Márta 2015

Cead Mile Failte!

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to March, the month of green beer and leprechauns. This month is also the month of REZ and PAX East which is going to be where 2 main drops of information are released about Guild Wars 2's upcoming expansion Heart of Thorns. I have confirmed information that the new WvW map will be debuted at PAX East. So keep your eyes on the news wires for new information about all your favorite games.

Here's this months update on our family

March 7th, 2015
Gaiscioch Monthly Meeting Schedule

  • 2:00PM: Magazine Team Meeting
  • 3:00PM: Elder Meeting
  • 4:00PM: Event Leaders Meeting
  • 5:00PM: Gaiscioch Family Summit

I would like to encourage everyone to try to make at least 1 of these meetings. If you would like to join the magazine team or would just like to observe your more than welcome to sit in. The only meeting that is limited is the Elder Meeting. For the family summit be sure to bring a question or two for the Question & Answer session.

Gaiscioch Magazine

Just a quick update to let you know that I have a very rough prototype of the Gaiscioch Magazine site which currently displays general gaming news and by the end of next month will begin featuring Gaiscioch Magazine content. Be sure to give it a look at: http://www.gaisciochmagazine.com/ but realize it's not done yet and most of it doesn't work ;). But doesn't it look good on your phone, tablet, pc, and big screen tv? :D. I wouldn't normally let people see a site in this state but it does have some usefulness as it is.

Short URL For Easy Access!

Most of you probably have encountered someone asking for information about us. Giving them the Gaiscioch.com url used to be the best way, but lets face it. How many of us spelled it right the first time? I've added a new quick link URL that will redirect people to important information.

Gaiscioch Information:

Other Quicklinks

See: http://gsch.info/p/92192 for a full updated list.

Guild Wars 2

Progress Report

Whatever we did in November is working rather well. We bottomed out in November at 410 active members and have grown at a pretty steady rate ever since. We are now teetering on the 490 mark and our in game roster is being rotated on a 16 day rotation in GSCH and a 2 day rotation in SORC. We are on the verge of needing to open up our other rooms once again to house our masses.

For the past 2 months I have been playing with scenarios on how we can avoid what happened to us at launch with the multi-guild approach that caused our impending downfall and bleeding of players from the lack of communication across the multiple guilds. I have come up with a plan, that I hope will work.

Coping with the Growing Population

Here's hoping that the expansion brings alliances! Our population is sky rocketing between our WvW commanders filling up the calendar with an event every day of the week and our PvE events bringing in people from other servers who normally wouldn't encounter us. We are now pressed up against the cusp of having to either shrink the 14-day AFK policy, which eventually will cause a lot more management and work for the elders or branch into a new multi-room system.

What did we learn from the first time we tried this?

  1. Regional Grouping doesn't work. Honestly people don't play the same time every day and it can be inconsistent at best.
  2. Lack of Communication and Unity Breaks All. Even the healthiest most smoothly run communities break under this kind of stress. People want to feel included and separation makes them feel excluded.
  3. Maintaining 3+ rosters is hell on earth for our eldership team. No doubt, if I told my elders we'd be doing this again they would break their foot off in my… well you know. I want to keep our elders playing the game not doing the invite shuffle.

So how do I plan to do it this time as to not cause this kind of stress?

At the point we hit our 14 day rotation we will be splitting the family house into 3 Rooms: Gaiscioch na Rall (Main Room), Gaiscioch na Morrigan & Gaiscioch na Anu.

Gaiscioch na Rall (Event Room)

This room will operate the same way we operate SORC. All elders and approved commanders will be able to freely invite to this room of the family house. We will rotate people out based on whoever's been away from the game the longest using the in-game AFK timer. If at some point there are no available offline players able to be removed we will remove people who are not attending the event being lead by the event leader giving first priority to people who are representing and attending events.

To get a reinvite all a member needs to do is ask an online elder or commander in private tell. You won't have to login to the site to request a reinvite to this room of the house. Our hope is that we can keep the people who are online Right Now in Gaiscioch na Rall and rotate people in and out based on who is online at the time.

