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Conan Exiles

Warparty Overview

Leader Platform Server Focus
SirHenryVale PC 3001 Ways to Die (Exiled Lands) and (Isle of Sipta Adventure the lands

Warparty Information

To have fun and adventure the lands with friends.  Explore, harvest, build, kill world bosses and succeed in the game.

The clan (guild name) we use is Band of Brothers since Malfunction who helped us when we started the game and was the leader.  When we rented the server, we kept the clan name and left him in charge of the clan.  He is also one of the Admins along with Vicious Gnome and myself.  I recently paid the server to last until August 18, 2020, with some extra funds to extend possibly another 4 months based on donations from a guild member and player on the server and excess funds I had paid previously.

The Server is named as 3001 Ways to Die: 2xH; Mods; Paid Until 8/2020; New Players Welcome

Please note, the server name can change but we always will keep 3001 in the name.  Please use that as the filter if you search for our server.  

Thank you.

Sir Henry Vale

ESO Chapter Leader


Conan Exiles: Server 3001 Ways to Die - Guidelines and Server Info

Welcome to our Server!

Welcome Starter Kits are located at H3 (by the river).  Please only take one set of each.

Thank you.

Server Administrators:

·        Malfunction

·        Vicious Gnome (Gaiscioch Member)

·        Sir Henry Vale (a.k.a. Eyra) (Gaiscioch Elder)

Server Admins will show up as level 61 in-game and chat [Admin] will appear next to their text.

Patrons (members who donated funds to the server):

·        Krampus

·        AnitIam


·         First Rule and Most Important Rule: Have Fun!

·         Discriminating or other Excessive behavior will not be tolerated.

·         Common sense applies.

·         No Exploiting of bugs.

·         Please do not block access ways to special spawns and rare baby spawns, dungeons or locations.

Server Maintenance:

·         Will occur every day at 6:15 AM EST.  Server will be down around at 6:25 to 6:35 AM. 

·         Server Back-up will occur at least once week, usually on Mondays.  The day the server is backed up, the server will be down longer than usual. 

·         Server will also be backed up with a major change on the server, such as adding or removing mods.

Conan Exiles Patches:

·         Server will be down automatically when the server is uploading/installing a game patch.  Admins have no control of this process.  Patches is known to sometimes have multiple updates in a day or week when a big patch occurs.

Player versus Player (PvP):

·         PvP times are at 5PM to 11PM EST daily. 

·         Damage by players is reduced compared to fighting NPC mobs.  Damage multiplier is at 20%.

·         Please keep in mind during PvP times, friendly fire can occur.

·         Players can be killed if found unconscious (offline), but it is frown upon if you do so unless someone was offline on your property.  I am not sure how long you will appear offline.

·         Players can be looted if they are killed, but it is frown upon doing so.

·         Reason why people can be looted is for players who are grouped to assist dead player get their items back.  (Same setting as on Official PvE-Conflict Servers)


·         Purges can potentially occur at any time of the day.  (when it is working properly)

·         Purges should only occur if the purge meter hits the first white line.

·         Purges will give a 10-minute warning prior to starting for the player or clan.

·         Purges will only occur if a player or clan members are online.

·         Purges will last 30 minutes once the first wave starts.

·         For now, during a purge you can still build. 

·         Purge attacks can destroy a player’s property.

·         Purge can occur 12 times maximum each day, but only once per clan or solo player.  (Excluding a game bug which either doesn’t clear your purge meter after the purge or Purge stops unexpectedly.)

Decay Timers:

·         Buildings potentially will decay at a maximum of 696 hours or 29 days.  This depends on the size and materials used for your property.  The higher tier materials and larger property will reach maximum, while a small tier 1 house will not.  Once the timer reaches the period of decay, players could feasible destroy your property.

o   For each Sandstone foundations will give 1.5 hours towards your decay timer.

o   For each Sandstone wall, ceiling, etc. will give 4 hours toward your decay timer.

·         Once the property has decayed, assuming your property was not destroyed by a player, a second decay timer of a maximum of 696 hours (29 days) will appear for property auto-destruction.

