Meitheamh 2015

Let the Summer Adventures Begin!

In just a few short days the not-so-little Gaiscioch princess arrives in Portland for a summer of fun and learning. You've probably seen her art, maybe seen her crafts, and probably ran across her in Guild Wars 2 at some point, maybe even unknowingly. But did you know what her latest passion is? Game Design. She has since taken to the web to learn everything she can about building video games. I decided over the summer to enroll this lil 14 year old in a certification course in Blender and Unity to get her started on creating her first indie game.

This summer she will be going on a grand adventure of personal growth and learning. We're upgrading her technological knowledge, sending her through charm school complete with a formal dinner at the end of the trip, getting her prepped for high school with a 1 on 1, 4 week, 8 class training in Ninjutsu, and competing in a warrior dash together. In our free time you will likely see us cruising the world of Guild Wars 2. Still planning a full Foley family dungeon run. Additionally Allie and I will be watching the full E3 Presentation and be writing articles for the Gaiscioch Magazine about the best and brightest things coming to the gaming world.

June & July will be very busy months for me. You won't see me around as much as usual, but I will be accessible if you need me via GameVox. Just double click on me and send me a message. When I get back I'll take care of whatever you need. Also feel free to use the Gaiscioch site's mail feature to contact me. I check the site remotely dozens of times a day.

There are however 2 weeks I wont be available. From June 2nd-5th will be in California for my daughters graduation. The from June 22nd-25th I will be in Atlanta on business. Aside from those 2 trips I should be around.

Gaiscioch Family News

Gaiscioch Gets Serious About Livestreaming

Over the past 2 years we've dabbled with streaming some of our events and have been met with a scarce audience. Since then we've learned a lot about streaming. We've improved the quality of our streams, added flashy graphics and titles, and we have created a section of the Gaiscioch Magazine site devoted to our livestream content.

Today, Soren & Smitty have joined me in helping put these streams together and give them a life of their own. Neoyoshi has also added his talents to the mix giving us some AWESOME character art to use in the stream. If you would like to get involved there are still some places where we could use help.

We're looking for people who have entertaining personalities to be on air with us, and we are also looking for people who can man the comment moderation on Twitch and YouTube while we are on air. We would like to have someone behind the scenes that could help us do giveaways and reply to comments while we're on the air. Additionally if your really good at video work or can write us a theme song for us to use in our videos we can always show off your talents.  

Be sure to check out our livestreams at:

Livestream Lineup:

Streams of Epic Adventure - Mondays @ 8PM PT

Join Dragon Slayer Soren, The Singing Commander Smitty, and the Captain of Fall Damage Fog as they seek out Epic Adventure in games of new and old. Giving you a first look experience at a new titles and content each week.

Follow at:

The Siege War - Wednesday @ 6PM PT

Join the Captain of Fall Damage Fog in these epic battles in the Siege War. Each week this livestream presents 2 hours of unedited siege warfare.

Follow at:

Fog's Side Quests - Spontaneous

Join the random adventures after hours with Fog as he ventures into all kinds of oddities in this mature rated livestream. Watch as he gets himself into tight places and has to use screwball tactics to find a creative way out.

Follow at:

If you have the ambition and desire to start your own weekly livestream please come speak to me. We have lots of gaps and we would be happy to talk with you about streaming on behalf of the Gaiscioch Family.

How You Can Help Support The Family

  1. Tune in - The more people watching, the higher up the ladder we go. If we can place in the top 3 to 6 streams for each game we can be in prime position to get exposure.

  2. Subscribe - by subscribing you not only can be notified when we start streaming but you also boost our families overall rating on Twitch and Google giving us additional exposure.

  3. Share - share our livestreams with your friends on social media and help us bolster our numbers.

  4. Host - if you have a twitch account type /host thegaisciochfamily to stream our channel on your channel then type /unhost  once we're done.

Get Social With Us

Gaiscioch wants to keep in touch with you! Be sure to join our facebook group, follow us on twitter, subscribe to our twitch and youtube, and join our google+ page. I will be streaming our latest updates directly to social media to help keep you informed and connected. Also be sure to share your favorite news, posts, and videos.

GameVox Partnership

Gaiscioch Introduces New Voice Communication Program

Last month we introduced a new cross platform voice communication software by way of a new partnership with GameVox. This cloud based easy to use Voice Communication suite gives us the simplicity of RaidCall without the trolls and the features of TeamSpeak all in one PC and Mac friendly package.

