Mí na Nollag 2013

Cead Mile Failte!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It's that time of year again. Time for football every day of the week. Time for full contact shopping. Time for spending time with our families and friends, and looking back on the year past. Time for making plans for our futures, and preparing for a new year.

This year has been a bit rocky in the Gaiscioch world, but overall we have come together as a family and persevered to overcome the challenges we faced. This month we have some fun activities planned both in game and out, and I want to welcome you all to participate in them.


Extra-Life 2013 Wrapup
Gaiscioch Raises $5,070 for the Children's Miracle Network

Proud is an understatement when I discuss how I feel about everyone's commitment to kids. Even as the ExtraLife Charity Event was attacked by hackers with constant DDOS attacks, gamers far and wide still managed to raise more than $3.8 million this year shattering its previous record.

A few people have said that this doesn't do anything for kids, and that somehow the money is embezzled through executive hands. Well tin foil hat wearing people - I got news for you! Last year we donated our primary funds raised to Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland Oregon to try to raise funds for Tristan's kidney surgery. Well this month I'm proud to say Tristan got a new kidney, and Doernbecher's picked up the entire tab. So with or without our help, this hospital chose to fund a boy’s operation, to give him a fair shot at life. He’s recovering well and is set to go home in a few days.

Needless to say, I have never been prouder of all of our members who helped contribute to this year’s success. If you donated or raised $1 or more, please head over to the claim participation area and claim your participation in this event. Participants will be awarded 5,070 contribution points on December 1st.

Holiday Party
Let the Festivities Begin at Thirsty Lion in Hillsboro, OR

Those of you who call the pacific northwest home, feel free to join us at the new Thirsty Lion Restaurant at the Streets of Tanasborne in Hillsboro, OR, December 14th 2013 @ 12PM PST. Come share a pint and some awesome food with your local Gaiscioch members. For more information hop over to our forums at:

Cookie Zerg 2013
Arm those Cookie Trays: The CookieZerg has begun!

It's that time of year again! Arm those cookie tray and show off your cooking skills *cough* or shopping skills *cough* and show your appreciation to the companies that have supported our family this year. This year we will be targeting ArenaNet and ZeniMax Online studios. If you would like to join us in our quest to fill their calorie count for the next year, please mail your cookies between December 9th and 13th. Also, be sure to enclose a note of thanks, mentioning the Gaiscioch and what you enjoy doing / look forward to in their game. Every person who participates will receive 2500 contribution points. Head over to our forums for the address and details.

New Family Video
Gaiscioch Launches New Family Trailer

Have you seen our new trailer? If you have not, definitely check it out. This is the first trailer that we've made since the days of Warhammer Online to highlight our families activities and purpose. This version displays some of our activities over the past twelve years, and outlines our future.

State of the Family Recast

Did you miss the Gaiscioch State of the Family? That's ok, we recorded the whole thing for your viewing pleasure. During this event we outlined our accomplishments in year 12, and shed some light on our future in year 13 and beyond. As we announced our plans to expand into Elder Scrolls Online, and shed some light on our long term future strategy for Guild Wars 2. Whichever game you plan on playing with us, you can expect to see the Gaiscioch roaming!

Read and Watch at:

RaidCall Partnership Expands
Gaiscioch gains the ability to award RaidCall Badges

Our relationship with RaidCall has gotten a bit closer. We now have the ability to award achievement badges in RaidCall. If you would like to sport the new Gaiscioch Member badge, or the Great Tyrian Adventure badge, head over to our site, and add your RaidCall username to your profile. All members who earn the Lorgair rank will receive the Gaiscioch Member badge in RaidCall.

In addition, we began laying out plans for some prize giveaways in 2014 as well as helping RaidCall with their US marketing campaigns.

Be sure to add your RaidCall information for a free 50 Fellowship Points and a Gaiscioch Member badge in RaidCall at:

Saturday, December 7th, 2013
Monthly Gaiscioch Family Summit & Livestream

This month we're going to focus our Livestream Tutorial on being part of the Gaiscioch Pioneers tester program. We will be discussing the various types of betas, and the different protocols required by our developers. We will discuss the importance of what should be shared and what should not be shared. In addition, we'll cover what you can expect to see in each stage of the testing timeline. Later we will have our traditional Gaiscioch Family Pubcast recorded live. Here's the calendar for December 7th.