·         Thralls are set to decay after 30 days of being offline. 

·         Please note, that two different building structures not connected usually will have two different decay timers.




·         All containers / crafting stations will be locked as a default.  You may unlock them if you choose.  Please note, any clan member will have access to any container with the exception of the personal chest or a vault (if they are the lowest rank in the clan)

·         Stealing from other non-clan players is legal.

Doors and Gates:

·         All door and gates have the option of being locked (default) or unlocked.  Also, gates and doors can have auto-close feature on/off.


·         Maximum Clan size is 15 players / accounts.

·         If you wish to leave a clan, your property (buildings and placeables) and thralls/pets will remain with the clan. 

·         Please contact an Admin if you need some assistance of obtain some of your items, prior to leaving the clan.

·         Building transfers would move the entire clan properties to another clan.  This is only useful, if we want to protect a particular exiting or former clan's place (since it unique site) or a clan would be absent for a long while. 

Feats at level 60:

·         Please contact an admin to raise your feats to 2,200 once you reached 60.

·         This way, you will not need to change your feats constantly to build things.


Band of Brothers – Khitan Desert City (North of Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters):

·         City is open for visitors.  (I have no gate doors for easy access).

·         Southwestern district of city (Merchant District) located in [A7], has various merchants from the Immerse RP Mod listed below:

o   Item Exchange

o   Coin Exchange

o   Luxury Vendor

o   Produce Vendors (3)

o   Farm Merchants (3)

o   Additional Merchants will be added later from Pippi mod (once I learn how to create them)

·         Other districts are mostly a work in progress

o   Farmers’ district (uses mostly Emberlight mod for the animal pens but will also use other mods for the sheep, cows, chickens and pigs)

o   Nobles’ district (not built yet)

o   Temple district (work in progress)

o   Oasis Paradise district (just needs a few placements otherwise its fairly complete)

§  This is the shellback mini boss on the island

·        Band of Brothers – Map rooms:

·         Please do not destroy any of the map rooms placed by Band of Brothers.

·         The map rooms with Water wells are for anyone to use.

·         There is a map room nearby all the Obelisks with the exception of the Unnamed City.

·         The map room in the volcano region has a wheel of pain for anyone to use.

·         Two map rooms in the icy north are inside building structures with no doors so you can keep warm inside by the fireplaces. 

o   Both map rooms are south of the Obelisk.  One near the Black Keep is on the frozen lake.

·        Band of Brothers – Event locations, Wild Preserve & Welcome Center:

·         Please do not destroy any of these locations placed by Band of Brothers.

·         These locations are for anyone to use.

·         The wild preserve (Telith’s Island) [H8] is to protect the location discoveries and baby bear spawn spot.

·         We have a few of event locations (castle, pvp arena and pve event arena)

·        Band of Brothers – Transportation system locations:

·         Please do not destroy any of these locations placed by Band of Brothers.

·         These locations are for anyone to use.

·         The bridge/road in the volcano was built for easier access to the Well of Skelos.

·         The limestone brick towers from the Shattered Springs (location of Brimstone & Quartzite) [C8] to the BoB’s Khitan City [A7/A8/B7] to the Crowngrove [A9].  (location of Lion boss and 2 lion cubs)

·         The bridge and elevators north of the Black Galleon. [I7] 

·         There is also a map room and wheel of pain for anyone use.



  Mods installed (20):

1.      Pippi – User & Server Management (24.5 megs)

a.      Teleport to home function - /sethome and /home

b.      Warps to various locations on the map for a small fee

                                                              i.      /warp DNorth

                                                             ii.      /warp DSouth

                                                           iii.      /warp DCenter

                                                           iv.      /warp DEast

                                                             v.      /warp DWest

                                                           vi.      /warp Welcome Center

                                                         vii.      /warp Desertcities (This I may remove at a later date.  Its located outside, south of Band of Brother’s Khitan City and nearby north of Sepermeru)

c.       Merchant kits / other merchants will be added to the game at a later date (once I have time to figure out to create them and what I wish to have marketed.)

