Eanáir 2015

Cead Mile Failte!

Welcome to 2015! I hope you've all had a fabulous holiday season. I'm looking forward to seeing where this next year brings us. There is so much uncertainty on the horizon and so much potential. Will ESO finally give us the improvements we need to survive? Will Guild Wars 2 be announcing their first expansion officially? Will one of the many new titles on the horizon finally provide us with a secure long term home? While uncertainty can be rather unnerving it can also be very exciting.

The gaming industry as a whole looks to be making a major push for new innovation this year and a lot of the games lined up for release are taking the industry to the next level. This year I will be working to focus our efforts, improve our systems, and grow our community to prepare for the future. Additionally I have some little projects I would like to finish that you all will enjoy. You can read about those a little further down.

This year's outlook

This year will be one where I can focus on developing new tools for the family and the Sanctum of Rall community. We're in a place where there is no new branch in the forecast for the immediate future and with the Seed system I will have 3 months after trying a game before I have to start thinking about that monstrosity.

As of right now we have 5 games the family appears to be vastly interested in:

  1. Camelot Unchained - Summer 2016 (68%)
  2. Everquest Next - TBA (67%)
  3. Black Desert - Late 2015 (40%)
  4. Skyforge - Summer 2015 (38%)
  5. Bless: Embers in the Storm - TBA (36%)

All of these have release dates in the later part of the year. Which means that our ESO Branch has a bit of time until it's going to have show more support than a new title. Which gives ZeniMax Online a little more breathing room to fix these issues that plague us.

Monthly Summit

This month’s summit will be held on Saturday,  January 3rd, 2015.

  • 2:00PM: Magazine Team Summit
  • 3:00PM: Elder Summit
  • 4:00PM: Event Leaders Summit
  • 5:00PM: Gaiscioch Family Summit

Coming in 2015

The Gaiscioch Vault

A little secret project I've been working on over the past few months is the Gaiscioch Vault. Some of our long time members probably remember when the family had a vault that you could request items from. In the Warhammer Days we used this to get people gear. But this time around I'm thinking bigger picture.

In addition to some pretty epic loot like high value Guild Wars 2 exotics, skins, and precursors,  this system also allows people to Donate unused steam and gog keys as well as other game keys picked up from conferences for contribution credit.

Members can purchase these high value items using their family vault credits. You will be able to find everything from entire games, giveaways, and game codes for gems, costume items, and even find codes for games where we don't have branches. This system will be a first come first serve.

By donating items you will receive contribution rewards. These items will be priced on a scale based on the dollar value or lowest Trading Post price. Contribution credit will be near the same value that we give for our charity events. As this system is flushed out I will make the pricing structure available.

The idea with this is to increase the demand of Family Vault Credits, increasing participation in events and the marketplace system as well as encourage players to donate unused game keys to create a trading network within our family. I know I personally have about 30 keys I have not used and would love to pony up for a family member. Including a few copies of Witcher 2. Additionally we have some members donating some pretty sweet items and I wanted to be able to provide a method for people to request them.

Mobile Version

This got sidelined after we decided to expand Into eso while I spent all my development time on building the eso system. I'm hoping to return to this in Jan - Feb and get at least some basic functionality on our mobile site. Forums, Leadership, and Participation will be the initial focus. I will later expand it to the marketplace and profiles and mail system. Eventually I would like to add some sort of event tracker as well.

New Magazine Section

I want to take the articles from the magazine and give them a place on our site where they can be found in a standard web format as well. I am looking at making a www.gaisciochmagazine.com version of our site that is a landing page for our magazines and content. This will feature editorial bios, subscription info, and issue archive, information on purchasing print editions and more.

Guild Wars 2

Since Guild Wars 2 hit the $19.99 price mark, we have seen a surge of new players on Sanctum of Rall and in Gaiscioch. Attendance in events has improved and we are seeing some steady growth.

In game Season 2 is well underway and the next chapter arrives in just a few weeks. The new daily achievement system has rekindled the old unicorn chase. By logging in everyday, players can receive new rewards.

Server Updates

Our server has been doing remarkably well over the past few weeks. Since our final split took place 4 weeks ago, we've had very little negativity and resentment floating around. What we're left with has been a pure blessing on our server. Players are out there having a blast, enjoying time with each other and working together to paint the world Sanctum of Rall's color.

For the first time in 12 weeks we've broke the 200,000 point mark, and have finished 2nd in our tier 4 weeks in a row running. As we strengthen and adapt to our new climate we will begin gaining the attention of new players and potential transfers. There's even a rumor floating around about free transfers for lower tiered servers which if it comes to pass could mean big things for us. The only thing we'll have to decide is how high we want to set our sights at that point.