12:00PM PST: Gaiscioch Family Livestream - Gaiscioch Pioneer Program

Attend this session if you're interested in Game Testing as a Gaiscioch member.

2:00PM PST: Elder Meeting

Elders only meeting to discuss plans for the family in the upcoming month.

5:00PM PST: Gaiscioch Family Pubcast & Summit

All members are encouraged to attend this meeting and broadcast. This will highlight some of our latest news as well as open the floor for discussion about various topics.


Officially Announced
Gaiscioch Sets Eyes To Future With The Elder Scrolls Online

On November 11th 2013, the Gaiscioch celebrated their 12th year by releasing a new community trailer that announced plans for the fifth chapter of their vast gaming community. Chapter Five is a true return to the Gaiscioch roots, harking back to Dark Age of Camelot. They will rejoin old friend Matt Firor, with the eagerly awaited expansion into The Elder Scrolls Online.

Over the past decade, the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community has searched for a game that was both easy to play, and features epic siege warfare, memorable raids, intuitive crafting, a wealth of roleplaying material, and plenty of uncharted wonders to explore.

Read the full announcement at:

Member Surge Inc!
Announcement of Chapter 5 brings new faces to the community

It has been just a few weeks since we announced our expansion into Elder Scrolls Online, and the initial rush has begun. Our membership numbers for Elder Scrolls jumped from 304 to 519 in the first week after the announcement. Our membership continues to grow and we're looking on target for launching with 1,000+ Gaiscioch members into this new chapter. This new chapter should reunite many of our family who have been split in the past 3 years, as well as bringing in many new faces to the fold.

Elder Scrolls Community Roundup

Each month I will attempt to pull the latest news, useful links, and updates into the newsletter to help players keep in touch with the happenings in game. If there's anything you think I should mention in the newsletters, be sure to submit it.

Be Sure to Join Gaiscioch on Tamriel Foundry:

Top 10 Elder Scrolls News For November, 2013

  1. Tamriel Foundry: ESO by the Numbers II – Alliance Breakdowns
  2. Tamriel Foundry: TF Crier – Werewolves, Scrying, and Shopping
  3. Tamriel Foundry: ESO and the Resurgence of the Social Economy
  4. Shoddycast: FALLOUT Lore: Teaser Trailer (What story do you want told?)
  5. Shoddycast: Elder Scrolls Lore: Talos – A Legend is Born
  6. Shoddycast: Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Customization, Werewolves and Ogrim Revisited
  7. Shoddycast: ESO PvP and PvE: Two Sides of the Same Coin
  8. Shoddycast: Poll Results: Character Creation and What Causes MMO Failures
  9. The Elder Scrolls Off The Record: Episode 88: Double Stuffed
  10. Massively.com: Tamriel Infinium: The critical elements of Elder Scrolls Online character creation

Elder Scrolls Links of Interest


Growing Pains Part 2:
Gaiscioch Chapter 4 Grows Again!

A mere few days after we announced our expansion into Elder Scrolls Online, we finally managed to break our existing guild structure system! There we were with 9 invites pending and nobody to kick for afking for 7 days. Something needs to be done to allow us to sustain our family in Guild Wars 2...

One credible solution is the launch of this month’s letter writing campaign. We need your help to write a traditional postage mailed letter to ArenaNet asking for:

  • Alliance Chat or Custom Chat Channels
  • A Last Login Timestamp on the Guild Roster
  • Larger Guild Sizes

We need anyone who is able to write them, talking about what you love about their game, and asking them to include these features, so that your gaming community can continue to grow and not be punished for it. Print it out and mail it to:

ArenaNet, LLC.
3180 139th Ave SE
5th Floor
Bellevue, WA 98005

For the immediate future, we devised a new system, our 6th so far, that ditches the 7-day website login requirements and requires players to check-in on the website every 14 days to verify that they are still playing. If you are away from the site, and do not claim participation, lead an event, or use the marketplace for 10 days you will get an in-site message, a message at the top of Gaiscioch.com, and an email asking you to click a link to verify you’re still playing Guild Wars 2. By clicking this link you will renew your account. Hopefully soon they will give us one or more of the above systems and we can do away with this tedious, but necessary mechanic.