2.      Map Room Teleport Crystal (0.4 megs)

a.      Feat to create various dyed crystals to teleport to attuned Map Rooms.  Visit the Archivist in the Unnamed City to obtain the feat.

3.      Limestone Building – A Greek Server Mod (295 megs)

a.      This mod makes Limestone structures, no new materials needed, uses the same base materials for T1, T2 and T3.

4.      Savage Steel (1,461 megs)

5.      Fashionist (6 megs)

a.      You are able to dress up your crafting thralls

b.      You are able to wear/show a different outfit compare to the one you are actually wearing to fight with. 

6.      Savage Steel vol II (689 megs)

7.      Stygian Building Kit (7 megs)

8.      Glass Constructions and more… (1,907 megs)

9.      GCam down to 60 (8 megs)

a.      This mod is to reduce any feat that was above 60 to 60 (Glass had many feats above 60.

10.  Configurable Elevators (0.4 megs)

a.      You can speed up the elevators in the game.  I have upped the standard speed to x3.  You may configure the speed between x3 to x10.

11.  LitMan Thrall Placing Distance (0.7 megs)

12.  Unlock Plus (with Pickup) (39.5 megs)

13.  CharEditLite (3.6 megs)

14.  Sandstorm Ex (1.4 megs)

15.  Snowstorm Ex (22.2 megs)

16.  Emberlight 2.0.5 (800 megs)

17.  Immerse RP: Buildings & Placeable Décor (1,762 megs)

18.  Amunets Dungeon Assets (285 megs) – Admin only for events dungeon building

19.  Less Building Placement Restrictions - No NPC Camp (1.2 megs)

20.  River Boats of the Exiled Lands (1,579 megs)

a.      Various boats have pre-determine routes to docks located along the Exile River (south of the map).

b.      Admin / players are not able to steer the boats.

c.       Objects dropped from the boat will roll off the boat.

d.      Structures in the way of the boat, will potentially knock a player off the boat.  Boat will go through any structure that is in the way.


Potential Mods:

·         The Generals Tomb (231.5 megs)

o   Temporary mod to be added during special events, to be rotated with Forsaken Tomb

·         The Forsaken Tomb (466.8 megs)

o   Temporary mod to be added during special events, to be rotated with Generals Tomb

·         Half Stability Cost Roof Pieces (1.6 megs)

o   Only works on the original building pieces.  The mod will not work on DLC and mod building pieces.


Mods Removed:

·         Deco & Placeables (1,055 megs)

·         Recipes & Thralls for Deco & Placeables (3 megs)

·         Lemurian Architect (901 megs)

o   This uses the common limestone drops from stone to make marble building pieces for the Lemurian style.  Limestone is combined with either Quartzite (white marble) or Obsidan (black marble)

·         Exile Architect (23 megs)




Level Breakdown:

Players: 8

Gaiscioch Conan Exiles Active Roster:

Status Role Handle Progress
Draoi de na Ulchabhan Liath
Draoi de na Ulchabhan Liath
Journeyman Pathfinder of Conan Exiles
Draoi de na Iomproidh Corcra
Draoi de na Iomproidh Corcra
Transcendent Scout of Conan Exiles
Bandraoi de na Iolair Dearg
Bandraoi de na Iolair Dearg
Novice Scout of Conan Exiles
Fili de na Ulchabhan Donn
Fili de na Ulchabhan Donn
Novice Scout of Conan Exiles
Ban Ridire de na Iomproidh Oráiste
Ban Ridire de na Iomproidh Oráiste
Novice Scout of Conan Exiles
Ban Curadh de na Faolchu
Ban Curadh de na Faolchu
Apprentice Pathfinder of Conan Exiles
Curadh de na Iomproidh Donn
Curadh de na Iomproidh Donn
Initiate Scout of Conan Exiles
Ban Curadh de na Iomproidh
Ban Curadh de na Iomproidh
Novice Scout of Conan Exiles

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