Population Summary

Over the past month we've gained over 100 active members and are very close to needing a second room again. We're going to try to hold out and stay with 1 room as long as we can but if the rotation window shrinks past 14 days afk we will be forced to split into 2 again. This is a good problem to have and speaks volumes for our survivability over the next few months.

Gaiscioch Practice Arena

For those who wish to complete their PvP daily without being in a competitive environment, we have reopened our PvP Arena for players on Sanctum of Rall to try out builds, finish dailies, and have some fun and friendly matchups. Just open the PvP Browser and search for "GSCH" and add it to your favorites. Then ask in Guild chat if anyone wants to complete some dailies.

January Event Calendar

Starting January 11th we will be adjusting our weekly community event calendar. We will be bringing Tequatl into our weekly events as well to help people get even more gear and rewards.

Tequatl, Missions & WvW

  • US Primetime: Mondays @ 5PM PST
  • European Primetime: Saturdays @ 10AM PST
  • Oceanic Primetime: Saturdays @ 11PM PST

Top 10 Guild Wars 2 News For December, 2014

  1. Warming Grawnk's Heart Scavenger Hunt
  2. GW2 - Unlock content even if you're not currently active
  3. Changes to the Monthly Puzzle Jumper
  4. Aoibheann's Puzzled Jumpers
  5. Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - December 2, 2014
  6. Guild Wars 2: Forum Reorganization
  7. Massively.com: One Shots: Cult worship
  8. Guild Wars 2 Guru: Introducing the New Daily Achievement System
  9. Guild Wars 2: Introducing the Wintersday Competitive-Event Schedule
  10. Guild Wars 2: The ESL Go4GuildWars2 Monthly Finals Take Place This Wednesday

Elder Scrolls Online

This month will be launching one of the largest patches in ESO history introducing the Champion and Justice Systems along with the Provisioning revamp. Scheduled to hit the PTS server early in January,  1.6 should be deployed by the end of January.


This patch will require a substantial amount of reconstruction to the marketplace to handle the new provisioning system and the items produced.

I estimate about 30 hours of reconstruction needed to get things running smoothly which should take me 2 to 3 weeks before we're ready to start inputting recipes. Once we're ready to input we will be relying on our members to fill the database with recipes.

Population Update

Not too much has changed over the past month. We gained 9 new members in December, however we lost 41. The good news is that this is drastically different from the 71 we lost in November with gain of 15. All in all we only bled 32 people in December which is the slowest bleed we've had since launch. I am hoping 1.6 brings some people back and 1.7 will help stabilize and hopefully take that curve upwards for the first time since launch. I suspect the justice system and champion system will bring some new players into the fold and hopefully the imperial city patch will bring even more. Whatever you guys did this December, lets keep it up. It was our best month population wise to date.


As of January 1st, we will be retiring the storefront rooms of the Gaiscioch house. We will be focusing our attention of securing a storefront location for Gaiscioch. While this will be increasingly more difficult being we'll only be able to bid on 1 location per week, we do have a fellow member that has offered up slots in the Tamriel Stock Exchange to anyone that wants to join a storefront guild. They have a lot more resources at their disposal than we do and can secure more in demand locations. Feel free to join a trade guild or two to provide you with more chances of having your items seen. We simply don't have the kind of income these other guilds have.

Top 10 Elder Scrolls News For December, 2014

  1. 1.5.7 Patch notes
  2. Tamriel Foundry: Featured Build – The Reaver Sorcerer
  3. Elder Scrolls Online: Introducing Undaunted Pledges
  4. Elder Scrolls Online: The Tamriel Town Crier, Issue #2
  5. Elder Scrolls Online: A Closer Look at Crafting Writs
  6. Massively.com: The Elder Scrolls Online's Undaunted Pledge system promotes daily dungeons
  7. Tamriel Foundry: Champion System Details on ESO Live
  8. Elder Scrolls Online: Battlemaster’s Corner – The Bastion of Night
  9. Elder Scrolls Online: Holiday Deals in the Bethesda Store
  10. Massively.com: The Elder Scrolls Online quietly removes six-month subscriptions

A Fond Farewell to the Saighdear Program

It's been a good learning experience and some fun at times. Over this next month we will be cutting ties with the Saighdears. Certain groups that have things tied to the guild like RIFT and Neverwinter will likely just be passed to one of the very few who are still active. Others like ArcheAge and Defiance will be closed all together once we pass off all of the stored items and coin.

The Steam group will continue being open and I will see what I can do to get control of it.

In Closing

I'm really looking forward to the next year. It will be one of uncertainty but that can be equally as exciting as it is frightening.  Regardless it will be filled with anticipation, excitement and adventures. Stay safe and keep in touch the next year is going to be a wild one.

Slan Go Foill!
(Goodbye For Now)

Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley
Ceannard De Gaiscioch Treubh