Gaiscioch Select Chapter
Chronicles of Tamriel - Elde Scrolls Online
13 Tuatha Guilds:
803 Members:
3,215 Characters:
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A System Built on Honor & Integrity

The very core of our family's values are Honor, Respect, Fellowship, and Integrity. This system is an extension of trust to our members and it is only because I feel they are honorable enough and act with integrity that we have opened this up for many on the fly adventures without governance.

That said, all official adventures will be operated under the Gaiscioch Credos and Code of Conduct. Any violation of these guidelines will result in disciplinary action which may include removal from the community. We take the reputation of both Gaiscioch and GSCH very seriously and anyone acting in a way that is unbecoming of a Gaiscioch will be dismissed.

We need to be a beacon of light in this world shrouded in darkness. Be the honest player who says something and does something. Be the respectful player that treats everyone with kindness. Be true to you word and always follow through with your promises. Most of all protect the kinship we share and do not let harm come to our family. We must be seen as a helpful and caring bunch of people. For this is the Gaiscioch Way.

"A GSCH must always walk the higher ground.
Never to let themselves be controlled by anger or act from rage.
They must be true to their word, lead with compassion and act with honor."