Lúnasa 2015

Gaiscioch Family News

Greetings and Well met!

I must say this month has been much less stressful than last month. However it is going to be a busy one with the month capping out at PAX Prime. We're also creeping up on our 14th Birthday as a community and putting together plans for our 5th Annual Extra Life Event. The summer festivities are coming to a close and PAX Prime marks the start of my calmer months. So you should see me around a bit more reliably and have access to me more often.

August also marks a very special time for the Foley household. GmaFog's Birthday falls on the 9th so you can look to that date as the day this all got started :P. Happy Birthday Ma! May your next level of experience be fruitful!

Fifth Annual Gaiscioch PAX Prime Celebration

Coming to Seattle Washington, Sunday August 30th 2015 at 8PM PT is the annual Gaiscioch Family celebration at Fado Irish Pub. This year is looking like our biggest to date with over 10 people confirmed and a few of which traveling more than 2,000 miles to attend! If you live in the Pacific Northwest and would like to meet up with some of our families key personalities like Soren, Morigana, the Don, The Legendary Nona, or Kaytlin be sure to come out. We're even having some developers stop by to say hi.  Festivities begin at 8PM and we usually go until nobody is left standing.

Learn more about our festivities at:

Key Dates for August 2015

  • Friday, July 31st - August  2nd: ChinaJoy 2015 Conference
  • Saturday, August 1st @ 5PM: The Gaiscioch Family Summit Livestream - GameVox/Twitch
  • Wednesday, August 5th @ 5PM: Magazine Team Meeting - GameVox
  • August  6-9th: Gamescon 2015
  • Monday, August 17th: Magazine Issue 6 Ships Publicly
  • Wednesday, August 26th @ 5PM: Event Leaders Meeting - GameVox
  • August 28- September 1st: PAX Prime
  • Sunday, August 30th @ 8PM: 5th Annual Gaiscioch Family PAX Prime Celebration

Gaiscioch Family Promotions:

I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to a few members this month for accepting their next credo and stepping into a new role in our family.

War Council (Ard Tiarna)

The War Council is comprised of members who have stepped up to lead events and activities for the family. They have proven themselves on the battlefield and have collected 25 signatures of approval from their followers. They have accepted the Mark of Servitude credo and understand that Leadership is not a position of power, it is a position of service. They have committed themselves to hosting fun and friendly events for the community at large.

  » Schaab   » Smitty

Officers (Seaimpín)

The Gaiscioch Family officers act as a front line for questions and answers. These members have accepted the Mark of the Protector credo and have vowed to assist new members with familiarization and report any suspicious or unbecoming behavior to the eldership team.

  » Baemen   » CrazyRoyal   » DarkAngel   » JayRF

Veteran Members (Saighdear)

Veteran Members have proven their devotion to the family by participating in events and contributing to the family's success. They have been active more than 90 days and have continued to be contributing members to the family.

  » Calinga   » ChainmailChafes   » Lonnie   » Mairel

Official Members (Lorgair)

Official Members have earned the rank of Lorgair and have accepted the Mark of the Kindred credo. They have officially decided to become members of the family and start their journey to ascend the roles of the Gaiscioch Family.

  » Evraen   » Garreltt   » Lunasea   » Wishmaster

Guild Wars 2 News

August 2015 Guild Wars 2 Progress Report

While we did see a decline in activity this month, this is a typical decline we see every year. This year however we dropped only 5% whereas traditionally in July we drop 15-25%. This year has been the smallest decline we've seen in over 4 years. As we roll into the fall months we should see an increase in population and activity. Additionally I suspect we'll finally see a release date for Heart of Thorns this month. Both Gamescon and PAX Prime take place this month and historically, Guild Wars 2 really likes stealing the show at PAX Prime being it's in their backyard.

As we get closer to launch we'll see a surge of players flooding back to the game. That said, every surge has it's falloff. Where we will likely see a 25% surge only about 50-60% of those typically stick around after the novelty wears off. We've seen this in most of the games we've launched into. Regardless we are in the planning phase for the next Great Tyrian Adventure which I plan to direct at the Heart of Thorns content. This should assist us in keeping a large portion of those people who come for the new content.

Sanctum of Rall Reduced In Transfer Price

If you're currently living off Sanctum of Rall and wanting to transfer to Gaiscioch's home server, the time is now. With the new Population monitor ArenaNet deployed this week for more accurate population status' Sanctum of Rall is now 500 Gems (About 90 Gold) to transfer too. This price won't stay the same forever as we will be growing now that the price is right. So jump on the Bob Barker train and get on over here for some WvW fun!