Best of all we've managed to arrange a barter agreement with GameVox to waive the fee of an unlimited server in exchange for a full page ad in our magazine and a mention on our livestreams.

Be sure to check it out by downloading it from: 

E3 2015 Forecast

Over the past 2 years E3 really has been pretty dry. E3 2015 however looks to be ready to make a huge splash. There is a ludicrous amount of announcements planned for E3. So much this is the first time ever that Bethesda is actually presenting at E3. E3 runs from June 16th to 18th and Allie and I have plans to gather and deploy as much context as possible out to you via the Gaiscioch Magazine website.

Some of the bigger things we're expecting to see at E3 include: Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Borderlands 3, Battleborn, Crackdown, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Destiny's Expansion, The Division, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, Doom, Fable Legends, Fallout 4, Forza 6, Gears of War 4, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, Halo 5: Guardians, Just Cause 3, Kingdom Hearts 3, Mad Max, Mass Effect 4, Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain, Mirror's Edge 2, No Man's Sky, Persona 5, Quantum Break, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Star Fox, Star Wars Battlefront, Sword Coast Legends, Titanfall 2, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Until Dawn, and Xenoblade Chronicles X.Those are just the tip of the iceberg that analysts suspect to be making an appearance. We haven't seen a lineup like this since the year Playstation humiliated Microsoft with their PS4 announcement.

Here's your E3 Livestream Schedule:

  • Bethesda - June 14th - 7PM PT

  • Microsoft - June 15th - 9:30AM PT

  • EA - June 15th 1PM PT

  • Ubisoft - June 15th 3PM PT

  • Sony - June 15th 6PM PT

  • Nintendo - June 16th 9AM PT

  • Square Enix - June 16th 10AM PT

  • PC Gaming Show * - June 16th 5PM PT

* PC Gaming Show hosted by PC Gamer is a collection of studios talking about their games. Some of the currently announced participants are: ArenaNet, CCP Games, Creative Assembly, Fullbright, Frictional Games, Frontier Developments, Nexon, Pixel Titans, SCS Software, Splash Damage, Blizzard, Bohemia, Cloud Imperium, Devolver, Paradox, Heart Machine, Square Enix, Tripwire, Humble Bundle, Dean Hall, Cliff Bleszinski, and AMD.

For more information about E3 visit: 

Be sure to tune in to the Gaiscioch Magazine site for exclusive coverage during E3.

PAX Prime Party Plans

The legendary mythical PAX Prime pass went on sale and sold out once again in several hours. Whether you got into the show or not, there are several events going on regardless. We will likely be able to arrange to have a few of us party with ArenaNet once again (annual tradition). Additionally this year we will likely have ArenaNet party with us! Our annual Gaiscioch Celebration takes place on Sunday, August 30th, 2015 at 8PM PT at Fado Irish Pub in Seattle Washington.

Be sure to check out for more information as we get closer to the date.

June 2015 Family Meeting Schedule

Join us for our monthly family meetings if you wish to be involved in any of these teams.

  • Gaiscioch Family Summit - Saturday, June 6th @ 5PM Pacific - Join us for an open forum of Questions, Answers and News about the family. Come share your event plans, your favorite stories and more. 

  • Gaiscioch Magazine Team Meeting - Monday, June 1st @ 4PM Pacific - Looking to be a part of the Gaiscioch Magazine? Join us for our monthly meeting. Topic: Final push for articles.

  • Gaiscioch Elders Meeting - Monday, June 8th @ 4PM Pacific - An Elders Only meeting to cover the latest issues & developments within the family.

  • Gaiscioch Event Leaders Team Meeting - Monday, June 22nd @ 4PM Pacific -  Attend this meeting to get your Event Leader permissions in GameVox and go over the July Events calendar with the team. If you would like to host a regularly scheduled event be sure to attend this meeting. All Lorgair or higher members are welcome to attend.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Gaiscioch Family Promotions:

I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to a few members this month for accepting their next credo and stepping into a new role in our family.

War Council (Ard Tiarna)

The War Council is comprised of members who have stepped up to lead events and activities for the family. They have proven themselves on the battlefield and have collected 25 signatures of approval from their followers. They have accepted the Mark of Servitude credo and understand that Leadership is not a position of power, it is a position of service. They have committed themselves to hosting fun and friendly events for the community at large.

