Feabhra 2015

Cead Mile Failte!

This month we've had a wealth of new information and news appear around the internet. With PAX South taking place this past week, a wealth of news has made itself available. In this issue I will do my best to fill you in on the important parts. I'll be covering the breaking news about the Guild Wars 2 expansion and Elder Scroll Online's announcement of going Buy-2-Play and the upcoming release of 1.6.

But first let me cover some of our family’s news.

February 7th, 2015
Monthly Meetings

Join us for our monthly family meeting on RaidCall: 1101. These meetings are designed to help plan out the next month and inform members of changes and features within the family. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask questions and get the answers you need.

  • Elder Meeting @ 2pm PST (Elders Only)
  • Magazine Team Meeting @ 3pm PST
  • Event Leaders Meeting @ 4pm PST
  • Gaiscioch Family Summit @ 5pm PST

Tune in to the Gaiscioch Family Summit on our podcast:

Gaiscioch Magazine
Issue 4: New Beginnings Now Available

We just released our 4th issue of Gaiscioch Magazine marking the end of our first year of publishing. We've learned a lot over the past year and are committed to bringing you exciting new content with every issue.

In this issue we sit down with MMORPG pioneer Mark Jacobs to discuss his career and his new crowdfunded project Camelot Unchained. We also get to know Epic Music Composer Ivan Torrent and the artist behind his latest album, Carlos Qu... Exploring the games daring to innovate we managed to talk with both Derek Brinkmann from Citadel Studios to discuss Shards Online and Jiří Rýdl from Warhorse Studios about the crowdfunded title Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Lastly we feature the wondrous photography of our very own Aoibheann, visit the hometown of Wolvain, and learn about Don's miraculous life change that has turned him from lazy to ambitious and shed over 70lbs.

Check out the latest issue at:

Help Wanted

Our Gaiscioch Magazine team has suffered a few losses in the form of regular writers and editors being pulled away from us for real life matters. We are actively in need of Writers, Editors, and Artists. By writing for the magazine you will get many special privileges.

By joining you'll gain access to:

  • Your Name In The Credits
  • A @gaiscioch.com email address
  • Gaiscioch Magazine business cards
  • The ability to score a press pass for conventions.
  • Soon: 500 Lore Points for each issue you contribute to.
  • You'll be able to show your friends your awesomeness.

No experience necessary.

Great for portfolio's and professional development.

Over 10,000 readers worldwide.

If you would like to join the team please contact magazine@gaiscioch.com and join us for our monthly Magazine Team Meeting.

Upcoming Conferences:
PAX EAST - March 6-8th

The next big conference arrives on March 6th in Boston, MA and you can bet that ZeniMax Online, and ArenaNet will have some more news to announce. This typically is the largest Announcement event in the early months of the year. If you are local to Boston and want to attend, watch that registration like a hawk and stay tuned for exclusive opportunities on our forums. If theres a party, I will have invites to give. Make sure you watch our forums like a hawk as usually I only have a couple day's notice.

Visit PAX East at:

Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2 News

Guild Wars 2 Expansion:
Heart of Thorns

Oh it's on! If you have not had a chance to check out the expansion release video, you best do so. Let me highlight some of the key features.


No my font isn't freaking out, I purposely did that as many of our members did not play Guild Wars 2 because of the lack of endgame progression and raiding. Well this expansion is all about it. Finally Guild Wars 2 will be getting Raid encounters and epic sized events that require large numbers of people coordinating to complete. In other news, have you attended one of Foghladha & Soren's Tequatl Raids? We can look forward to numerous new encounters like this one in this expansion.

Guild Housing

You heard it right, it's time to start laying the foundation. By May 1st our target is to earn 250 Merits and earn 5 Million influence to prepare for the upcoming expansion into guild housing. We want to have the funds available and be able to secure our Guild House on day 1. Before anyone gets any ideas, the Guild House style will be chosen by me and from there we will work together to build it up. In the past votes have gone bad and people get hurt. So we don't vote anymore in an effort to avoid tensions.