Guild Wars 2 Patch Highlights

November 12, 2013
The Nightmares Within

Enter the Tower of Nightmares
The dark tower in Kessex Hills has been breached! Now is the time to storm the tower and begin setting things to rights. Within the morbid stronghold of the Toxic Alliance, you’ll find new dangers, new challenges, and come face-to-face with terror incarnate.

Patch Overview | Patch Notes

November 26, 2013

Delve Into the Fractals of the Mists
Explore great moments from Tyria’s past and test your battle skills in this never-ending chain of dungeons that become more and more challenging the farther you go! Begin your battle through time and space in this infinitely challenging series of dungeons!

New Features:

  • Obsidian Sanctum Update
  • Fractal Progression Changes
  • Fractals of the Mists Leaderboards
  • Agony Resist Updates
  • Three New Fractals
  • Two New Boss Fractals!

Patch Overview | Patch Notes

Public Community Events:
Great Tyrian Adventure Season 2 Comes to a Close

With the end of the year comes the end of the Great Tyrian Adventure Season 2. We are already crafting up plans for the third series which will run January - March 2014. I had hoped by the time season 3 kicked off we would see at least 1 more Tequatl style fight implemented into the game so we could take it back to a story driven adventure. However that remains to be seen. The good news is, we have experienced an unexpected rise in popularity of the Guild Missions style events, and I think we may just continue this style, as we continue to bring 80 - 120 people out every week, even during the final weeks of this season.

To date we have had over 3,000 entries submitted by 626 registered participants, and have given out 417 prizes. Our quest to put epic loot in people’s pockets has proved to be a great success. If you participated in the Great Tyrian Adventure, and have placed your RaidCall username into your SanctumofRall.com profile, you should be receiving a limited edition Great Tyrian Adventure badge on RaidCall. I look forward to sharing many more adventures like this in the future. Thank you for helping make this a huge success!

Top 10 Guild Wars 2 News For November, 2013

  1. Guild Wars 2: Billing Maintenance - 6th November 5:00 AM PST (13:00 UTC)
  2. Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - November 12, 2013
  3. Our Chapter 4: Guild Wars 2 Branch, Post Chapter 5: Elder Scrolls Launch
  4. November-December Donatable Item List
  5. Guild Wars 2 Membership - Please Read 11/18
  6. Guild Wars 2 Update: Game Update Notes - November 26, 2013
  7. Guild Wars 2: Sizzling New Armors in the Gem Store
  8. Guild Wars 2: Release Notes for Fractured
  9. Guild Wars 2: New Gathering Items in the Gem Store!
  10. Guild Wars 2: All-New Content Begins November 26!


As we approach what looks to be our most exciting year to date, I want to remind everyone that while we are avatars in a digital frontier we are also all flesh and blood beyond the keyboard. There are a lot of us fighting our own battles in real life, struggling to get by, and fighting terrible illnesses. Keep in mind that each and every moment we share together is precious. Don't let a moment pass you buy to help a fellow family member out or be an ear for a troubled member. Together we can pick each other up and see us through any darkness life may throw at us.

The holiday season is a great time to look back at your struggles of 2013 as well as your victories. I would like to give my thanks to all of you for helping me become a better person and for keeping my head attached in all the chaos. When I think of the word "Family", I think of what it means to me. To me, family is being willing to go to the ends of the earth to protect, nurture, and encourage each other. To pick each other up when we fall. To see us through our hardships. Be the support we so desperately need.

Let's face it. None of you joined and stayed with Gaiscioch to be part of a "Guild". You came to be part of our family. Thank you all for giving me the biggest most caring family I could ever ask for. You guys are great and I would do anything to ensure that we survive and flourish. Happy holidays from my family to yours and may we share some memorable adventures this holiday season.

Slan Go Foill!
(Goodbye For Now)

Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley
Ceannard De Gaiscioch Treubh