Gaiscioch na Morrigan & Anu (Gaiscioch Proper)

For invites into these rooms you will need to click the Request Re-Invite button. These rooms will be run the same way that Gaiscioch na Rall is currently run. We will start removing people who have been offline the longest as soon as we hit 490 people on the roster.  So whoever has been out of game the longest will be removed to make room for a new player.

These rooms will be used mainly to as a way to see who is the online elder or commander to request an invite to the Gaiscioch na Rall room of the house. All Commanders & Elders will be listed in all 3 rooms of the house and we will be working on keeping some buffs available for each room at all times. We will do our best to balance Morrigan and Anu with equal active population however members need to realize that the vast majority of people online will be representing Gaiscioch na Rall, and if they do not have that option they will need to send a private message to an elder or commander that is online to get an invite. This should sustain us up to the point that we have 500 people online at any given moment in which case OMG my hair is totally white!.

Putting more responsibility in our commander's hands.

With this transition we will be leaning on our event leaders and commanders to make sure to get people into Gaiscioch na Rall and rotate out the offline as needed. I will be walking each of them through the process before I give them the keys to the castle so that we do not end up with ghosts in the machine.

Vault Access

So, while we've had the other 3 rooms of Gaiscioch retired I have used the vaults as storage space for prizes for the server community.The banks in Morrigan and Anu will not be accessible to anyone other than myself to prevent anything going missing from the long list of prizes we have on hand. Gaiscioch an Rall's vault will remain the same setup it has had for the past year. Commanders access part 1, everyone else can access part 2 and 3.

Summing it all up

We hope to be able to avoid this if possible but if we hit the 14 day rotation limit and are out of slots to invite we will deploy this plan as rapidly as possible to allow us to continue to grow. I hope to have all of the Commanders trained and aware of their responsibilities if we roll into this system before that day comes. The good news is it should become quite a party in Gaiscioch na Rall having only active people in chat channel. Will definitely keep things hopping and growing without the frustrations we had the first time we tried this.

March Regular Guild Wars 2 Event Schedule


Wvw Tattered Few

Vanka's Daggers

Tequal 2 for 1 BBQ


Aoibheann's Assault

Final's Dungeon Run Challenge

Sabres WvW


Raging Rovers (WvW)

Star's Explorables

SOR Community Tequatl, Missions & WvW

Tequatl 2 for 1 BBQ


Raging Rovers

Let's Explore

WvW Jamboree

Silverwaste Warriors


Teamspeak Community Meeting

WvW Server Reset Madness


SOR Community Missions, Tequatl & WvW

Afternoon Adventures

Achievement Hunters

SOR Community Tequatl, Missions & WvW


Rylssa's Map Clear

Story Mode Plus One

Shakeup- Fractals

* Event Schedule Subject To Change | All Event Times: PST (GMT -08:00) | See Gaiscioch.com for Full Updated Schedule.

Active Gaiscioch Elder Team (GW2)

Foghladha, Donaliam, Izmina, Terafer, Dreamtrip, Prissy, Morigana, Oldgoat, Soren, FinalFAB

Active Gaiscioch Commanders (GW2)

Foghladha, Prissy, Izzy, Dreamtrip, Ryokka, Kaytlin, Terafer, FinalFAB, Soren, Rylssa, Aoibheann, Jordyee, Smitty, Oldgoat, Marcovius, RayneLoRhall, LiamBalorGorgon, Jessica, Clanorton, Lakshmi

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Elder Scrolls Online

Community Changes

In an effort to help grow our numbers, prepare for the Buy-2-Play conversion, and introduce new people to our community we will be opening up invite, promote and kick privileges to our new Commander rank (See Below) and Elders to aid us in maintaining the community. We will continue using the in site functionality for invite requests but will allow people to join the in game community without registering.

This way while our event leaders are on the field they can invite people they encounter that would like to join our community and then point them to the site to register. Please note that unregistered players will be the first to rotate out when and if we near the guild cap limit.