  » Aoibheann

Officers (Seaimpín)

The Gaiscioch Family officers act as a front line for questions and answers. These members have accepted the Mark of the Protector credo and have vowed to assist new members with familiarization and report any suspicious or unbecoming behavior to the eldership team.

  » Dirkdaring   » Saelswiftwing   » Thyth   » Tide   » Verve

Veteran Members (Saighdear)

Veteran Members have proven their devotion to the family by participating in events and contributing to the family's success. They have been active more than 90 days and have continued to be contributing members to the family.

  » AlanM   » Aravis   » Borah   » Botak   » Olmech   » Paleus   » PuaHone   » Rufus   » Sihgrhid   » tnliverpool   » Valin

Official Members (Lorgair)

Official Members have earned the rank of Lorgair and have accepted the Mark of the Kindred credo. They have officially decided to become members of the family and start their journey to ascend the roles of the Gaiscioch Family.

  » DarthVedda   » Jjrdragon   » Krevdar   » Kuznya   » Libe   » Olmech   » Sampster   » Tater

Guild Wars 2 News

June 2015 GW2 Progress Report

Our 4th Chapter saw our 5th straight month of growth. As anticipation builds for the upcoming expansion we can expect to see more players coming back into the fold. Our recently launched Siege War has become one of our most watched livestreams.

Representing Other Guilds

I know there has been some talk about [KONG] and [GSCH] and what's going on between the two. I can tell you right now people are reading more into things than they should. Many times people assume GSCH is like most other guilds where we focus our efforts on keeping people wearing our tag. A quick trip to our Guild Wars 2 Overview post you will see that we encourage players to join other guilds as well and even create their own guilds. This allows us to have fingers in every guild out there and if we need to get the word out for something we have the means to do so.

KONG was created by Jordyee and some of our other members to be a competitive GvG guild that can compete with many of our rival guilds. They did not feel that the style of play was very conducive to that of the Gaiscioch lifestyle (casual, play how you want to play) so they created an environment they could control (highly competitive, forced builds, required playtimes etc.). This is ok and I encourage anyone that wants to explore options like these to please do so. Remember, it's not the tag above your head that matters, it's what's on your face thats important. We're aiming for smiles here.

Additionally, just because they're not wearing a GSCH tag doesn't mean they aren't Gaiscioch. In multi-guild games this gets confusing, but they are still part of our community. They still participate, they still read the website, and they still are part of the family. Gaiscioch is not falling apart, in fact our numbers have been on a constant rise for 5 straight months. We are merely being proactive in being part of the rest of the Sanctum of Rall community as well.

So, If you're approached by someone asking about the health of GSCH, let them know that our community encourages people to be part of other guilds as well and that our activity is actually on the rise. This is a concept that is foreign to most but part of our very existence. Even in DAOC we helped members setup and run their own guilds. Happy people stick around longer. I learned long ago to never stand in the way of happiness.

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our Guild Wars 2 family.

  » AdjutantAvocado [Douchette.2756]   » aefdez84 [aefdez.2867]   » Anzu [Ansuz.8207]   » Athiss [PROBYSAN.2719]   » BumbleNooth [Bumblenooth.8204]   » Citrinia [Jessica Cherry.5203]   » Claudia [Claudia.3590]   » Darkafall [Darkafall.4953]   » DarkstormDale [Darkstorm.9346]   » Golem []   » Hellequin [kiko.2085]   » Joyous [Joyous.3051]   » Kito [Kito.1923]   » Krevdar [kevin.4915]   » Lionan [velim.2857]   » LordofWar [LordofWar.5014]   » Marish [Marish.2059]   » Namrie [Arnout.7894]   » Rykfoster [hagrix.3948]   » Sampster [Sampster.7452]   » Shea []   » Simon [rapidturtle.7851]   » SpartanTRIG [Spartan TRIG.3814]   » TheOnlyTurtle []   » ToastGotRekt []   » Vish []   » Vita [viatae.3956]   » Wolowtzki [Scrump.8514]

Guild Wars 2 Events at a Glance


Aoibheann's Assault

GMAFog's Leveling The Playing Field

Star's Explorables

Hella Vanka's Daggers

Tequatl 2 for 1 BBQ


Aoibheann's Assault

Rall's Rangers

Smitty's Sabres WvW

Star's Havoc WvW


Raging Rovers (WvW)(Pick up for Findan)