New Learning Focused Event Series

This month we have 2 Gaiscioch Learning events scheduled. The first is scheduled for August 13th at 6PM Pacific and centers around the basics of Guild Wars 2. Topics include:

  • Traveling Methods
  • Accessing Lions Arch, WvW, and other Low Level Destinations
  • Commanders & Their Role in GW2
  • Food, Utility, and Banner Buffs
  • World Bosses
  • Jumping Puzzles
  • Mini-Dungeons
  • Secret Doors & Passageways
  • Crafting & Gathering
  • Mystic Forge
  • Salvage Kits
  • Making Money Quickly
  • The downside of being drunk

The second is scheduled for 2 weeks later on August 27th at 6PM and will be centered around higher level basics such as:

  • Epic World Bosses
  • Advanced mini-dungeons
  • Guild missions
  • Jumping puzzles
  • An overview of WvW

If these two events go over well, we may rotate them in every other month into our Thursday rotation.

Learn more at:

Primetime Missions & WvW on a New Night

This month we move our Wednesday to Tuesday. Join us on Tuesday nights at 4:45 for Tequatl, Missions & WvW. Due to the change in nights, Smitty's event will now take place on Wednesdays. Once Heart of Thorns is release we will be re-evaluating our Missions event to see if it is necessary post guild system changes.

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our Guild Wars 2 family.

  » Allister [Allister Orluna.2798]   » Ashleigh [MaxwellingtonIII.2639]   » BrathairMor [Bearded Scotsman.6487]   » Chade [Nighteyes.4915]   » FeWolf [ElmerFudd.5928]   » Filosofi [Filosofi.8563]   » Gin [Raion.6714]   » Idrisha []   » Jymm [jymm.5826]   » Lilanya [duskyfaery.7263]   » Ops []   » SimpleNeophyte [SimpleNeophyte.8073]   » SNIEVES [SNIEVES.3964]   » Sorae [aNoch.6984]   » Tizel [TIZEL.5108]   » Voidbite [Fatereaper.7319]   » Zenith [Twoko.7084]

Guild Wars 2 Events at a Glance


GMAFog's Leveling The Playing Field

Star's Explorables

Aoibheann's Assault


Open Community Guild Missions & Tequatl

The Siege War Livestream

Tequatl 2 for 1 BBQ


Raging Rovers (WvW)(Pick up for Findan)

Smitty's Sabres WvW - NEW DATE!

Star's Havoc WvW

Tequatl 2 for 1 BBQ


Raging Rovers (Pick up for Findan)

Aoibheann's Achievement Hunters


Aoibheann's Assault

Star's Raiders WvW

Teamspeak Community Meeting

Reset Defense SoR bl


GMAFog's Leveling The Playing Field

Saturday Afternoon Adventures with Terafer

Saturday in the Silverwastes

Open Community Guild Missions & Tequatl


The Siege War Livestream

Sunday Story Mode

Star's Raiders WvW

Top Guild Wars 2 News For July, 2015

  1. Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - July 7, 2015
  2. Short break from leading
  3. Announcing the First World vs. World Borderlands Stress Test
  4. The First World vs. World Borderlands Stress Test Begins Today
  5. Check Out Mist Champions on the Next Points of Interest
  6. Meet the Mist Champions!
  7. Slashing, Devastation, and a Memorable Assassin
  8. Hidden Arcana: Developer Spotlight on Sean Hughes
  9. Announcing the Guild Wars 2 Revenant and Stronghold Test Weekend!
  10. Meet the Tempest: Elementalist’s Elite Specialization

Elder Scrolls Online News

ESO to Get Paid DLC Every 3-4 Months

At Quakecon, Bethesda's annual conference, ZeniMax Online Studios announce that they will be planning to release 4 Major DLC packs every year. The first of which being the infamous Imperial City pack arrives this week! It's good to see them set a plan in motion as the past few months have been rather dry on the progress front. This way we should at least see a constant flow of content coming to the game and regular updates on this content. This also means that during my events we will be targeting the Imperial City content if available so be sure to snag that first DLC pack.

Foghladha's Events Return to AvA

I'm pleased to announce with my daughter safely back at home and my free time returning to me, I am planning to host an ESO event every other week on Thursday at 6PM PT rotating between Blackwater Blade and the other campaigns. If available these events will head into the Imperial City so be sure to snag the DLC expansion if you plan to attend. I will be streaming these as part of the Siege War livestream. All are welcome to join.

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our Elder Scrolls Online family.

  » Archangel15777 [@Archangel15777]   » Audrys [@terracimgi]   » Exidy [@Exidy]   » Khelas [@khelas9]   » Sushigawa []   » Zepolian [@Zepolian]

Elder Scrolls Online Events at a Glance


Undaunted non vet daily runs

By Blood and Steel AvA


Going for Gold (Key)

Vet Map Clearance


Let's Learn The Daily Vet Dungeon

For The Realm! AvA - Now on WEDNESDAYS!


Going for Gold (Key)

Ebonheart Map Clearance


Let's Learn The Daily Vet Dungeon

Friday Night Lights w/ the Emperor


For the Helm and Master Weapon!