New Ranks


It has become obvious that a lot of our Elder Scrolls players would like to have someone to call on if they run into problems and while many of the elders have stopped playing and the families support as a whole is reduced, we are still in need of some people that can help keep things running smoothly. Per Gaiscioch policy we assign 1 elder per 100 active players. Right now Briseadh, Morigana, Selrina, are Pops are all still around regularly and keeping invites rolling in and dealing with issues that arise. However most of these people are leaders and do not run regular events. Over the next month I will be bringing some some players up into the Commander rank to assist me in running events, and training up new leaders to run events on nights they are not running. I will be working closely with them to teach them our methods, our tactics, and help carry on the Gaiscioch name in Elder Scrolls Online. I already have a few people in mind but want to approach them before I throw them in the fire.


With our new open invite format we will be allowing Elders and Commanders to invite people to the family without them registering first. We will then check the roster of new invites against the website roster to see if a person has registered. Once they have officially registered they will be promoted to Member by one of our Commanders or Elders. Guests will not be able to withdraw from the guild bank and will not be able to claim objectives. They will only be able to deposit and converse within our guild chat. As we approach 400 active members we will reinstate the requirement to register first.

Foghladha Bowing Out of Regular Events

I tried to resurrect my events this past month and averaged 6 people at each event. I understand that many of you wanted me to run events but I can not justify reserving a primetime slot with only 6 participants. I can not make the impact in the world I want with that  number and quite honestly my specialty is large scale coordinated warfare, not small scale precision warfare. Additionally, as long as I'm not VR 14, I will have a very hard time getting the players outside our community to trust a word I say. At this point I can't possibly make the impression I need to for us to grow.

Many of our other event leaders who are VR14 are having much better results and I do not want to eat up a timeslot when other leaders could do a better job in that same timeframe. I am giving up my Wednesday to our Tuatha brethren Lords of Blackreach so they can hold a joint Gaiscioch & LotB Hel Ra training raid. They have a lot more demand for this event than anything I could pull with my small ops group so I will be resigning that timeslot and working with our new commanders to get other leaders trained to fill the openings on the calendar.

Once 1.6 comes out I will likely put together a few people that want to do some undercover thieving late Monday nights. But it won't be something official and regular it will be a pickup thieving and eventually and enforcer group. Once March 17th rolls around and the game goes Buy-2-Play I plan on roaming the new player areas and help people out as best as I can. Hopefully giving us a bit more exposure. Until I can get 20+ people interested in taking the field with me I don't plan to run any more AvA events.

March Regular Elder Scrolls Event Schedule


Undaunted Daily

Vet Monday

By Blood and Steel AvA - Reloaded


Undaunted Daily


Undaunted Daily

Hel Ra Training/ Completion


Undaunted Daily


Undaunted Daily

Giel's Low Level Map Clearance



Undaunted Non-Vet Daily

Aetherian Archive/Hel Ra


Undaunted Non-Vet Daily

Craiglorn Run

* Event Schedule Subject To Change | All Event Times: PST (GMT -08:00) | See Gaiscioch.com for Full Updated Schedule.

Active Gaiscioch Elder Team (ESO)

Foghladha, Donaliam, Prissy, Izmina, Briseadh, Pops, Dargron, Morigana, Seacoral, Selrina, Tybor, Naay

Active Gaiscioch Commanders (ESO)


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  10. MMORPG.com: Elder Scrolls Online: New Loyalty Rewards Revealed

In Closing

There's a lot of growth and change happening over the next few months and I'm certain some of you will enjoy the changes, some of you may not. I do hope that together we can find the right amount of change so that we as a family can thrive in the games we are currently playing. Most of the games we have been looking at for expansion have released information that throws some serious holes in any plans of opening there so for now we will continue to watch the horizon and focus on what we have now in hopes it will improve in the coming months. The good news is soon both games we play will be Buy-2-Play which makes it a lot more financially feasible to play both. I suspect we will have many new adventures on the horizon as we enter the raiding scene in both Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online.

Slan Go Foill!
(Goodbye For Now)

Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley
Ceannard De Gaiscioch Treubh