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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Join GSCH to participate?

No, GSCH is merely a staging ground for adventures. You can create your own Guilds, join another guild, or stay guildless and still use the Social Adventure system. Social Adventures are centered around People, not guilds. If 4 People claim the activity the event counts towards participation.

Why is our Social Adventure not a Chapter?

The chapter selection process is very detailed and intense. Each chapter is run against a compatibility matrix to ensure the maximum potential for long term success. For a Social Adventure to become a chapter potential it must clear the core eligibility requirements. The most common reason games fail to make eligibility is low roster caps with no alliance or custom chat features. The second most common reason is forced PvP/Ganking. There are a total of 31 Core Eligibility Requirements that determine if a game can be evaluated. Just because a game doesn't meet our requirements, doesn't mean it isn't fun and worth playing. It just means that it's not setup to support a large scale birth and community events structure.

How Can I Launch an Official GSCH Social Adventure?

We monitor open adventures for frequently run events in games. Games that show player interest exceeding more 10 players will be considered for an Official GSCH Social Adventure. In the event that a Open Adventure is chosen to be an Official GSCH we will elect a player to become the organizers and leader of that Adventure. The key is that there are enough players interested to warrant opening an official adventure.

Why Is Chapter Participation Required to Advance Past Saighdiuir?

There will be many members that enter our community through the Social Adventures, and while we want to encourage them to grow within our community, we also feel it's important that they experience the true essence of our community before they enter the Veteran Member ranks. We want these members to experience what we do, how we do it and what we're all about. Social Adventures are not run by our leadership or elder teams, they are not held to the same standard as chapters. The experience in a social adventure may vary drastically from that of a chapter. We want to ensure that all members that grow within our community have the chance to experience all we have to offer.

Do Social Adventures Have Elders?

No, elders that play Social Adventures, do so as regular members. In some situation they may be asked to help with a social adventure however their responsibilities as elder only applies to Chapters. Official "GSCH" Social Adventures will be run by players who are committed to the game and approved by Foghladha. These players will be able to choose their own team to help manage the Social Adventure.

What if a Social Adventure goes Bad?

When it comes to Power, few can resist temptation and stay pure to their intentions. This usually takes a team of people to nudge you in the right direction. There may be an off chance where the person appointed to lead a GSCH Social Adventure might fall prey to the intoxication that comes with being at the head of a organization. In this case we will ask them to pass leadership to a new leader appointed by Foghladha. If the leaders passes leadership to the appointed person we will work with them to get back on track and recenter themselves. Being a leader that is replaced is not the end of the world and it doesn't mean that you can't once again to leadership. We just need to take some time to recenter their approach and ensure their moving in the right direction with a clear mind and focus.

In the Event of a Hostile Takeover

If the player declines or takes hostile action the Social Adventure will be disavowed and the leader will be removed from the community. We will then open a new guild for the existing members to join to continue their adventure. Additionally a support ticket will be filed to have the old GSCH renamed. If we need to use our copyright documentation to file a copyright violation we will. We will not stand for players tarnishing our name or belittling our community.