Guild vs Guild

With the new expansion comes Guild vs Guild gameplay along with ladders. I would like to organize a group of people who are interested in this competitive style of gameplay to seek out glory and prestige for our community. Both being respected by its foes and renown for it's honor. With this new mechanic I would like to face off against some of our foes in a friendly manner. As we did with World vs World I want to show that you don't have to get yelled at and belittled to enjoy GvG. Let’s create a welcoming fun environment for all.

Guild Progression

Nothing more than a bullet line item about this one so there is a lot of speculation but Colin Johanson did mention that he wants to give Guilds a mission and story to chase beyond leveling  up. This will be something to keep an eye on.

Class Specialization

New information has been revealed explaining that this system will be a subclass system where players will choose a specialization that  will give them new weapons, traits, and skills while taking away other skills. This will add a new level of diversity in classes. Mesmer warhammer anyone? Crossing fingers!

Mastery System

Explore new training opportunities for your character beyond level 80 and master abilities like hang gliding in the jungle, tearing the bark off of heavily armored Mordrem, or building new collections that earn precursors to a legendary weapon.

See a full list of features at:


Family Event Schedule

The past couple months we've been doing very well with our Missions, Tequatl, and WvW events and the community can't get enough of them. In addition I wanted to highlight a few of our commander's regularly scheduled events for your enjoyment as well. Here's our weekly calendar for February 2015:


  • 11AM: Kaytlin's Tattered Few WvW
  • 5PM: Community Missions, Tequatl, & WvW
  • 10PM: Soren's 2-for-1 Teq BBQ


  • 6:30PM: Smitty's Sabres


  • 5:30PM: Hella Vanka's Daggers
  • 10:00PM: Soren's 2-for-1 Tequatl BBQ


  • 11AM: Raging Rovers
  • 5PM: Jordyee's WvW Jamboree


  • 1PM: Aoibheann's Assault
  • 4PM: Weekly SOR Community WvW Teamspeak Meeting
  • 5PM: Smitty's WvW Server Reset Madness


  • 10AM: Community Missions, Tequatl, & WvW
  • 3:00PM: Afternoon Adventures with Terafer
  • 7:00PM: Aoibheann's Achievement Hunters
  • 11PM: Community Missions, Tequatl, & WvW


  • 9:00AM: Rylssa's Map Clear
  • 5:00PM: Prissy's Map Completion Quest

*All times Pacific and subject to change*

View the full calendar at:

Sanctum of Rall Update

After the recent announcement of the expansion pack and the 75% off sale, the population on Sanctum of Rall has seen a bit of an increase. Population within the family is up as well and we are currently rotating people on a 30 day window creeping closer to our floor of 14 days.  

Our family has been running a new style of WvW event giving us the opportunity to introduce the community to our other commanders. These events have given our commanders some face time to get people interested in their events as well and have provided us with a "Gaiscioch Trinity" style assault/defensive front. By dividing up and hitting many targets at once we are able to secure a large area focusing our troops as needed to ensure not to overcommit and maintain progress on the field across the entire map.

The overall vibe on Sanctum of Rall is one of progress and growth. In the past month we've had several guilds and players transfer to Sanctum of Rall and many who left are beginning to return. Progress is slow and steady and we are about to secure our position in tier 7 saying goodbye to tier 8. We will likely be in tier 7 for a while but will continue to progress forward. We welcome all who have stepped away to give it a try and see how the game has improved.

Learn more at:

Reconnecting with the Family

Have you taken a short break from Guild Wars 2 and need to be reinvited to the family? No problem. The Gaiscioch Family works on a Revolving door system for Roster Management. Being the game limits us to 500 people per guild and there is no alliance system yet, we are forced to rotate players based on activity into the in game roster.

How this works:

  • Out: Player who has been away from game the longest
  • In: Newest or Returning Player

What to do if you need to be reinvited:

  1. Go to Gaiscioch.com
  2. Login
  3. Under "Command Center" look for the "Guild Wars 2" section.
  4. If Chapter is "Joined" Click "Request Reinvite" or Click "Join Chapter"
  5. An invite will be sent out to you by the next available elder.

Being rotated off the active roster does now affect your standing in the family. It is merely a necessity so our house doesn't fill up with afk accounts when there are players playing right now that need those slots.