Craglorn Anom Romp


Crazy Prissy's Hel Ra Trial Run

Top Elder Scrolls News For July, 2015

  1. ESO Live’s Next Episode: 7/2
  2. Battlemaster’s Corner – The Unstoppable Juggernaut
  3. Guild Spotlight – The Most Wanted
  4. The Imperial City Guide: The Basics
  5. QuakeCon 2015 is Coming!
  6. Loremaster’s Archive: Crafting and Woodworking
  7. Imperial City Launch Details
  8. QuakeCon Giveaway Details
  9. Heroes of Tamriel Statue: Nord
  10. The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #88

Gaiscioch Magazine News

Issue 6 Ships Soon, Issue 7 Planning in the Works

Final production has begun on Gaiscioch Magazine issue 6 as we kick off planning phase for issue 7. Next issue's theme is The Human Connection. Were looking for a couple couples who found love in gaming to participate in an interview about love and dragons. Were also collecting stories on how friendships were born in gaming. This next issue will be focused on the bonds we build through gaming. Be sure to write magazine@gaiscioch.com if you would be interested in being featured this issue.

Monthly Meeting Date/Time Changed

Being the Streams of Epic Adventure are sliding up in time, the Monday meetings will be ever more difficult. For this month we will try Wednesday, August 5th at 4PM. In September we will try a Saturday meeting before the Summit and see which more people show up for. Lot of balls being juggled right now sorry for the changeup.

Magazine Team Needs a Note Taker

I'd like to see if someone can start taking notes from our meetings and posting them on the Magazine Team forum for the people who missed it. I keep forgetting and I need someone more reliable than myself. :). If anyones up for the task it would be a huge help.

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Popular News:

  1. Gigantic action: There’s something for everyone in Motiga’s free-to-play title
  2. The GodEater anime, based on the games of the same name, was expected to begin broadcasting in Japan
  3. Shenmue III's Placeholder Box Art Is Hilarious
  4. Betawatch: July 3rd, 2015
  5. It's Not A NES, It's A Gaming PC
  6. Lizard Squad Member Found Guilty Of 50,700 Charges Of "Computer Crime"
  7. Baldur's Gate countdown ends at the Siege of Dragonspear expansion
  8. Real life Mirror's Edge parkour video somehow doesn't include death
  9. Japanese Garden.
  10. Interactive Warcraft trailer takes you on a 360-degree ride over Stormwind

Be sure to check out our latest stories and gaming news at: gsch.info/mag

Gaiscioch Livestream News

Streams of Epic Adventure

Mondays at 6PM PT

The Gaiscioch Streams of Epic Adventure heads into some entertaining titles this month.

Also of note August marks the start of our new timeslot making the show more accessible to people on the east coast. The show starts at 6PM PT / 9PM ET every Monday night.

The Siege War

Tuesday's at 6PM PT / Thursday @ 6PM PT

Kicking off in August a new player joins the Siege War. Elder Scrolls Online will make a bi-weekly appearance in the Siege War livestream rotation. You'll be able to catch the Siege War in Guild Wars 2 every Tuesday Nights at 6PM PT and in Elder Scrolls Online every other Thursday Night at 6PM PT. By September I'm hoping to rotate in other various siege based MMORPG's from our SOEA Lineup. In the future we're hoping to host livestream siege battles in Age of Conan, Archlord 2, ArcheAge, Royal Quest, Black Desert, Albion Online, Neverwinter, and many more. If there's an epic battle to be fought we want to film it.

Fog's Side Quests


This month my livestreams will feature many of the upcoming SOEA games and also most likely Albion Online, Witcher 3, Skyforge and Destiny. I am however merging my two Twitch accounts under 1 roof so that "thegaisciochfamily" is where all of my streaming activity happens.

Guild System Deconstructed

I am currently in the planning phase of creating this livestream / video series. This series will take a Guild Masters look at various games to highlight their features and pitfalls. I will be walking through various games sharing insight with developers and guild masters about the common pitfalls and things to avoid. It's my hope that we can provide valuable insight and suggestions and help shape future games by highlighting gaming's best features and common shortcomings.

Stay tuned to our forums for all new information about this show.

August 2015 Gaiscioch Family Summit


This livestream takes an inside look at the Gaiscioch Family and takes place typically the first Saturday of the month at 5PM PT. Be sure to join in with your questions, answers and feedback live on GameVox. Also this acts as a great time for event leaders to pitch their events. If you're an aspiring leader and would like to pitch an event please let me know beforehand so I can slot some time and give you an introduction.

Be sure to subscribe to:

For immediate notification when our streams go live.

Recent Livestreams:

  1. Episode 15: Royal Quest
    149 Reads | By: Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley | Jul. 13th
  2. Watch the Siege War on Sanctum of Rall at 6PM PT @GuildWars2
    155 Reads | By: Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley | Jul. 8th
  3. Episode: 14: Warface Review
    237 Reads | By: Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley | Jul. 8th

Closing Notes

A Conferencing We Will Go...

August marks the end of our dry season and as we move into September we'll likely see many of our friends return to the games we love. We should also have a wealth of knowledge flooding our news wires from Gamescon in Europe and PAX Prime in the US. Both taking place this month. Expect some massive news this month and I look forward to sharing the excitement with all of you! Have a wonderful month and I'll see you at the Summit!

Slan Go Foill!
(Goodbye For Now)

Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley
Ceannard De Gaiscioch Treubh