Lets kick off the start of our 15th year in true Gaiscioch fashion. We will be sharing our favorite moments of  Gaiscioch history.

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Gaiscioch Family News

Important Notes

Year 15 Gaiscioch State of the Family

In this annual livestream event we outline where we've been, where we went this year and where we're going in the future. We encourage all members, curious folk, and press to attend this event. It is a public event and non-members are highly encouraged to join. It's a good chance for people to get an inside look at our community.

  • Where: Watch the Stream on Twitch and YouTube. The Q&A Section will be held in Discord
  • When: November 12th 2016 at 5PM PT
  • Who: Everyone is welcome to Attend, Members highly encouraged.
  • What: The Annual Outlook for the Gaiscioch Community

Final Push for Extra-Life 2016

We're in the Final days our our Extra-Life 2016 fundraising drive and we've still got a long way to go. Be sure to sign up and rally your social circle to help us meet our goal. If you'd rather just donate go to http://gsch.info/extralife-donate .

Earn Contribution for funds raised. Each registered member can earn 100 Contribution points for every Dollar Earned. Raise $100 earn 10,000 contribution points. If you donate to the main Gaiscioch account we will be awarding those donors the same point value rate. Remember you can use your Family Vault Credits to purchase games, betas, special unlocks, and patches from our Loot Vault.

Every dollar helps and helps give children a second chance at life. Learn more at:

GSCH Returns to RIFT

You may not have heard the news. With Siege Warfare (PvE Based) entering RIFT with Starfall Prophecies, we decided to give RIFT a try to see what kind of interest we would have. More than 100 people flooded to the community and it is actively growing. We decided to reopen it as a Legacy Chapter enabling claiming of Leadership, Fellowship, and Marketplace support using our new Legacy Chapter system built for ESO. If your looking to reconnect feel free to look up GSCH in the guild finder (Shift+G) or /chatjoin Tuatha to connect with the old crew. We even brought some new faces with us!

Gaiscioch Family Promotions:

I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to a few members this month for accepting their next credo and stepping into a new role in our family.

Veteran Members (Curadh)

Veteran Members have proven their devotion to the family by participating in events and contributing to the family's success. They have been active more than 90 days and have continued to be contributing members to the family.

  » Mini   » Talania

Official Members (Lorgaire)

Official Members have earned the rank of Lorgaire and have accepted the Mark of the Kindred credo. They have officially decided to become members of the family and start their journey to ascend the roles of the Gaiscioch Family.

  » Kalewynn   » Krobelus   » Lyr   » Riddick   » Ruadhin   » Shayz   » Thromnambular

Gaiscioch By The Numbers

Group Active
Guild Wars 2 278
Elder Scrolls Online 155
RIFT 141
Social Adventures 61
Total 582
Group Total
Subscribers 4,719
Readers 21,917
Views 169,616
Media Total
Twitch 517
YouTube 435
Twitter 676

Guild Wars 2 News

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our Guild Wars 2 family.

  » Gemini79 [Gemini.4531]   » Nemeno [Nemeno.5231]   » TacoDew [turtleman.9804]

Guild Wars 2 Events at a Glance


SORC Missions

Gma Fog's Leveling The Playing Field

Fractals Teaching Group, lateish edition :3


Dungeon Tuesday

The Siege War


Weekday Raiders, featuring Frel

Namrie's Fractal runs and Teaching :)

Smitty's Sabres WvW


Shmi's Halloween: Labyrinth squad

"Hella Vanka's" Daggers


Once Upon a Time

The Last Stand in WvW

Guild Wars Adventures Livestream


Gma Fog's Leveling The Playing Field

Let's Explore Saturday

Pookha's WvW Fight Group


Introduction to the Raids

Sunday Story Mode Plus One

SORC Guild Missions

Top Guild Wars 2 News For October, 2016

  1. Taimi’s Outfit, Spectral Glider, and Returning Halloween Items!
  2. Guild Chat Summary: Rising Flames
  3. Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - October 4, 2016
  4. The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of October 10
  5. Furrocious Cat Ears and Returning Halloween Items in the Gem Store!
  6. Tyrian Travels: Chapter Three
  7. Halloween Is Coming!
  8. Player vs. Player Poll: Solo/Duo Queue
  9. Ghostly Outfit, Hovering Mad Mirror, and Bloodstone Glider in the Gem Store!
  10. Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - October 18, 2016

Elder Scrolls Online News

One Tamriel Launched

If you haven't checked out Elder Scrolls Online recently, now's the time to do it. One Tamriel made the game much more accessible and now you can group with anyone, from any faction, of any level and do things like Trials, Dungeons, explore any zone. The borders and walls have been knocked off and as a level 5 you can now explore any zone you like and do the quests there. This has opened the door for much more activity within the community. It is a free DLC so be sure to login and try it out.

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our Elder Scrolls Online family.

  » Avi [SuperAvi]   » Knightwing [@KnightWingXT]   » What8u [@what8u]

Elder Scrolls Online Events at a Glance


Blood for the Pact - AvA fun night




For The Undaunted (Key Run)

Fighter/Mage/Undaunted Quest Daily Run

Late Night Adventures in Tamriel




Sea's Dive in to ESO Trial's

Top Elder Scrolls News For October, 2016

  1. ESO- One Tamriel Patch Notes
  2. Update 12 Brings Players Together in One Tamriel for PC/Mac
  3. Discover Real Adventure in our One Tamriel Trip of a Lifetime!


Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our RIFT family.

  » Brokenwarmage

RIFT Events at a Glance





Adventures in Telara with Foghladha


Waypoints and Rifts with Twilah



Top RIFT News For October, 2016

  1. Starfall Prophecy Preview: Legendary Powers of the Cleric, Mage and Warrior
  2. RIFT Starfall Prophecy Launches November 16. Log in to the Starfall Prophecy Beta today!
  3. Starfall Prophecy: Tuath’de Coven
  4. RIFT Livestream – 10/21/16 – 3:30 PM PDT

Social Adventures News

New Adventures

Popular Adventures

Join a Social Adventure Today!

Gaiscioch Magazine News

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Popular News:

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  6. The MMO Alpha and Beta List: October 14, 2016
  7. Guild Wars 2 warns of incoming balance adjustments
  8. Allods Online confronts the Architects in its Blazing Skies update
  9. Hi-Rez is announcing a new game tomorrow – is it an MMO?
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Be sure to check out our latest stories and gaming news at: gsch.info/mag

Gaiscioch Livestream News

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November Episode Linup:

Slan Go Foill!
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