Open Community Guild Missions & Tequatl

The Siege War Livestream

Tequatl 2 for 1 BBQ


Aoibheann's Achievement Hunters

Jam out w/ Jordyee in WvW


Star's Raiders WvW

Teamspeak Community Meeting


GMAFog's Leveling The Playing Field

Saturday Afternoon Adventures with Terafer

Saturday in Dry Top

Open Community Guild Missions & Tequatl


The Siege War Livestream

Rylssa's Map Clear - Queensdale (1-17)

Sunday Story Mode

Star's Raiders WvW

Top Guild Wars 2 News For May, 2015

  1. Upgrading World vs. World Upgrades
  2. Announcing the WvW Desert Borderlands Stress Tests
  3. Daydreamer’s Finery and Elegant Fan in the Gem Store!
  4. Meet the Dragonhunter: Guardian’s Elite Specialization
  5. Thank You for Participating in the Second Ladder Test Season
  6. Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - May 19, 2015
  7. Lion’s Arch Construction Nears Completion; New Player Poll Announced
  8. Watch the Dragonhunter on This Week’s Ready Up!
  9. Meet the Reaper: Necromancer’s Elite Specialization
  10. Closed Beta Testing on May 26

Elder Scrolls Online News

June 2015 ESO Progress Report

Our 5th Chapter is still remaining strong and stable with the console release rapidly approaching and the development cycle going back to normal once its out. For months ESO has been coasting waiting for the Console release to happen. Now that we are just weeks away, we can expect to see new information about the next big patch approach in the month after launch.

For those that plan to play the console version instead, please note our family and our website are only setup for the PC/Mac edition. Please do not attempt to claim things (Characters, ESO ID, or Marketplace) for the console version. This will add a mess that will just add confusion and disconnects. The platforms do not communicate with each other and there is no way for us to include the console versions in our system. It would be like launching an entirely new chapter.

That said, there is an awesome community waiting for you in the PC/Mac version of the game. Feel free to poke in and say hi.  

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our Elder Scrolls Online family.

  » Asharei [@Asharei]   » Boz [@Boziticus]   » Dad2112 [@Armigite]   » Gwynhefar [@gwynhefar]   » Hellequin [@hellequin6]   » Imadruma [@Imadruma]   » Jarito [@Gutat]   » Jjrdragon [@jjrdragon]   » Markoss []   » MillhamZein []   » Nicole [@nicolipoli]   » StyrrlingDraugr [@Styrrling_Draugr]   » Tiriel [@HeatherRae]   » Tori [@Toribev]   » Vish [@laukerz]   » Xandras [@Olisson]

Elder Scrolls Online Events at a Glance


Undaunted non vet daily runs

By Blood and Steel AvA - Reloaded


Undaunted non vet daily runs

Gone Fishin'

For The Realm! AvA


Vet Dungeon Crawl

HelRa Training/ Completion

Undaunted Normal Daily


normal 4 man undaunted daily

Vet Dungeon Crawl

Undaunted Normal Daily


normal 4 man undaunted daily

Gone Fishin'

Undaunted Normal Daily


Papo64's Vet Level Map Clearance

For the Helm and Master Weapon!


Papo's 4-person Craglorn Questing

Top Elder Scrolls News For May, 2015

  1. Crown Store Sale: 5/21 – 5/26
  2. Collectible Creatures Fan Art Contest Winners
  3. ESO Live’s Next Episode: 5/22
  4. Guild Spotlight – The Desert Lions
  5. The Tamriel Chronicle, Issue #86
  6. The Tamriel Town Crier, Issue #12
  7. This is ESOTU – The Elder Scrolls with Friends
  8. This is ESOTU – Exploring Tamriel
  9. Battlemaster’s Corner – The Daedric Master
  10. Guild Spotlight – Blut und Schweiss (Blood and Sweat)

Gaiscioch Magazine News

Popular Stories:

  1. A Massively Epic Comeback
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  2. Renaissance in Gaming: 10 Upcoming Titles With Innovative Features
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  3. Exploring the Vast Frontier in Black Desert
    256 Reads | By: Amanda "Soren" Carr
  4. Donald Rush: A Man in Motion
    176 Reads | By: Aoibheann Ni Choileain
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Be sure to check out our latest stories and gaming news at:

Closing Notes

Slan Go Foill!
(Goodbye For Now)

Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley
Ceannard De Gaiscioch Treubh