Learn more about our Guild Wars 2 Chapter at:

Top 10 Guild Wars 2 News For February, 2015

  1. Massively.com: Guild Wars 2's Point of No Return launches today amidst 'Heart of Thorn' expansion rumors
  2. New weekly Explorer & JP Achievements
  3. Guild Wars 2 Guru: Current Trait Unlock system will be removed in Heart of Thorns
  4. Guild Wars 2: Archive Changes on January 20
  5. Massively.com: Flameseeker Chronicles: Is 2015 the Guild Wars 2 expansion year?
  6. Guild Wars 2 Guru: Preview of Upcoming Balance Changes
  7. Guild Wars 2 Guru: Guild Wars 2 - Point of No Return
  8. Massively.com: Guild Wars 2 to nerf might, buff confusion
  9. Massively.com: There's a Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns teaser in today's update
  10. Guild Wars 2 Guru: Update Notes for 01/13/2015: Point of No Return

Chapter 5:
Elder Scrolls Online News

Buy-2-Play and It's Effect on the Family

I don't think this was a surprise for anyone. It is a welcome guest to this struggling title and with a little luck we might be able to see an influx of returning faces. With 1.6 approaching shortly we will have many new systems to play with. It is my hopes that come February we can begin reviving our ESO branch to it's former glory and as March approaches we can be back up and running the way we did at launch. For many the monthly subscription cost outweighed the enjoyment which drove many away. This hopefully will encourage them to return. All we can do is prepare and hope for the best and work on providing returning players with some updates on what changed and what's new.

Patch 1.6 Coverage

With Patch 1.6 many new features make their appearance in the world of Tamriel. Among the largest include the Champion System, the Justice System, Collection System, and the long awaited Provisioning revamp. In addition there is a large amount of performance enhancements, class balancing, and preparation for the Buy-2-Play conversion coming in a few months. I could not possibly list all of the changes in this newsletter so I figured i'd provide you with the full patch notes instead. Be sure to head over and check it out!

View the Current PTS Patch Notes at:

Events Moving Forward

In addition to our regularly scheduled events by our community event leaders, I will be spawning back up our Wednesday Night event here in February. Once 1.6 lands I plan to get acquainted with the Thieving system and lead a small band of thieves to build up their thieving skills. Once enforcers are added to the mix we will then flip to the enforcers roll. In addition once every few weeks I plan to run an AvA Timed event filled with hunting, killing, and mayhem. This will not be an event focused on sieging, however we will be hunting foes and preventing reinforcements from arriving at various battles. If there's another leader that would like to lead the main zerg at the same time that would be wonderful but my role will be on Guerrilla warfare and causing havoc on their back lines.

New Event:

  • Wednesdays @ 5PM-8PM: Foghladha's Mayhem Nights

Regular Events:

  • M-F @ 7AM: For the Undaunted with Verve
  • M @ 3:30PM: Vet Monday with Tnliverpool
  • M @ 6:30PM: By Blood and Steel AvA - Reloaded with DeaconGrim
  • F @ 11:00AM: Giel's Low Level Map Clearance

* All times Pacific

See the full ESO Calendar at:

Top 10 Elder Scrolls News For February, 2015

  1. ESO going Free to Play
  2. Their official forums are impossible right now.
  3. Tamriel Foundry: ESO Console Launch and B2P Transition
  4. Elder Scrolls Online: ESO Live’s Next Episode: 1/16
  5. Elder Scrolls Online: Loremaster’s Archive: Reman II – The Limits of Ambition
  6. Massively.com: One Shots: Shadow play
  7. Massively.com: Elder Scrolls Online tweaks champion points conversion rate
  8. easy explanation b2p
  9. Elder Scrolls Online: The Tamriel Town Crier, Issue #3
  10. MMORPG.com: Elder Scrolls Online: F2P Rumors Swirl as Australian Retailers Remove Boxes

In Closing

There has been a lot of really great news announced this month and I am very hopeful for our communities’ growth over the next 6 months. I thank you all for being patient and hanging in there while the play develops. I know it hasn't been easy but it does appear there are sunny days on our horizon. Lets do what Gaiscioch does and grow once again.

Slan Go Foill!
(Goodbye For Now)

Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley
Ceannard De Gaiscioch Treubh